Welcome to the vibrant culinary world of Malta, where the best fish and seafood restaurants await your arrival. Whether you crave the flavours of local Maltese cuisine or tastes from around the globe, this island has it all.

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The best fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

Zeris Restaurant - fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

Zeri's Restaurant
Triq Il-Knisja, Portomaso, St. Julians

Zeri's, a restaurant located in Portomaso, specializes in serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine with a strong emphasis on fresh fish and seafood delicacies.

The menu is carefully curated, offering delightful choices such as red local prawn carpaccio, sautéed calamari, octopus in garlic, and fish soup for starters. As the main course, guests can savour linguine pasta with clams, sautéed Argentinean king prawns, grilled fillet of seabass or brown meagre, and even the fresh whole fish of the day.

While seafood takes centre stage, Zeri's chef also provides delicious options for those with different preferences. 

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BEI - fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

Triq Dun Belin Azzopardi, Mellieha

BEI is a stylish restaurant known for its exquisite cuisine that effortlessly blends flavours from around the world. From Mediterranean delights to Asian-inspired creations, their menu takes you on a gourmet journey like no other.

While catering to all food enthusiasts, the restaurant pays special attention to satisfying the cravings of fish and seafood lovers. Begin your culinary experience here with the mouthwatering seafood tacos, perfect for sharing, or indulge in starters like the succulent wild-cured salmon, the flavourful soy and miso pan-fried octopus, or the enticing squid ink tortellacci. For the main course, savour the delectable salmon wellington or the tender poached meagre.

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ZEST - fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

25, St. Georges road, St. Julians

Experience the unforgettable flavours of ZEST, Malta's pioneering Asian fusion restaurant, renowned and featured in the Michelin guide. With a rich history spanning several decades, today this place combines the best of Oriental and Nikkei cuisines, leaving a lasting gourmet impression.

ZEST restaurant tempts with a delightful array of fish and seafood options. Dive into the fresh and tangy sea bass ceviche or savour the crispy local prawn tempura. The prawn & shiitake dim sums offer a perfect combination of flavours, while the crispy octopus tacos bring a satisfying crunch.

Further selection varies from aromatic Singaporean laksa or the spicy Thai Tom Yam Kung soups to ZEST's signature Pad Thai noodles, fragrant yellow king prawn curry, and Thai steamed sea bass. For the final touch – sushi bar here always awaits too.

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one80 Kitchen at Mgarr Yacht Marina - fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

one80 Kitchen at Mgarr Yacht Marina, Gozo
Triq Martino Garces, Mgarr, Gozo

Discover the flavours of the Mediterranean at one80 Kitchen, located in the beautiful Mġarr Yacht Marina. The restaurant's unique à la carte menu revolves around a sharing concept.

With an array of gourmet dishes, fish and seafood enthusiasts are in for a treat. From the freshness of gillardeau oysters, local red king prawns, and cured stone bass to the smoky indulgence of octopus and the irresistible favourites like seafood arancini, battered fish slider, and fried calamari, there is something to satisfy every palate. Add fresh Mediterranean fish, linguine with clams, octopus orecchiette, or the rich depth of aged risotto with mussels for completeness.

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Qbajjar Restaurant - fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

Qbajjar Restaurant
Triq ix-Xwejni, Marsalforn, Zebbug, Gozo

Qbajjar, Gozo restaurant cherished by locals and travelers alike, celebrates the flavours of Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine. Even though the menu here is varied, the focus on fish and seafood is truly felt.

So, start your culinary journey with fresh oysters, raw fish, or a shared platter of shellfish and seafood. Indulge in the enticing variety of dishes like succulent mussels and crispy fried calamari.

From grilled seabass and fried octopus to the herb-crusted salmon fillet, their mains showcase the best of the sea. Also, don't miss the daily selection of fresh seasonal fish, live lobsters available to choose from the restaurant's aquarium, or the comforting traditional Aljotta soup.

For carb lovers, the fresh pasta with clams or seafood pizza are true treats. 

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Surf N Turf - seafood restaurants in Malta

Surf N Turf
Triq L-Imhar, St. Paul's Bay

Surf N Turf is an elegant, award-winning restaurant, paying homage to sustainability and the freshest seasonal ingredients from local Maltese farms. Chef Patron Kerstin Manicolo's mastery further elevates it to perfection, resulting in numerous awards, including the esteemed 'WRMC Top Maltese Chef' honour.

As the name suggests, the restaurant's philosophy revolves around the mastery of both meat and seafood. However, it's fair to say that the latter takes centre stage. The options range from oceanic delicacies dominating the tasting menus to an extensive variety of fish and seafood à la carte.

A glimpse into antipasti? Selection varies from the freshest oysters to local red king prawns, langoustines, or the carpaccio of the day. What to expect for a starter? Shell on Scottish Scallops, mussels, fried cuttlefish, octopus, lobster Popcorn, Fish & shellfish soup. You may then continue with pasta delicacies featuring a bold marine touch. The mentioned dishes are already masterpieces, but there should be space left for gourmet main courses too. What about Sea Bass cooked in a salt crust, flambéed and filleted at your table? Local King Prawns Set on a bed of prawn bisque risotto? A special chef's selection of Fish & Shellfish, made for sharing by two? Moreover, fresh Lobster from the tank and fish of the day are also available.

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Broadside Terrace - fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

Broadside Terrace
Corinthia, St George's Bay, St Julian's

Questioning where to savour quality seafood in a picturesque setting? Broadside Terrace is your answer! This stylish resto-lounge offers al fresco dining with scenic views and a laid-back ambience. Despite the availability of meat, poultry, vegetarian, a well as vegan dishes, it's the sea delicacies that instantly capture the attention of ultimate seafood enthusiasts.

To begin your culinary journey, start with bar bites. Whether it's charred swordfish chunks or grilled king prawns, these dishes set the perfect tone for your dining experience. Moving on to the main courses, Broadside Terrace serves up grilled meagre, sea bass, swordfish, and king prawns, paired with marinade ingredients like zesty lemon, lime, ginger, sweet garlic, fresh mint, smoked onion, marjoram oil, or basil. The result is simply pure perfection! For those who want to explore even more flavours all at once, the fish & shellfish mixed grill is a must-try.

And, of course, don't miss out on the restaurant's famous mixology: this place has earned its reputation for making excellent cocktails.

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Il-Pirata Valletta Waterfront - fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

Il-Pirata Valletta Waterfront
22 Valletta Waterfront, Floriana

Nestled in a picturesque location, Il Pirata Valletta Waterfront is Malta's fourth Il Pirata setting.

With a focus on Mediterranean flavours, this restaurant also spoils guests with an abundance of delicious fish and seafood options. From appetisers like fresh mussels, fried calamari, and slow-cooked octopus to courses such as spaghetti carbonara with daily fresh fish, Traditional Sardinian seafood pasta, and prawn risotto, the menu offers a diverse range of choices.

Don't miss out on the chef's specials too, including stuffed calamari, stewed octopus, and seasonal seafood soup.

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Sale e Pepe Tradizione Italiana - fish and seafood restaurants in Malta

Sale e Pepe
Portomaso Marina, St Julians

At Sale e Pepe, guests are treated to a delightful journey of Italian cuisine flavours. From traditional dishes representing various regions to unforgettable fish and seafood creations, the menu offers a wide array of options.

The selection includes raw red prawns, salmon carpaccio, steamed mussels, shellfish, and a hearty seafood soup. For the adventurous palates, there's a daily platter of raw seafood, tartar, and carpaccio to be shared with companions. 

Pasta enthusiasts can relish in options such as pasta with prawns, fresh clams, tuna bottarga, or even indulge in delectable lobster ravioli. As the mains, Sale e Pepe offers delicacies from the catch of the day to seabass fillet, salmon with a lemon-almond crust, braised calamari, and honey-sesame king prawns. Generous dedication to seafood, so aren't you in for a treat?

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