Ultimate Potato Dumpling Guide: Best Cepelinai in Lithuania

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Feb 28, 2024 11:47:46 PM

Cepelinai hold the throne as the kings of traditional Lithuanian cuisine, captivating all who taste them. Whether referred to as zeppelins or explained as potato dumplings, this dish maintains an iconic status in the country's culinary landscape. A definite must for travelers seeking authentic dining experiences!

Traditionally stuffed with either meat or cottage cheese, they are typically accompanied by bacon bits and sour cream on the side. While many believe this gastronomic masterpiece shines brightest when homemade, Lithuanian restaurants boast surprises that even the most experienced food enthusiasts can't resist!

So, where can you find the best cepelinai in Vilnius? Who crafts the most delicious potato dumplings in Kaunas? Which restaurants are worth visiting for cepelinai in Klaipėda or Palanga?

From elegant Old Town restaurants to humble yet impressively skilled cafes, and from authentic recipes to their modern interpretations, Table Guide features the most delicious cepelinai in Lithuanian restaurants. Thus, embark on a journey, enjoy tasting and discover your new favorites with even greater ease!

The best cepelinai in Vilnius

Neringa - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Gedimino pr. 23, Vilnius

Neringa, the legendary restaurant of Vilnius, is a celebrated gathering place for the bohemians and intellectuals of the 1960s, preserving its spirit, style, and interior to this day. Besides history, equally exceptional is the menu, inviting guests to indulge in both modern seasonal options and dishes crafted over 50 years ago. No matter the choice, you're sure to be enchanted!

Among the menu highlights is the famed Neringa's Kyiv cutlet that draws gourmets to this restaurant from all over Lithuania. Yet, did you know that here you can also enjoy cepelinai - the true pride of Lithuanian cuisine? Authenticity is prioritized in preparation, so guests can savour the most traditional version of this potato dish: meat-filled and topped with bacon bits & sour cream.

Cepelinai selection at the Neringa restaurant: Meat-filled cepelinai with bacon bits and sour cream.

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Stikliu taverna - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Stiklių taverna
Gaono g. 7, Vilnius

Stiklių taverna is an elegant restaurant in Vilnius, responsibly nurturing traditional gastronomy, introducing guests to interwar Lithuanian culinary traditions, and creating the identity of New Lithuanian cuisine. But that's not all. Gourmets are also welcomed here by authentically decorated spaces, folklore concerts held in historical cellars, and the flawless Stikliai service.

What is a must-try dish in this restaurant? There's no going wrong with any option from the flavourful menu! Yet, if you're a dedicated enthusiast of cepelinai or visiting Lithuania and want to taste local cuisine, here lies an opportunity to enjoy this culinary legend. All that's left is to choose whether you'll give priority to meat or cottage cheese-filled ones.

Cepelinai selection at the Stiklių taverna: Meat-filled cepelinai with bacon bits sauce and sour cream; cottage cheese-filled cepelinai.

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Lokys - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Stiklių g. 8, Vilnius

Lokys is among the oldest restaurants in Vilnius, not only welcoming guests in a 15th-century merchant's house but also treating them to forest delicacies that echo the times of historical nobility.

Here, authentic Lithuanian dishes are created in combination with ancient medieval traditions and modern food preparation technologies, all while focusing on natural forest products. For this reason, the restaurant offers a variety of game dishes, including wild meat-stuffed cepelinai! Looking for even more unique flavour experiences? Don't miss the opportunity to taste the cepelinai "half-brother" – boletus & game meat-filled fried potato balls! Are you vegetarian? Then be impressed by the timeless classics – cepelinai with cottage cheese!

Cepelinai selection at the Lokys'restaurant: Cepelinai with game meat or cottage cheese.

Burna House - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Burna House
Aukštaičių g. 7, Vilnius

Burna House is a restaurant welcoming food enthusiasts in trendy Paupys Market. Here, priority is given to fantasy-seasoned Lithuanian cuisine, and the selection of cepelinai stands as an excellent example of such a concept.

Would you prefer silky venison-filled potato dumplings with hemp pesto? How about cottage cheese-stuffed ones with sun-dried tomatoes and capers sauce? Or perhaps opt for the rosy cepelinai, the main accent of which is the pulled duck? Each menu choice introduces modern interpretations of traditional cuisine, sure to surprise even the most seasoned foodies. Nevertheless, if you lean towards classics, here you will also always find pork cepelinai in the legendary bacon bites & sour cream sauce.

Cepelinai selection at the Burna House restaurant: Silky venison-filled cepelinai with hemp pesto and buttery sour cream sauce; traditional pork cepelinai with bacon bits & sour cream sauce; cottage cheese-stuffed cepelinai in sun-dried tomatoes-capers sauce; rosy cepelinai with pulled duck in chanterelle sauce.

 Bazilijonai - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Bazilijonų g. 3A, Vilnius

Restaurant Bazilijonai, nestled on one of the oldest streets in Vilnius, is an elegant gourmet food oasis that harmoniously blends grilled delicacies and flavours of European cuisine with Lithuania's culinary heritage.

If you crave authentic dishes, this is the place to dine! Whether it's baked curd cheese, herring with marinated chanterelles, cold beet soup šaltibarščiai, or potato pancakes – each menu choice will surprise you with its unique expression. And if you're a fan of cepelinai, here you'll have the opportunity to indulge in their most classical version – meat-filled ones and served with bacon bits & sour cream sauce.

Cepelinai selection at the Bazilijonai restaurant: Meat-filled cepelinai with bacon bits and sour cream.

Gabi - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Šv. Mykolo g. 6, Vilnius

Nestled in the old artisan house, Gabi is a restaurant that welcomes guests with 18th-century frescoes, fragments of 16th-century wooden ceilings, and other carefully preserved historical elements that distinguish its spaces.

However, it's not just the authentic atmosphere that enchants diners but also the curated menu featuring generous European and Lithuanian cuisine choices. Particularly fond of the latter? In this restaurant, you can enjoy traditional flavours ranging from classic appetizers to variously prepared potato pancakes or homemade dumplings. Can't resist cepelinai? Their perfected version with beef & pork filling is always on the menu!

Cepelinai selection at the Gabi restaurant: Cepelinai with pork & beef filling and bacon bits & sourcream sauce.

One for all - best cepelinai in Vilnius

One for All
Užupio g. 10, Vilnius

Located in Užupis, right beside the famous Angel sculpture, One for All is a restaurant inviting guests on a unique gastronomic journey around the world. From Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, or Ukraine, to Japan, Cuba, and Argentina, there is probably no other place in Vilnius that would surprise with such a unique geography of flavours under one roof.

The menu perfectly combines international culinary traditions and also pays special attention to Lithuania's gastronomic heritage. The traditional selection here impresses with authentic Lithuanian dishes, among which are cepelinai with meat, bacon bits & sour cream sauce. They are either boiled or fried, so all you need to do is choose your favourite!

Cepelinai selection at the One for All restaurant: Either boiled or fried cepelinai with meat, bacon bits & sourcream sauce.

Senoji trobelė - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Senoji trobelė
Naugarduko g. 36, Vilnius

Senoji trobelė is a small and cosy traditional cuisine restaurant that welcomes guests with a generous Lithuanian feast. From ancient heritage recipes to noble dishes, everyone can either enjoy familiar, authentic dishes or discover new, unexpected flavours.

Not surprisingly, this Lithuanian restaurant also pays special attention to cepelinai. They are prepared traditionally with meat or cottage cheese, yet a venison-stuffed version is also available here. Thus, all traditional cuisine enthusiasts can easily find their favourites!

Cepelinai selection at the Senoji trobelė restaurant: Cepelinai with meat, cottage cheese or venison filling.

Spoon out - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Spoon Out
Pylimo g. 58, Vilnius

The restaurant Spoon Out, located in the Old Halės Market, is a Thai eatery where you can also indulge in the most delicious Lithuanian dishes. Two contrasting cuisines here create perfect harmony, and fans of both exotic and authentic flavours won't have trouble finding their favourites.

The Lithuanian side at this little restaurant is dedicated to the country's gastronomic legends: cold beetroot soup šaltibarščiai, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage rolls – each choice charms with authenticity, but it's the cepelinai that become the true star of the place. Yet, could it be otherwise when they are prepared according to the timeless, authentic recipe?

Cepelinai selection at the Spoon Out restaurant: Cepelinai with pork or cottage cheese.

 Agotos gryčia - best cepelinai in Vilnius

Agotos gryčia
Šeškinės g. 59A, Vilnius

Agotos Gryčia is a traditional Lithuanian cuisine restaurant that aims to preserve the culinary heritage and pass it on to future generations. A generous menu here treats guests to the most delicious authentic dishes, so no matter what dream you may have, you will likely fulfil it here.

A standout selection on the menu? Surely, the one of cepelinai! They are arguably the largest in Vilnius, so a portion consists of just one truly impressive-sized potato king with meat. If you prefer something more modest, opt for the chicken-filled cepelinai with mushroom sauce or the baked small ones.

Cepelinai selection at the Agotos gryčia restaurant: Žemaičių cepelinai with chicken and mushroom sauce; the big cepelinas with meat; baked cepelinai with meat.

The best cepelinai in Kaunas

Bernelių užeiga - best cepelinai in Kaunas

Bernelių užeiga
M. Valančiaus g. 9, Kaunas

Bernelių užeiga is one of the most famous Lithuanian cuisine restaurants, not only in Kaunas but also in the whole of Lithuania. Guests are greeted here with regional gastronomy featuring an abundance of National Heritage products and dishes certified by the Culinary Heritage Fund, which are irresistible to locals and foreigners visiting the country alike.

Every foodie dream is destined to come true in this restaurant, and the craving for delicious cepelinai is no exception. Prioritize classics? Enjoy them boiled or baked with meat, bacon bits, and sour cream. Vegetarian or vegan? Don't miss a chance to try cepelinai stuffed with either cottage cheese or soy meat.

Cepelinai selection at the Bernelių užeiga restaurant: Baked cepelinai with meat, bacon bits, and sour cream; classical cepelinai with meat; cepelinai with cottage cheese; cepelinai with soy meat and fried vegetable bits.

Etno dvaras - best cepelinai in Kaunas

Etno dvaras
K. Baršausko g. 66A, Kaunas

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Etno dvaras because at this restaurant you can indulge in Lithuanian childhood favourites: the menu is rich with dishes prepared according to the most traditional and time-tested recipes.

Thus, it's no surprise that this place also treats guests to a unique assortment of cepelinai, served with an array of sauces from various ethnic regions of Lithuania. If you're into cottage cheese-stuffed ones, you've got options! Try them with sour cream, bacon bits, cottage cheese, or butter-onion sauces. But if meat-filled cepelinai are more your thing, they may come with those same sauces, plus mushroom gravy or sour cream butter kastinys. Craving crunch? Enjoy the fried meat-filled cepelinai served with sour cream and bacon bits.

Cepelinai selection at the Etno dvaras restaurant: Fried and boiled meat or cottage cheese-stuffed cepelinai, served with various ethnographically inspired sauces.

Bokstas - best cepelinai in Kaunas

Kęstučio g. 86 / I. Kanto g. 18, Kaunas

Cosily nestled next to the historic Malūnininkas Tower and the old defensive wall, Bokštas is a restaurant that welcomes guests to unique spaces, blending medieval atmosphere with modern style. However, food enthusiasts choose this place not only for its authentic environment. Even more relevant to them becomes the menu, perfectly balancing European and Lithuanian flavours.

Dreaming of traditional gastronomy? In the restaurant's repertoire, you'll find not only kugel and variously prepared authentic pancakes ranging from buckwheat to potato ones but also cepelinai. Planning to visit the restaurant specifically for this particular dish? Here, you can taste their classic, refined, and time-tested version with meat, sour cream, and bacon bits. The menu also offers cheese-stuffed potato balls, serving as an excellent cepelinai alternative for vegetarians.

Cepelinai selection at the Bokštas restaurant: Meat-filled cepelinai with bacon bits sauce and sour cream.

Tigrasa - best cepelinai in Kaunas

Vilniaus g. 16, Karmėlava

Probably, there isn't a single traditional cuisine admirer in Lithuania who hasn't heard of the famous cepelinai from the Karmėlava district, known for their impressive size. At the restaurant Tigrasa, located en route to Kaunas International Airport, this iconic dish is truly the star.

Here, you'll find oversized cepelinai filled generously with meat and accompanied by sour cream & bacon bits. Normally, one potato dumpling makes a portion, but if you're up for it, you can order two. Can you handle both? There's only one way to find out – give it a try! Additionally, the restaurant serves classic-sized cepelinai with either meat or cottage cheese fillings.

Cepelinai selection at the Tigrasa restaurant: Oversized cepelinai with meat, sour cream, and bacon bits; oversized cepelinai with meat and mushroom sauce; small cepelinai with meat; cepelinai with cottage cheese and buttery sour cream sauce.

XXXL kavinė - best cepelinai in Kaunas

XXXL kavinė
Biruliškių k., Karmėlavos sen., Kauno r.

XXXL is another restaurant situated along the route from Kaunas to Karmėlava, also famous for its oversized cepelinai. While the menu here offers a variety of dishes, the giant potato dumplings with meat and bacon bits remain guest favourites. Their portion is very hearty, so it's best to go to the restaurant when you're really very hungry!

Moreover, the menu offers more than just huge cepelinai. Visitors can also savour traditionally sized fried potato dumplings filled with meat. Unsure which is superior in taste? Try both and choose your preference, ensuring a return!

Cepelinai selection at the XXXL restaurant: Oversized cepelinai with meat, sour cream, and bacon bits; traditionally sized fried cepelinai with meat, sour cream, and bacon bits.

Pas Jadvyga - skaniausi cepelinai Kaune-2

Pas Jadvygą
J. Naujalio g.18, Kaunas

Pas Jadvygą is a Lithuanian cuisine restaurant where cepelinai have not only been the signature dish for many years but also are named among the tastiest in the whole country. The secret to their great flavour? Ask the founder, Jadvyga!

The menu changes daily, but delicious cepelinai stuffed either with meat or cottage cheese are served here constantly. No matter the choice, they will be tasty and hearty, leaving you craving for more! Want to try these already legend-steeped cepelinai? Plan your time accordingly, as the place is only open until 6:00 PM.

Cepelinai selection at the Pas Jadvygą restaurant: Cepelinai with meat or cottage cheese.

The best cepelinai in Klaipėda

Friedricho smuklė - best cepelinai in Klaipeda

Friedricho smuklė
Tiltų g. 26A, Klaipėda

Nestled in Klaipėda’s old town, Friedricho smuklė is a restaurant that has been treating its guests to Lithuanian culinary heritage for the past 15 years.

In their carefully curated menu, you'll find time-tested flavours ranging from Klaipėda-style stroganina, stuffed cabbage rolls, rustic sausages, or pork knuckle to an array of potato pancakes. The restaurant also serves some of the city's finest cepelinai, traditionally prepared with meat! Craving even more pronounced flavours? Then try not only boiled but also baked cepelinai!

Cepelinai selection at the Friedricho smuklė restaurant: Boiled or baked cepelinai with meat.

Senoji Hansa - best cepelinai in Klaipeda

Senoji Hansa
Kurpių g. 1, Klaipėda

Café-bar Senoji Hansa is the true legend of Klaipėda, delighting its guests with delicious food, ancient traditions, and a cosy atmosphere for over two decades. The hosts invite diners to choose from a wide menu: discovering the genuine taste of food allows getting to know the new favourites.

Here, the selection is rich in grill dishes, but special attention is also paid to Lithuanian cuisine, including the iconic cepelinai. They are served here traditionally - with meat, sour cream, and bacon bits, always melting the hearts of classics lovers. The old town of the port city, the nearby Dane River, and the flavours of a cherished authentic cuisine: could it be any better?

Cepelinai selection at the Senoji Hansa café-bar: Meat-filled cepelinai with bacon bits and sour cream

Žemaitėjė - Draugų Restorans - best cepelinai in Klaipeda

Žemaitėjė – Draugų Restorans
Tiltų g. 16, 91246 Klaipėda

Žemaitėjė - Draugų Restorans is a restaurant located in the heart of Klaipėda's Old Town, treating guests to both traditional Lithuanian and Samogitian cuisines. The menu here is like a regional puzzle: appetizers, salads, soups, desserts, grilled dishes, classic potato dishes, and separate offerings for children all have distinctive features. So, whatever you choose, you will discover traditional flavours in a new light at this establishment.

It's no wonder that in a restaurant dedicated to the country's culinary heritage, authentic cepelinai with meat are also prepared, which can be chosen either boiled or fried. Which ones are tastier? Find your favourite by trying both!

Cepelinai selection at the Žemaitėjė – Draugų Restorans restaurant: Boiled or fried cepelinai with meat, bacon bits and sour cream.

Laimingos sakutes - best cepelinai in Klaipeda

Laimingos šakutės
Taikos pr. 80, Klaipėda

Laimingos šakutės is a modest lunch café known for its impressive popularity: not only do crowds of hungry townspeople gather here every day, but legends about it are already spreading throughout Lithuania. The reason for this? Especially delicious cepelinai with meat!

The menu of the café, which operates only during lunch hours, is dynamic and constantly changing, but freshly prepared potato dumplings are always available daily.

Cepelinai selection at the Laimingos šakutės café: Cepelinai with meat

The best cepelinai in Palanga

Vandenis - best cepelinai in Palanga

Birutės al. 47, Palanga

Located in the legendary music club, Vandenis is a modern restaurant with retro flavours, treating guests to timeless vacation-like dishes. The curated blend of Lithuanian and European cuisines here captivates all!

Vandenis menu also brings joy to cepelinai enthusiasts. Craving something heartier? Indulge in traditional giant meat-filled potato dumplings, generously topped with sour cream and bacon bits. Prefer a lighter version of cepelinai or stick to a vegetarian diet? Then try them with cottage cheese, prepared according to authentic ancestral recipes.

Cepelinai selection at the Vandenis restaurant: Cepelinai with meat, bacon bits and sour cream; cepelinai with cottage cheese and buttery cream sauce.

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Močiučių restoranas - best cepelinai in Palanga

Močiučių restoranas
J. Simpsono g. 8, Palanga

Močiučių restoranas is the only true grandma restaurant in all of Europe, founded by the celebrated chef Rokas Galvonas. This place invites guests to enjoy authentic Lithuanian dishes, yet a modern touch is not forgotten either, expressed through revived traditional flavours.

Moreover, guests are treated not only to delicious food but also to a warm family atmosphere that brings back childhood memories at their grandmother's home. Many Lithuanians associate the taste of cepelinai specifically with those nostalgic, carefree youth days, so seize the opportunity to savour this emotionally resonant dish! Potato dumplings are served here with meat and cottage cheese, so all that's left is to choose which one you prioritize – boiled or fried.

Cepelinai selection at the Močiučių restoranas restaurant: Boiled or fried cepelinai with meat, bacon bits and sour cream; boiled or fried cepelinai with cottage cheese and sour cream.

HBH Palanga - best cepelinai in Palanga

HBH Palanga
Liepų g. 23, Kretingos raj., Žibininkai

HBH is an impressively-sized Lithuanian cuisine restaurant located in the village of Žibininkai. Five buildings and the capability to serve up to 1500 visitors simultaneously: there aren't any other places by the seaside as huge as this!

Yet, the restaurant is surprising not only with its size but also with its menu distinguished by the variety of traditional dishes. Whatever Lithuanian delicacy you crave, rest assured you'll find it here! Cepelinai are no exception. Would you prefer classic meat-stuffed potato dumplings with sour cream and bacon bits? Maybe baked half-dumplings? Or perhaps cepelinai with cottage cheese in a buttery cream sauce? Their repertoire on the menu is time-tested, so all that's left is to choose your favourites!

Cepelinai selection at the HBH restaurant: Cepelinai with meat, bacon bits and sour cream; baked cepelinai halves with bacon bits and sour cream; cepelinai with cottage cheese and buttery cream sauce.

The selection of cepelinai may vary. For menu changes, contact the restaurants directly.