The vegan diet is no longer surprising. As more people opt for it, restaurants increasingly include vegan options in their menus. Chefs either boldly experiment with modern, creative recipes or draw inspiration from global cuisines, resulting in dishes that earn praise even from the pickiest diners.

So, what's on the repertoire for the food enthusiasts who have chosen to forgo animal-based products? This Tablein guide's review covers the most original vegan dishes served in the restaurants of Vilnius.

Must-try vegan dishes in the restaurants of Vilnius

Kinza - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Naugarduko g. 14, Vilnius

Kinza is a restaurant in Vilnius where traditional Central Asian flavours surprise even the most seasoned gourmands. The professional kitchen team, led by Chef Nig'matilla Tolaganov from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, ensures that every dish radiates even more authenticity.

Central Asian cuisine is famous for its unique vegan dishes. For this reason, not only meat lovers can easily find their favourites on the Kinza menu. From hummus, tabbouleh, muhammara or oriental vegan salad to tender falafels, roasted eggplant in tahini sauce, and pilaf with dried fruits and nuts – the repertoire here is impressive. Therefore, it is recommended to come to the restaurant hungry. We promise you'll want to order everything!

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La Capital - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

La Capital
Saltoniškių g. 7C, Vilnius

La Capital is an exceptional Mexican cuisine restaurant led by the Mexican-born chef Alexis Hernández Maldonado. Inspired by the authentic gastronomy of his homeland, this culinary professional boldly combines tradition with modern culinary art, ensuring that guests are consistently surprised by familiar yet uniquely rediscovered dishes.

La Capital is also an excellent choice for vegans, offering a variety of plant-based Mexican dishes. For the appetizer, the chef recommends Vegan ceviche prepared with roasted Romanesco, sweet potatoes, Tiger’s milk, macha sauce, and cilantro. For the main course? Try the roasted cauliflower, Coliflor rostizada, served with chickpea purée and macha sauce.

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Sakai Ramen - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Sakai Ramen
Bazilijonų g. 3A-22, Vilnius

Sakai Ramen is a restaurant exclusively dedicated to ramen, whose owners aim to serve this Japanese cuisine legend in a truly delicious, pure, and high-quality manner. Therefore, it's no surprise that everything here, whether the broth, noodles, or sauces, is made on-site. And most importantly, by maintaining the authentic values of ramen.

The concept of Sakai Ramen is very straightforward, so the restaurant's menu offers only a few choices, among which you can always find the guest-favourite Yasai Miso. This vegan ramen is prepared with vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, and roasted sunflower seeds, with the most distinct flavour coming from the gently sautéed white miso paste. By the way, it's not just the food that is worth your attention in this restaurant! Don't forget to try their homemade mango kombucha too.

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Casa Peligrosa - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Casa Peligrosa
Visų Šventųjų g. 5, Vilnius

Casa Peligrosa is a popular restaurant that strives to surprise guests with modern interpretations of traditional Mexican cuisine. The food, which invites you on an exotic journey, a refined drink menu, the Old Town ambience, and the hundred-year-old monastery vaults ensure only the best experiences here. Therefore, it is no surprise that this place has been recognized with various prestigious awards.

Although the menu isn't extensive, there are always unique options, appealing to vegans too. Guacamole garnished with pico de gallo usually makes a perfect introduction to dinner, while the main course – sweet potato with mole negro, salsa macha, beans, pomegranates, and a bouquet of other ingredients – surprises even the pickiest diners.

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Sues Indian Raja - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Sue‘s Indian Raja
Odminių g. 3, Vilnius

Sue's Indian Raja is probably the most famous authentic Indian cuisine restaurant in Vilnius, already treating enthusiasts of exotic culinary traditions with unique flavours and aromas for many years. The ambience here is not less worthy, as it allows guests to discover an elegant Indian atmosphere right in the heart of Lithuania's capital. Cathedral square views through the windows add even more charm to the gourmet experience.

The restaurant menu introduces diners to the boldest flavours of Indian cuisine, with a range of vegan options also available. Spinach soup, beetroot tikki bites, chickpea palak masala, vegetable jalfrezi, lentil makhani, and tandoori roti bread: choose, taste, and enjoy!

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Georgian House - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Georgian House
Mėsinių g. 4-3, Vilnius

Are you fond of traditional Georgian cuisine seasoned with a generous pinch of elegance? Then, the Georgian House restaurant, cosily nestled in Vilnius Old Town, is your best choice. Here, the whole team of chefs, who gathered straight from Georgia, spoils guests with the rich flavours of this country, allowing them to experience a unique gastronomic culture without leaving Lithuania.

The attentively created menu offers a wealth of traditional dishes made from the freshest ingredients. And most importantly, many of them will surely be appreciated by vegans. Whether the hearty Lobio red bean soup, traditional Georgian salad, eggplant & zucchini rolls with walnut pesto, or baked mushrooms in a clay pot, the flavours will always pleasantly surprise even the pickiest ones.

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Vanille Lounge - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Vanille Lounge
Vilniaus g. 29, Vilnius

Promoting lounge culture, Vanille Lounge is an evening restaurant where guests are greeted by a relaxing atmosphere, cosy music, and an ambience perfect for long conversations. Equally exclusive is the menu, harmoniously combining classic European cuisine, Lithuanian dining traditions, seasonality as well as the modern perspective of young chefs on food.

The repertoire of Vanille Lounge consists of culinary discoveries that undoubtedly surprise even vegans. Thinking of sharing Mezze options? Vegan cashew pâté accompanied by blackberry jam and hummus garnished with green chilli pepper will make an excellent start to the evening. As for the main course, every vegan will appreciate the cauliflower steak served with hummus, pepper cream, salsa verde, and pomegranate seeds.

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Tamago - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Mindaugo g. 16 - 50A, Vilnius

Are you craving the flavours of distant Asia? If so, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Tamago café, inspired by Japanese and Korean food culture. Whether it's brunch, lunch, or dinner, each visit here will surprise you with undiscovered home-cooked flavours, just like the ones enjoyed in households across Korea or Japan.

The most intriguing vegan dish in this café? It's the ritual-like Korean barbecue, during which you get to cook the ingredients yourself on the stove. All that's left is to choose the Veggie set, consisting of tofu, shimeji mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, kimchi, and other ingredients, served with ssam set – glass noodles, various greens, gochujang, peanut satay, and pickled ginger. This barbecue is designed for 2-3 people, so don't forget to invite friends!

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Astorija Brasserie & Bar - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Radisson Collection Astorija Brasserie & Bar
Didžioji g. 35/2, Vilnius

Already a legend in Vilnius, the Radisson Collection Astorija Brasserie & Bar is a restaurant that invites guests to experience Brasserie-style interpretations of French cuisine. With creatively crafted haute cuisine, elegance reflected in every detail, a location in the heart of the Old Town, and majestic views through large veranda windows, it leaves no one untouched.

Moreover, the Radisson Collection Astorija Brasserie & Bar is always a suitable dining choice for vegans because here guests can indulge in authentic French ratatouille served with romesco sauce, green oil, and black olive crumble. Also, don't hesitate to pair this selection with wine from the exceptional restaurant's collection. Such a match will surely add even more charm to the overall culinary experience.

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Telegrafas - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Universiteto g. 14, Vilnius

Elegantly refined, Telegrafas is the fine dining restaurant in Grand Hotel Vilnius, Curio Collection by Hilton, offering the most luxurious experiences for every gourmand. Guests here get to enjoy unique spaces, Cathedral Square views through the windows, and attentive service, but it is gastronomy, inspired by a fusion of world culinary traditions, that leaves the longest-lasting impressions.

The restaurant's menu is curated to perfection, allowing fine dining enthusiasts with various dietary habits to indulge in royal-like flavours. Chef's recommendation for vegans? Salt-baked parsnip roots and low-temperature-cooked Portobello mushroom, garnished with Belgian beer, mushroom demi-glace, and parsnip crumbs.

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Brussels Mussels Centrum - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Brussels Mussels Centrum
Vilniaus g. 17, Vilnius

Located right in the heart of Vilnius, Brussels Mussels Centrum is a stylish restaurant that welcomes guests with the most famous Belgian cuisine masterpieces and a wide range of craft beers imported straight from Belgium. Here, new gastronomic experiences perfectly intertwine with a refined ambience, while the outdoor terrace becomes the favourite meeting place for Vilnius residents during the warm season.

It's also important to note that the kitchen experts here consider the various dietary needs of guests, including those who don't consume animal products. For them, a vegan cauliflower steak becomes the best choice, deliciously served with edamame bean puree, kale salad, and parsley-nuts gremolata.

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Veranda - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Kęstučio g. 39, Vilnius

The salon-bar Veranda is a unique meeting place in the Žvėrynas neighbourhood, treating guests to high-quality homemade food and creative improvisations of European cuisine. Yet, a cosy refuge in nature or live jazz music is no less unique! So, this place can always become a sure choice when you want to exchange the hustle and bustle of the city centre for an oasis of tranquillity right here in Vilnius!

The menu reflects the hosts' constant desire to prepare dishes from seasonal products supplied by Lithuanian farmers. Moreover, at Veranda, various dietary needs of guests are always taken into account. So, for vegans, the couscous salad with chickpeas will always be intriguing, while those opting for a main course won't be able to resist the barbecue-glazed celery root served with roasted young potatoes, cherry tomatoes, Padron & chilli peppers, and chimichurri sauce.

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Pusyne Vilnius - Veganiski patiekalai Vilniaus restoranuose

Pušynė Food on Fire Vilnius
Nemenčinės pl. 37, Vilnius

Pušynė Food on Fire Vilnius is a cosy forest restaurant inviting diners to enjoy the flavours of nature among whispering pines and crackling fire. The food is no less unique than the ambience, making this place widely chosen by those seeking to escape the hustle & bustle of the city while still remaining nearby.

Creatively unfolding, the restaurant's menu is abundant with choices, allowing guests to discover flavours they have never tasted before. As the name Pušynė Food on Fire Vilnius suggests, the focus here is on grilled dishes, among which vegans quickly notice the constantly praised savoy cabbage served with cauliflower puree and sun-dried tomato & cashew salsa.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.