Looking for family-friendly dining options in Malta? There are plenty of restaurants that cater to both parents and kids. From food choices that are acceptable by the littlest diners, to a suitable atmosphere, there is something for everyone.
Whether you're in Mellieha, Valetta, St. Paul’s Bay, Marsaxlokk, Saint Julian's, Mdina, or Gozo, we've got you covered. Check out Tablein guide’s recommendations for kid-friendly restaurants in Malta and enjoy a stress-free meal with your family.

Family-friendly restaurants in Mellieha

Agliolio - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Golden Sands, Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Mellieha

Situated in the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Agliolio is a restaurant that has been voted as one of the top-rated kid-friendly restaurants in Malta.

Children here are catered to not only with a separate kids' menu but also with colouring and activity books to keep them occupied. While the little foodies are taken care of, parents can enjoy the restaurant's Mediterranean cuisine selection with a Maltese touch. The food choices vary from pappardelle with rabbit liver to signature pizza topped with local Maltese sausage, as well as gourmet seafood and meat delicacies.

What's more about Agliolio? The restaurant is beloved by families for its gorgeous views of the coastline too!

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One80 Kitchen & Lounge, Mellieha - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

one80 Kitchen & Lounge, Mellieha
30, Triq il-Wied tar-Ruman, Mellieha

Perched atop a hill, One80 Kitchen & Lounge is a restaurant that offers a creative food selection complemented by an elegant atmosphere and stunning views.

The general menu here features a variety of Italian-inspired dishes, including sharing plates, starters, homemade pasta dishes, locally-sourced fish, and fresh cuts of meat.

At the same time, the youngest guests have their own exclusive selection to choose from. Whether it's pasta, homemade mini burgers, chicken rocks, breaded fish, sausages, or special desserts – kids will truly enjoy choosing and savouring their dining experience at One80 Kitchen & Lounge.

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Family-friendly restaurants in Valetta

MUŻA restaurant - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

MUŻA Restaurant
Auberge d'Italie, Valletta

MUŻA is an artistic restaurant located in the MUŻA National Community Art Museum within the historic Auberge D'Italie. This inspiring space invites guests to eat while interacting with art treasures.

Patrons here are welcomed with a carefully curated menu boasting a fine selection of dishes. Featuring fresh, homegrown, and seasonal ingredients, they are inspired by passion for art and hand-crafted cuisine.

Kids are also invited to choose from a general selection that little gourmands will surely appreciate. Whether it's a mild yet characteristic starter, a choice of risotto and pasta, or a creative main course, children will undoubtedly find what excites them the most.

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Family-friendly restaurants in St. Paul’s Bay

Carvv Steakhouse - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Carvv Steakhouse
Dolmen, Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay

Carvv is a unique interpretation of an American steakhouse, blending the bistro ambiance with the delicious offerings of a traditional steakhouse.

Since flaming grills are restaurant's philosophy, the main focus is on exceptional meat cuts, complemented by a buffet of appetisers.

Even the youngest diners can enjoy gourmet fare as there is a special selection of quality dishes designed exclusively for them. Children may choose from beef burgers, grilled fillet minute steaks, breaded chicken, and turkey sausages, all prepared with extra chef mastery to satisfy their taste buds.

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Cafe del Mar Malta - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Café del Mar Malta
Triq it-Trunciera, St Paul's Bay

Café del Mar Malta, nestled within Malta National Aquarium complex, is a place meant to relax with the sounds of chill-out music, admire the panoramic sea views, enjoy a cocktail and have a refreshing swim in the infinity pool. Yet food here, expressing Mediterranean flavours, is so worth enjoying too!

The restaurant's food choices vary from starters, poke bowls, pasta, burgers, pizza, fish, meat, or poultry dishes to a wide selection of sushi. Kids can choose from the main menu and surely find a gourmet meal that interests them. It's a win-win situation: Parents can chill and enjoy the vibe while their kids discover new tastes.

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Family-friendly restaurants in Saint Julian's

Marina Terrace Portomaso - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Marina Terrace
Portomaso Marina, Level -3, St. Julians

For food enthusiasts who appreciate stunning views in addition to culinary delights, Marina Terrace is the perfect place, serving as both a pizzeria and brasserie. The restaurant boasts a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, featuring a range of options from antipasti, salads, and poke bowls to pasta, burgers, in-house baked paninis, and meat-based main courses.

Even though the variety is generous, and children can already choose from the main menu, the littlest ones receive special attention with dishes created especially for them. These choices are designed to fit any kid's preferences, from special pizza with juicy sausages or mini cheeseburgers to breaded crunchy chicken breast and fresh salmon delicacy.

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Henry J Beans, Malta - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Henry J. Beans
St George's Road, St Julian's

Henry J. Beans is the legendary American bar & grill in Malta, beloved by both locals and visitors from abroad. The menu offers staple dishes from the West, and the exclusive collection of cocktails and ambiance add a lot to the overall experience. Even though you're in Malta, the food options will easily make you feel like you're dining in the States.

What's more to this restaurant? Henry J. Beans is a perfect place to introduce children to American cuisine, especially when they see the menu created only for them! Whether it's a Kid's Cheeseburger, Kid's Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets, or Fish Fingers, little diners would approve any of the choices! Especially when a crazy good ice cream or sweet milkshake awaits after the meal!

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Family-friendly restaurants in Swieqi

The Greenhouse - kids menu in Malta

The Greenhouse
Triq L-Uqija, Swieqi

The Greenhouse is a bistro, pizzeria, and cafeteria all under a single roof. Moreover, the memorable dining experience also gets paired with world flavours, drawing inspiration from American, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines.

A family visit here is a double win. Parents can explore a menu ranging from fresh fish, gourmet seafood, quality meat, homemade pasta or the awarded as a best-in-Swieqi pizza to Asian rolls and poke bowls.

At the same time, children's preferences are heard of too. Not only little gourmands can enjoy food prepared from the finest local and foreign ingredients, but also choose from the menu section dedicated just for them. Selections include Lion King penne in tomato sauce, Pokemon nuggets, Spongebob cheeseburger, Shrek cheese tortellini, Cocomelon pizza topped with wudy sausage, Tweety hotdog, and Rainbow delicacy featuring Nutella, marshmallows, and sprinkles – only a choice what is left! Next to the special menu, there's a dedicated kid's play area.

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Family-friendly restaurants in Marsaxlokk

Tex Mex South - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Tex Mex South
Triq Tat Trunciera, Marsaxlokk

Tex Mex South is a restaurant that specialises in Tex-Mex and American cuisine, as its name suggests. With a rich history spanning over 20 years, it is one of the oldest food establishments in Malta that continues to thrive.

Families are very welcome at this restaurant, where the menu choices meet all the guests' expectations, regardless of their age. Adults can dive into a feast of starters, gourmet house-crafted burgers, Tex-Mex signature ribs, sea delicacies, chicken dishes, steaks, pasta, and Tex-Mex specials. Meanwhile, children are invited to choose from a special kids' corner on the menu, offering options from chicken nuggets and house fish fingers to kids' burgers and mac & cheese.

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Family-friendly restaurants in Mdina

Coogi’s Restaurant - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta-1

Coogi’s Restaurant
5, Wesgha ta Sant'Agata, Mdina

Nestled within an old Arab townhouse and surrounded by charming streets of Mdina, Coogi's Restaurant not only invites guests to dine but also to admire breathtaking views of Malta from its terrace.

Restaurant's menu features Italian and Maltese specialties that no Mediterranean cuisine enthusiast can resist. Most importantly, the selection is wide, with choices perfectly suited for both young and mature diners. Thoughtfully created set menus, a vast selection of vegan options, pasta, risotto, pizzas, burgers, meat, and fish delicacies – you name it, they have it. A special treat for kids is the house-made ice cream, as well as milkshakes and smoothies.

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Coogi’s Pizzeria - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Coogi’s Pizzeria
29, Triq Villegaignon, Mdina

Coogi's Pizzeria is situated in the Palazzo Costanzo, a historic building that adds to the restaurant's charm. From the old walls to the delicious food, every aspect here makes sure to leave a lasting impression.

This place is perfectly designed for all pizza enthusiasts, both adults and children alike. One the menu there are choices from classic ones to Coogi’s specials, yet there's always a possibility to create a personalized pizza by mixing the ingredients or choosing a special dough with rice flour, spirulina, vegetable carbon, or almond flour.

Speaking of children, let's add desserts and milkshakes as the cherry on top of their dining experience!

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Family-friendly restaurants in Gozo

Vini e Capricci - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Vini e Capricci
Gozitano Agricultural Village, Xewkija, Gozo

Vini e Capricci is so much about good wine, yet the place welcomes families with kids too, as the menu options also please the littlest diners.

The restaurant has four areas: Vinoteca Livio Felluga, which brings out the best of modern Mediterranean cuisine, Cafeteria & Aperitivo Area that offers top-quality seasonal food, Cantina Michele Chiarlo wine cellar, and Gianfranco Berta Lounge. If you're coming with kids, the first two areas are your best bet!

With Italian delicacies and Maltese specials, every member of the family will easily find a gourmet dish to enjoy in this unique place.

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Qbajjar Restaurant - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

Qbajjar Restaurant
Triq ix-Xwejni, Marsalforn, Zebbug, Gozo

Qbajjar Restaurant is a place that diners call one of the best local restaurants in Gozo. Spectacular sea views, great food, and professional service truly create a perfect atmosphere for the whole family.

The restaurant specialises in traditional Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine, which is reflected in a constant selection of dishes and ever-changing daily specials.
Families coming with kids will be pleased by the dedicated children's menu featuring classics that young diners always appreciate, from breaded chicken fillet or small-sized pizza to mild pasta choices.

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one80 Kitchen at Mgarr Yacht Marina, Gozo - Kids friendly restaurants in Malta

one80 Kitchen at Mgarr Yacht Marina, Gozo
Triq Martino Garces, Mgarr, Gozo

Next to delicious food, One80 Kitchen at Mgarr Yacht Marina invites all families to enjoy its lively atmosphere and amazing views. Children will surely be entertained by ferries leaving and entering the Gozitan harbor or spotting returning fishermen with their latest catch.

The menu here embraces Mediterranean flavours inspired by locally sourced produce and is based on a sharing concept. So the whole family can enjoy trying out different tastes all at once! At the same time, little diners have the possibility to choose from a kids' menu which offers a selection of pasta, homemade fish fingers, chicken breast fillet strips, mini beef burgers, pizzetta, and even fresh veggie sticks with hummus and warm brioche.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.