Whether it's a workday or a holiday, lunchtime is that moment when we step away to ask ourselves the same question: where should we eat? Often, for the sake of convenience, we choose nearby places. But why not consider extraordinary experiences that are so worthy of taking an extra step? This would not only allow you to eat quickly but also enjoy delicious and high-quality food!

From the precision of fine dining to the allure of distant cuisines and undiscovered traditional dishes, the capital of Lithuania boasts an abundance of lunchtime options, making it a challenge to decide. So, which restaurants in Vilnius does Tablein guide recommend visiting?

The best restaurants for lunch in Vilnius

PACAI - lunch in Vilnius

Didžioji str. 7, Vilnius

Go when all you crave is a fine dining experience and a luxurious atmosphere!

PACAI is an exclusive fine dining restaurant situated in the historic Pacai Palace. It's a truly unique place, with walls that have listened to compliments whispered to Countess Sofia Tyzenhauz, witnessed grand celebrations in honour of Emperor Napoleon of France, and felt the brush of Florentine artist Michelangelo Pallon as he adorned them with frescoes.

The restaurant's menu showcases expertly crafted culinary masterpieces, inspired by seasonal products from the Baltic region, wild nature, and local farms. Fortunately, haute cuisine here isn't limited to the main menu; it extends to the ever-changing daily lunch options as well.

What can you expect when visiting PACAI restaurant during midday? An array of flavours, elegance and impeccable aesthetics on the plate. The lunch options span from gourmet appetisers and delicately prepared main courses to unique desserts. Whether it's a pumpkin soup with shrimps garnish, beef carpaccio, salmon fillet with mussels and cabbage, or New Zealand's wasabi-spiced lamb, each choice promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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California tapas and wine - lunch in Vilnius

California Tapas & Wine
Subačiaus str. 2, Vilnius

Go when you dream of the chef's lunch in an American ambience!

California Tapas & Wine is a restaurant that has been delighting its guests with unique dishes and legendary cocktails for many years. Here, gourmets are greeted with a menu that seamlessly blends American and Spanish culinary traditions, offering a wide array of choices, including various tapas, delicate snacks, gourmet salads, and expertly prepared hot dishes.

Every weekday, guests can savour the quick California Lunch Express. Regardless of the day, you can always expect a selection of gourmet soups, salads, and different variations of hot dishes, reflecting flavours from both Lithuanian and international cuisines.

Curious about what lunchtime has in store at this American-style restaurant? Get ready to be amazed by delicious and expertly prepared culinary creations! The menu changes daily, presenting a range of choices from pearl barley & pickled cucumber, creamy pumpkin or wild mushroom soups, to Kėdainiai pancakes, dorado in white wine-caper sauce, and pork loin with horseradish.

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Kinza - lunch in Vilnius

Naugarduko str. 14, Vilnius

Go if you are longing for the flavors of Central Asia!

Kinza is a popular restaurant that specializes in authentic Central Asian cuisine. This place holds great respect for the long-standing culinary traditions of the countries it represents, the expertise of its chefs, and the highest quality of the ingredients. So unsurprisingly, guests here are warmly welcomed to savour dishes that authentically showcase the regions' distinct flavours.

From meze, hearty soups or Middle Eastern salads, to manty, Uzbek pilaf with lamb, handmade lagman noodles, and grilled delicacies, the restaurant menu delights with a generous variety of dishes that will be appreciated by every food enthusiast. Although there are already plenty of choices, the chefs do not lack creativity to offer ever-changing seasonal innovations too.

Moreover, Kinza guarantees a truly satisfying lunch experience. The daily offerings at the restaurant are constantly changing, allowing guests to explore both signature dishes from the main menu and exciting new creations. To fully immerse yourself in the culinary journey, begin with Mampar, Mastava, Karam, or any other Central Asian soup of your choice, and afterwards, embark on a voyage of flavours, discovering the tastes of Samarkand, Bukhara, Toijosh, or the vegetarian pilafs.

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Veranda - lunch in Vilnius

Kęstučio str. 39, Vilnius

Go when you dream of elegant food in a cosy home environment!

The salon-bar Veranda is widely recognized as one of Žvėrynas' most famous restaurants. Since its opening in 2005, this place has played a significant role in the district's socializing & gastronomic scene. Most importantly, the restaurant's success story continues to this today.

Beloved by the locals of Vilnius, Veranda warmly welcomes its guests with cosy spaces, a lush garden terrace, live jazz music, and a charming atmosphere. Adding to the allure, the menu pleases food enthusiasts with its delicious offerings.

The food choices feature interpretations of European cuisine, inspired by seasonal vegetables and natural ingredients sourced from Lithuanian farms. Homemade pasta, delicate seafood or meat dishes, and gourmet options for vegetarians are all part of the menu, satisfying a range of tastes.

Elegance extends not only to the main menu but also to the constantly changing lunch. When visiting Veranda for a midday meal, guests can expect an array of dishes: chicken soup with coconut milk and curry, Niçoise salads featuring fresh tuna fillets, oven-baked potato pie with meat, and pike perch accompanied by a shrimp-mussel sauce are just a few examples of all offerings one can enjoy.

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TAMAGO kavine - lunch in Vilnius

Mindaugo str. 16 - 50A, Vilnius

Go if you are a passionate enthusiast of Japanese and Korean cuisines!

TAMAGO is a trendy café known for its unique cuisine, which faithfully honours the culinary traditions of Japan and Korea. From the signature rolled Japanese tamagoyaki omelette or Korean hot pot ritual to exceptional Japanese cocktails, there is an abundance of unexplored Asian flavours to be found here!

The midday meal on weekdays presents the perfect opportunity to visit TAMAGO and indulge in exotics. For a delightful lunch, consider starting with options like Tom Yam, Miso, veggie Pho Bo, Kimchi, Laksa, or other vegetarian soups. If you're curious about the main course, the menu offers irresistible choices ranging from beef Bibimbap or Bulgogi to prawn curry and chicken Karaage. Even if you don't consume meat or fish, TAMAGO café always provides delicious vegetarian alternatives such as tofu curry, veggie pancakes, Satay with tofu, Bulgogi eggplants, Kimchi rice, and more. The ever-changing variety is tempting to try everything out, so be sure you'll want to come back here for more visits.

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Mykolo 4 - lunch in Vilnius

Mykolo 4
Mykolo str. 4, Vilnius

Go when you're eager to discover bourgeois culinary traditions of Lithuania!

Restaurant-bistro Mykolo 4 is the only place in Lithuania that embraces the traditions of 19th-century bourgeois Vilnius cuisine. Here, you can explore the country's gastronomic history and savour dishes inspired by authentic culinary books or recipes found in noble ladies' old notes.

Mykolo 4 main menu delights with familiar ingredients, but the chef presents them in a completely new way, offering undiscovered flavours. The options include chicken liver parfait, gourmet-stuffed quail, wild venison, Tiškevičius dumplings, and delicate beetroot ice cream. For guests seeking unique experiences of historical cuisine, there is a four-course tasting menu.

Weekdays greet food enthusiasts with ever-changing lunch specials featuring hearty Lithuanian dishes. Whether it's borscht, creamy green pea soup, beef stuffed cabbage balandėliai, braised lamb with eggplants, or a vegetarian masterpiece of cauliflower, broccoli, beans, and pesto – you'll be impressed and eager to return soon.

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SMOKE by chef the viking - lunch in Vilnius

SMOKE by Chef the viking
Sporto str. 11, Vilnius

Go when you feel like trying flavours crafted by dedicated meat professionals!

SMOKE by Chef the Viking is a one-of-a-kind house of great meat led by the famous BBQ guru Vylius Blauzdavičius.

The main menu of this restaurant features a variety of meat options, including locally aged steaks, ribs, sausages, pulled beef or pork dishes, burgers, and sandwiches.

Not less worthy is SMOKE by Chef the Viking lunch. During weekdays, guests can indulge in a changing trio of midday dishes: soup, main course, and salads. What can you expect? Both comforting homemade dishes and flavours inspired by global cuisines. The soup options vary daily, from fresh cabbage or gourmet fish to Mexican or creamy onion soups. For the main course? Whether it's chilli stew, teriyaki cod, or chicken meatballs with buckwheat, the chef ensures that the needs of all food enthusiasts are met. Prefer salads instead? Their daily selection can range from smoked cheese or marinated feta with grilled pineapple to lentils-bacon classics.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.