Hearty dishes specifically designed for sharing is the desire of many gourmands, and Vilnius restaurants are ready to make this dream come true. From legendary classics to exotic flavours: what's worth a taste for every food enthusiast? Meat platters, seafood boils, mussel pots... All you have to do is choose!

Does the opportunity to experience new flavours in tandem enchant you? Do you enjoy tasting, thus craving variety on the plate? Or perhaps you prioritize dishes whose unique character gets revealed only if prepared in large quantities? This Tablein guide review is specifically for you: discover the TOP 9 Vilnius restaurants and their most interesting main courses, perfect for sharing with both a companion and a larger group of guests.

Restaurants in Vilnius: main courses perfect for sharing

Elven - restoranai Vilniuje

L. Stuokos – Gucevičiaus g. 7, Vilnius

Nestled in the old town, the stylish Elven is a Nordic-inspired restaurant opened by the renowned chef Adomas Jegnoras. Here, priority is given to only the freshest local produce and imported high-quality ingredients, as well as the aim to combine the essence of nature with culinary mastery.

Rich in Scandinavian cuisine influences, Elven's varied menu invites diners to enjoy refined flavours and novel combinations of unique ingredients. Whether it's langoustine crisps, beef Madeira, halibut konbu in cream sauce, or perch with buckthorn, each choice on the menu becomes an ode to seasonality. Not to mention the specially crafted dishes meant for sharing, allowing gastronomic adventures to be experienced together.

Sharing dishes at Elven (for 2 persons): Lamb with mushrooms, green salads, herbs, kefir, and black pepper; veal with beetroots, pistachios, greens, radishes, kohlrabi, and apples; fish head with carrots, saffron, Brussels sprouts, leeks, and peas.

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Firenze - restoranai Vilniuje

Paupio g. 16, Vilnius

Located in the trendy Paupys neighbourhood, Firenze is a restaurant that welcomes guests with Tuscan hills-inspired ambience and dishes reminiscent of those served by an Italian nonna. The extensive menu, curated by professional chef Mickey Bhoite, introduces diners to various food and beverage traditions from different regions of Italy, while the lemon-decorated terrace creates a vacation-like atmosphere.

From classic appetizers and delicious pastas to unforgettable pizzas or freshly baked focaccia, the menu choices invite guests to indulge in the most iconic Italian dishes. Special attention is also given to the grilled meat dishes, confidently earning Firenze the title of a bisteccheria. Have you ever travelled through Italy? Then, you surely know what this word means for devoted meat lovers!

Sharing dishes at Firenze (for 2-3 persons): >1kg Fiorentina T-bone and >700g Costata bone-in ribeye steaks (Galician Angus, Bavarian Simmental, or special weekly beef).

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Selfish Bistro Vilnius - restoranai Vilniuje

Selfish bistro Vilnius
Vilniaus g. 29, Vilnius

Inspired by a love for travel and gastronomy, Selfish Bistro Vilnius is home to exceptional wines, champagne & seafood. With the first opening of its doors on the central capital city street back in 2017, this place quickly captivated food enthusiasts who have remained loyal ever since.

"Do not be afraid to be a little selfish and indulge yourself," say the restaurant hosts, inviting guests to choose from a menu prioritizing seafood delicacies, characteristic raw flavours as well as unique chef interpretations. A wide assortment of oysters, brilliant appetizers, gourmet main courses, unique desserts, and a curated list of beverages is what you can always expect from Selfish Bistro Vilnius.

Sharing dishes at Selfish Bistro Vilnius: A la mariniere, A la crème, or Thai-style mussels (1 kg).

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Pachamama Dinner Club - restoranai Vilniuje

Pachamama Dinner Club
Gedimino pr. 9, Vilnius

Creating a unique Latin American atmosphere, Pachamama Dinner Club is a restaurant that invites guests to experience Peruvian Nikkei gastronomy inspired by Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish culinary traditions. Rich flavours, as well as aromas, are revealed here using top-quality ingredients. Moreover, each dish becomes a celebration not only for food enthusiasts but also for aesthetes.

In the bold repertoire, diners can find exotic appetizers, meat, fish & seafood dishes. Guest favourites? Ceviche, tuna tacos, grilled beef skewers, sirloin steak, and octopus! However, each choice on the menu is unique, including shareable options such as high-quality grilled meats sourced from New Zealand or the USA.

Sharing dish at Pachamama Dinner Club: Nikkei Grill Platter – beef tenderloin (200g), sirloin (200g), and lamb ribs (200g) with truffle aioli, chimichurri, and ají amarillo emulsion.

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Galo do Porto - restoranai Vilniuje

Galo do Porto
Aušros Vartų g. 11, Vilnius

Nestled in an idyllic location near the Gate of Dawn in Vilnius, Galo do Porto is a Portuguese cuisine restaurant treating diners to gourmet holiday-like flavours for over a decade. The owners' love for Portugal, evident in both the cosy atmosphere and authentic menu, leaves no one indifferent: once you visit, you won't hesitate to agree.

The menu invites guests to enjoy traditional appetizers, variously served bacalhau, signature steaks, espetada skewers, and cataplana stews. By the way, the latter dish is not only a sensation of the Algarve region perfectly replicated in Vilnius but also an ideal choice for sharing: eating from one plate truly adds even more charm to your dining experience at Galo do Porto restaurant!

Sharing dishes at Galo do Porto: Seafood Cataplana de Marisco; lamb, chorizo, and clams Cataplana de Cordeiro; chicken, chorizo, and clams Cataplana de Frango; vegetarian Cataplana de Vegetariana.

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Georgian House - restoranai Vilniuje copy

Georgian House
Mėsinių g. 4–3, Vilnius

Georgian House is an authentic Georgian cuisine restaurant located in the Old Town of Vilnius, welcoming visitors with the most iconic dishes prepared by a team from Georgia. There's no need for travel, as both the flavours and the atmosphere here make you feel like you're on vacation! All year round, guests can take a seat in elegantly decorated interior spaces, while during the warm season, a cosy outdoor terrace becomes a top choice.

Whatever Georgian meal you might think of, you'll likely find it on the menu at Georgian House. From a generous selection of traditional appetizers garnished with cilantro, nuts, or pomegranate seeds, to Georgian-style meat dishes, everyone easily finds their favourites here. Also, deserving special attention are the homemade flour masterpieces – khachapuris and chinkalis – which are perfect for sharing when you come with company!

Sharing dishes at Georgian House: Homemade khachapuris with Georgian farmer's cheese and other selected ingredients; chinkalis filled with various meats or mushrooms.

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Pelėdos - restoranai Vilniuje

Visų Šventųjų g. 5-1, Vilnius

Pelėdos is a new concept bar inviting guests for gourmet experiences in the heart of Vilnius Old Town. From savoury cheese doughnuts, fried mushrooms, or tasty snails to schnitzels and Kyiv-style rolls, this place generously treats to time-tested flavours.

However, the standout dish of the bar is the popular Seafood Boil, a tradition brought to Lithuania by none other than Pelėdos. Would you prefer its classic version, featuring a selection of the finest seafood as shrimp, mussels, baby octopus, crayfish, and cockles in a lightly spicy butter sauce? Or perhaps a gourmet variation, prepared with crab, lobster, or shrimp? Additionally, chorizo can also become a unique ingredient to enhance the flavour. Regardless of the choice, each Boil is designed for sharing. Would like to have even more fun? Then, don't hesitate to enjoy this dish by eating it with hands!

Sharing dishes at Pelėdos: Gourmet Seafood Boil in spicy butter sauce; tiger prawn Boil in spicy butter sauce; luxurious Seafood Boil in spicy butter sauce.

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Smoke by chef the viking - restoranai Vilniuje

SMOKE by Chef the viking
Sporto g. 11, Vilnius

SMOKE by Chef the Viking is a true meat lovers' paradise. Here, diners are greeted by fire, smoke & slow cooking masters who serve dishes crafted with decades of experience and a genuine love for food. Whether it's about dry-aged steaks, ribs, sausages, pulled meat dishes, or burgers, each option radiates quality produce as well as unique preparation techniques, further enhancing the food's BBQ character.

Planning a visit to SMOKE by Chef the Viking with a group? The hearty meat platters will likely be your best choice allowing you to taste and discover favourite flavours more easily.

Sharing dishes at SMOKE by Chef the Viking: Three meats (each 200g) for 2-3 people; six meats (each 200g) for 4-5 people.

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Tamago - restoranai Vilniuje-1

Mindaugo g. 16 - 50A, Vilnius

Located in the heart of Vilnius, TAMAGO is a Japanese & Korean food cafe where guests can enjoy homemade dishes and unique cocktails. Would you prefer a twisted tamagoyaki omelette? Fluffy pancakes? Perhaps Bulgogi beef, Karaage chicken, or classic Bibimbap? Each choice here introduces guests to warming flavors, allowing them to discover Japanese and Korean cuisines anew.

Visitors are welcome at TAMAGO for brunch, lunch or dinner. Planning an evening visit to this cafe? In that case, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Korean hot pots boiling right on the guests' tables. This experience, designed for two or four people, allows you not only to discover new flavors but also to enjoy the unique process itself.

Sharing dishes at TAMAGO (for 2 or 4 persons): Korean Hot Pots - meaty Budae Jjigae, seafood Haemul Jeongol, and vegetarian Chaeso Jeongol.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.