TOP Lithuanian Cuisine Restaurants in Vilnius

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Nov 21, 2022 1:07:21 PM

Lithuanian cuisine is no longer just associated with potato dishes. Country’s culinary tradition boasts novel gourmet ideas that are increasingly being showcased by restaurants, and it is easy to be pleasantly surprised once you’re their guest!

Chefs now have a newfound respect for Lithuanian culinary heritage, striving to rediscover forgotten flavours, following seasonal dictates, prioritising sustainability and locally sourced ingredients. Alongside there is a focus on culinary skills, the art of ingredient combination, and a desire for aesthetic presentation.

Lithuanian cuisine restaurants in Vilnius are ambitious, offering a fresh take on food culture. From carefully preserved recipes to modern interpretations and the creation of a new Baltic cuisine, dining at these places will provide a unique experience.

So, if you're looking for an unforgettable experience of Lithuanian food in Vilnius, rely on Tablein guide suggestions!

The best Lithuanian restaurants in Vilnius

14 horses

Dominikonų str. 11, Vilnius

14Horses is more than just an exclusive fine dining restaurant – it's an experience in Lithuanian heritage, beautifully told through cuisine.

Today, this unique place is the creative playground of chef Rokas Vasiliauskas, who focuses on Lithuanian culinary traditions, seasonality and sustainability. Brilliance here is revealed through simplicity: traditional ingredients from the region, sustainably grown by local farms, become highly rated gastronomic masterpieces through their combinations.

The restaurant's menu is dynamic and changes depending on the season as well as new ideas from the kitchen team. There are usually not many choices, but they all radiate a quality richness: dishes are always unique, creatively thought out, so both meat or fish enthusiasts and vegetarians can easily choose.

The novel Lithuanian food restaurant 14Horses is located in the historic Vainai Palace, elevating not only the food but also the Instagrammable environment and the Old Town spirit. So, no matter the occasion, this place is one of the best in Vilnius to celebrate it.

Main focus: Seasonality, sustainability, and strong Lithuanian culinary heritage roots.
Options for vegetarians: Yes.

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Pasakų str. 9, Vilnius

Fabrikėlis is far more than just a restaurant highly appreciated by gourmets; it's a creative food lab devoted to the modern cuisine of the Baltic region. Every step taken by the owners gets infused with their love for the country and the produce cultivated on clean lands. Moreover, they carefully craft culinary masterpieces using solely the freshest ingredients sourced from Lithuanian farmers, the majority of whom run ecological farms.

Each dish at the restaurant not only introduces new flavours and aesthetic subtleties but also encourages guests to rediscover Lithuanian ingredients as well as enjoy contemporary interpretations of familiar combinations.

The menu surprises with its gastronomic creativity: here, strawberries are fearlessly paired with horseradish, mushrooms with coffee, and monkfish with vanilla – unexpected yet perfectly harmonious fusions! Nevertheless, the menu also pays homage to modernised classics, such as oxtail-topped potato švilpikai or beefsteak & chanterelles combo.

At Fabrikėlis, the menu changes seasonally, ensuring guests' culinary horizons expand with each visit. For an even more exclusive experience, consider pairing your food choices with natural wines.

Main focus: Modern Baltic region cuisine.
Options for vegetarians: Yes.

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T. Ševčenkos str. 16A-120, Vilnius

Probably the trendiest spot in Vilnius' New Town today is DEMOLOFTAS, a multi-functional space that combines coffee, food, things and people. This space, reminiscent of those found in London, Berlin, or New York, attracts visitors for its exclusive coffee, Instagram-worthy interior, and art. But the standout is the restaurant, led by Chef Tadas Eidukevičius, a food philosopher and culinary professional with over five years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain.

The menu at DEMOLOFTAS offers modern Lithuanian cuisine inspired by local farmers, with the goal of educating and inspiring guests. Traditional ingredients here are combined in daring ways, revealing familiar flavours in entirely new but memorable forms.

Choices on the menu are dynamic, changing with the seasons and the kitchen's creativity. Examples include black bread with hummus and roasted vegetables, beef with chickpeas in red wine, pumpkin soup with toasted nuts, and a multigrain porridge with fried cabbage, showcasing traditional ingredients with gourmet taste and modern aesthetics.

This Lithuanian restaurant in Vilnius offers guests new culinary experiences through daily lunch, special à la carte menu, tasting dinners and fashionable weekend brunch.

Main focus: Modern Lithuanian cuisine inspired by local farmers.
Options for vegetarians: Yes.

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Stikliu Taverna

Stiklių taverna
Gaono str. 7, Vilnius

Stiklių Taverna holds a title of a prominent Lithuanian restaurant in Vilnius. It is considered a classic in the city's dining scene, offering guests the chance to experience the flavours of Lithuanian culinary heritage with a modern twist. Chef Andrius Poška masterfully represents the restaurant's concept as "the birth of a new Lithuanian cuisine identity, where old tradition speaks with elegance, respect for ingredients, and a passion for cooking“.

The menu offers a perfectioned range of Lithuanian cuisine dishes that reflect the changing times – from old tradition and interwar to subtle modern interpretations. Whether it's cepelinai, potato pancakes, pork shank in sauerkraut, herring with boletus, or another choice from the menu, all dishes are presented in a fine dining manner and promising a truly gourmet experience of Lithuanian cuisine.

In addition to the high-quality menu, Stiklių Taverna features straw decorations, linen tablecloths, and pottery artwork, inviting guests to immerse themselves in authentic Lithuanian atmosphere. The 17th century basement even hosts concerts by folk music ensembles.

Main focus: Traditional Lithuanian cuisine intertwined with elegance.
Options for vegetarians: Yes.

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Imperial - Lithuanian cuisine restaurants in Vilnius

Subačiaus str. 2, Vilnius

Nestled in the heart of Vilnius, Imperial is a premium-class restaurant, offering guests a taste of haute cuisine: French-inspired yet shaped in America. Such gastronomic experiences get even more elevated by tables adorned in fine linens and silverware, and servers wearing white gloves.

However, haute cuisine represents just one facet of this luxurious restaurant. Equally unique is the menu paying homage to Lithuania's culinary heritage. Named "Didikų vaišės", this degustation unveils the culinary traditions of the old aristocracy and invites gourmands on an unforgettable journey through the flavours enjoyed by the nobles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

A refreshing cucumber with sturgeon caviar and marinated oysters in cucumber brine, prepared according to the dukes' family chef's recipe(XVI century), become a gourmet start to this degustation. Shortly after, a smoked duck fillet with fermented cranberries and marinated apples is served on the table. For a hot appetizer? Guests are invited to taste Bona Sforza's lasagna (XVI century) with Lithuanian forest treasures - venison and mushrooms. For the main course? Grilled sturgeon fillet in crayfish tail sauce with viper grass and sturgeon caviar takes the stage. Finally, the historical journey of flavours is crowned with nobles' marzipan cake, rich in nuts, dried fruits, and honey (XIII century).

Main focus: Noble heritage, historical Lithuanian cuisine.
Tasting menu price: 76 Eur pp.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.