Family time together is incredibly valuable, so it's no surprise that leisure activities with children lead to dining out too. 

Lithuanian restaurants are increasingly prioritising families and enhancing their menus with special offerings for kids. No need for compromises: while parents indulge in exciting culinary experiences, young gourmands can enjoy the flavours that remind them of home-cooked meals.

What can you expect in Lithuania? Diversity from pizza and burger places to fine dining restaurants. Whether it is a menu designed for the whole family or a separate menu exclusively dedicated to children, kids-friendly restaurants in Lithuania warmly welcome families and enhance the quality of time spent together.

So, which places does Tablein guide recommend for a visit with little ones?

Family-friendly restaurants in Kaunas

Talutti Bakes and Shakes - kids friendly restaurants in Kaunas

Talutti bakes and shakes City
Vasario 16-osios str. 2, Kaunas

Talutti Bakes and Shakes City is a genuine American cuisine house located in the heart of Kaunas city centre, perfect for the entire family. The restaurant offers a modern environment and a menu that delights with the most iconic dishes of American culinary tradition.

What makes this place exceptional is its wide array of dishes that cater perfectly to young gourmands. From mild-flavoured pizzas, burgers, and variations of Mac & Cheese to sweet or savoury American pancakes, the littlest ones have plenty to choose from.

And, that's not all. Talutti Bakes and Shakes City shakes are equally noteworthy, with their generous sizes, diverse flavours, and vibrant colours. Whether it's fruit-based or milky one with gummy bears, M&M's candies, Nutella, Snickers, Oreo, Bounty, Raffaello, caramel, whipped cream, peanut butter, or jam – whatever combination a child dreams of, it's highly likely to be found here.

Moreover, Talutti Bakes and Shakes City brings joy beyond its menu by featuring a cosy childrens‘ play area.

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Poco Italian - kids friendly restaurants in Kaunas

Poco Italian
Veiverių str. 150B, Kaunas

Poco Italian is a cosy and authentic Italian food home in Kaunas that invites guests to savour not only authentic flavours but also exceptional quality. Here, you'll discover some of the most delicious Neapolitan pizzas in town, hearty burgers, hot Panuozzo sandwiches, and legendary Italian desserts. Although there isn't a separate selection for children, every offering on the main menu will entice even the youngest food enthusiasts!

The owners of this family restaurant place great emphasis on both exquisite taste and quality. They prioritise natural ingredients sourced from local farms or directly imported from Italy. Whether it's freshly ground flour, D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes, cheese, exceptionally pure olive oil, or locally grown berries – each element is meticulously evaluated and selected. Furthermore, everything is prepared on-site, from kneading the pizza dough in the restaurant's kitchen to crafting sauces, creams, and bread. Every step taken here is rooted in quality, which holds great importance for children.

Moreover, the youngest guests of Poco Italian are also invited to indulge in a variety of beverages. Options range from freshly blended fruit cocktails to organic lemonades from Sicily, which boast premium quality confirmed by IGP and DOP certifications.

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Family-friendly restaurants in Vilnius

El Mercado - kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius

El Mercado
Didžioji str. 3, Vilnius

When you're craving the finest Mediterranean flavours, El Mercado becomes probably the best choice. This gourmet restaurant, bustling like a real Spanish market, opens wide the door to joy. Here, guests are welcomed by an incredibly cosy ambience, an atmosphere radiating a carefree life, delicious, high-quality meals that instantly transport you to the sunny shores of Spain, and glasses filled with the best Spanish wines.

At this culinary haven, parents can embark on a gastronomic adventure featuring chorizo sausages stewed in apple cider, seafood paella, Iberico pork cheeks, mussels in creamy white wine & mojo sauce, beef cuts with foie gras, and other Spanish delicacies. Simultaneously, young food enthusiasts can explore a dedicated menu featuring Catalan pasta with cheese, homemade chicken roast, and cottage cheese pancakes with fresh berries.

El Mercado desserts are also worthy of attention, whether it be churros with chocolate and salty caramel or Crema Catalana. Children won't be able to resist these sweet classics of Spain!

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Telegrafas - kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius

Universiteto str. 14, Vilnius

Telegrafas is a haven for those seeking an elegant atmosphere, exceptional service, and a remarkable dining experience. Nestled within the prestigious Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius, this restaurant beckons guests to embark on a culinary journey like no other, all while admiring the panoramic views of Cathedral Square through its windows.

The menu at Telegrafas showcases the chef's creations of haute cuisine. Diners are presented with an array of choices, from the freshest oysters and luxurious caviar to extraordinary dishes featuring New Zealand lamb, succulent duck, gourmet Canadian lobster, and a variety of other meats and seafood. Each course promises to introduce undiscovered flavours and radiate elegance on every plate.

Although Telegrafas boasts an fine dining experience, not all culinary masterpieces cater to children's preferences. Hence, the chef extends a warm invitation to young guests to explore a specially curated menu designed exclusively for them. From comforting homemade broth to tender corn-fed chicken breast and delightful cottage cheese pancakes accompanied by mashed forest berries, these offerings ensure that every member of the family can enjoy an exceptionally pleasant experience at Telegrafas.

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Sues Indian Raja - kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius

Sue‘s Indian Raja
Odminių str. 3, Vilnius

Sue's Indian Raja is an elegant, authentic Indian cuisine restaurant that invites guests to enjoy not only exotic dishes but also the views of Cathedral Square.

The colours and aromas of the exotic land embrace diners upon entry, while the menu welcomes them with a gourmet palette of dishes. Choices vary from soups, appetisers, and salads to vegetables, rice, meat, poultry, seafood, as well as tandoori clay oven masterpieces, fulfilling all culinary dreams of India. And, most importantly, even the little food enthusiasts will gladly explore the exotic flavours here.

Sue's Indian Raja invites children to choose from a separate kids' menu, featuring mild Indian dishes served with rice and authentic bread. Among the chef's offerings is chicken either marinated in yoghurt, braised in a spicy mango sauce, or prepared in a buttery style.

Also, those who prefer sweet tastes won't be able to resist the most delicious Indian cocktail – the yoghurt-based mango lassi, which, by the way, is a must-try for parents too. 

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MO bistro - kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius

MO bistro
Pylimo str. 17, Vilnius

MO Bistro is an artistic restaurant, nestled comfortably within the premises of the MO museum. Whether it's before art, after art, for a weekend brunch, a delightful family lunch, or a gourmet dinner, this place is suitable for every occasion!

The menu at MO Bistro delights with its unique dish selections, prepared by kitchen professionals using not only the freshest local ingredients but also venturing into unexpected culinary experiments. For appetisers? Choose from crispy fish fingers with leek mayonnaise or miso paste-seasoned trout to Lithuanian cheeses – all perfect for sharing. For the main course? How about miso-glazed roasted cabbage, aged organic beef steak in red wine sauce, or baked catfish fillet with pearl barley, fermented celery root, and hay sauce? Each dish allows familiar ingredients to shine in an especially gourmet manner.

However, the experiences at MO Bistro are not limited to adults alone: children can look forward to their very own MO Box, thoughtfully created just for kids, featuring their favourite chicken strips, fries, fresh vegetables, and sauce.

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Veranda - kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius

Kęstučio str. 39, Vilnius

Veranda is a salon-bar that serves as a fresh oasis of European cuisine improvisations in the Žvėrynas district of Vilnius. Inspired by seasonal goods from Lithuanian farms, the food here is accompanied by an inviting atmosphere, surrounded by lush greenery on the courtyard terrace, and complemented by soothing jazz evenings. No wonder that this place is immensely popular, attracting guests who crave quality time.

The resturant‘s menu offers an array of snacks perfect for sharing, salads inspired by various world cuisines, comforting soups, gourmet fish & meat dishes, homemade pasta, and mouthwatering desserts made on-site. With such diverse selection, it's a place you'll want to revisit, eager to sample more undiscovered flavours.

Veranda also takes special care of its younger guests. From homemade chicken nuggets or creamy macaroni to crispy cottage cheese pancakes or delightful Belgian waffles, there's a wide selection that will appeal to every little diner.

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Carre bar and lounge - kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius

Carré Bar and Lounge
Gedimino ave. 9, Vilnius

Located right on central Gediminas Avenue, Carré Bar & Lounge is an elegant restaurant that radiates exclusivity. Step inside and experience its cosy ambience, where modern European cuisine interpretations and expertly crafted, oversized cocktails await. During the warm seasons, make sure to take advantage of the restaurant's open-air terrace, the largest in all of Vilnius. For those intrigued by Eastern cultures, a shisha bar is available to indulge in too.

It comes as no surprise that the abundance of culinary delights and the vibrant atmosphere of the city centre also appeal to families with children. With this in mind, Carré Bar & Lounge has taken special care to cater to its youngest guests, ensuring they can indulge in their favourite meals as well. What does the chef recommend? Child classics from fluffy cottage cheese pancakes to crepes with various fillings. 

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Family-friendly restaurants in Palanga

Zuvine - kids friendly restaurants in Palanga

Žuvinė Palanga
J. Basanavičiaus str. 37A, Palanga

Žuvinė is not only a dedicated fish and seafood house but also a symbol of Palanga seaside town. It's no surprise as this restaurant has been delighting guests with its gourmet dishes for over two decades. There's probably not a Lithuanian who hasn't visited this place at least once.

Žuvinė focuses on quality, naturality, and ecology, using only fresh, never frozen fish sourced from Baltic Sea fishermen and ecologic fish farms.

The menu is inspired by the availability of local fish, and is constantly changing to reflect the seasons. In the autumn, you can expect dishes featuring bream, pike perch, and Baltic or Atlantic cod. Winter brings smelt creations, while spring showcases wild catfish, Baltic turbot, or plaice. And with summer comes the return of eel.

True food enthusiasts will easily appreciate this experience, although fish is not typically the first choice for kids. That's why Žuvinė welcomes children with their favourites – fried chicken tenders in tempura batter, served with French fries. After the main meal, kids can also indulge in desserts such as caramelised apple pie, chocolate fondant, cottage cheese cake with strawberries, and homemade ice cream. Choosing just one won't be easy!

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Meat Steakhouse Palanga - kids friendly restaurants in Palanga

Meat Steak House
Vytauto str. 40, Palanga

Meat Steak House is an exclusive restaurant in Palanga, led by the renowned chef Liutauras Čeprackas. It attracts true meat enthusiasts, both those who appreciate quality and those who value taste.

The menu features a range of gastronomic masterpieces, such as on-site aged marbled beef, Rib-eye steak, New York strip loin, peppercorn sirloin, special Wagyu beef burger, and succulent pork spare ribs. These offerings elevate Palanga's culinary scene to unforgettable heights.

While Meat Steak House is primarily a haven for meat lovers, it also invites coastal guests to indulge in exceptional fish, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. The diverse selection delights the palate of haute cuisine, complemented by harmonious beverage pairings.

The restaurant not only caters to quality-conscious adults but also pampers young gourmands with exclusive attention. Children can choose from a dedicated menu section, with two assured favourites: cottage cheese pancakes in mascarpone cream & berry purée, and American pancakes with maple syrup. Why don't add crispy bacon alongside the latter?

Family-friendly restaurants in Klaipėda

Zemaiteje - kids friendly restaurants in Klaipeda

Žemaitėjė – draugų restorans
Tiltų str. 16, Klaipėda

Žemaitėjė – draugų restorans is a restaurant solely dedicated to Samogitian and Lithuanian culinary traditions. This place offers a delightful experience of savouring authentic delicacies, all within a highly central location in the heart of Klaipėda.

The restaurant's menu showcases an impressive selection of traditional dishes, from sour cream & butter kastinys and cold onion soup cibulynė to potato dumplings cepelinai, potato vėdarai, black pudding, shashlik, various sausages, ribs, or bacon steak with horseradish & mayonnaise. These flavours are sure to impress any enthusiast of Lithuanian cuisine.

Even though the menu has a vast selection of child-friendly options, Žemaitėjė – draugų restorans takes care of the options prepared exclusively for kids, let they be pancakes, crispy chicken tenders, or spinach tagliatelle.

The weekend brunch also deserves special attention as children will appreciate beloved cottage cheese pancakes, egg-dipped and fried brioche bread, and Samogitian pasta-like skryliai from its menu.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.