The restaurant scene in Kaunas is rich in culinary experiences. From exclusive fine dining places or cosy family-run eateries to creative gastronomic spaces nestled in pure nature, here everyone can easily discover their personal favourites.

If you're in the mood for seafood and champagne, where should you head? Which restaurants specialise in new Lithuanian cuisine? And where can you find the best Italian pizza or tantalising flavours from around the globe?

Follow Tablein guide recommendations of restaurants in Kaunas that are a must-visit for both locals and visitors to the city.

TOP restaurants in Kaunas

Selfish Bistro Kaunas

Selfish Bistro Kaunas
Rotušės sq. 6, Kaunas

When you feel like celebrating life with oysters & champagne

Selfish Bistro is a unique haven for seafood, exclusive wines and champagne, that warmly welcomes guests in the very heart of Kaunas Old Town. When you're in search of a legendary oysters & bubbles combo in an elegant setting, there's hardly a better place for it!

The owners of Selfish Bistro extend an invitation: "Don't hesitate to be a little selfish and indulge yourself". Their concept for the restaurant is driven by a sincere passion for travel, culinary explorations as well as the freshest ingredients.

Focus here is crystal clear, with a menu dominated by refined flavours of seafood delicacies. Classic and elite oysters, flawlessly complemented by champagne add an elegant touch to the beginning of your evening. The dining then continues with gourmet creations featuring sea snails, octopuses, squids, lobsters, mussels, sea urchins, tuna, and other treasures from the depths. As a family-owned restaurant, Selfish Bistro ensures that selection is carefully crafted, providing an unforgettable experience even for the most discerning seafood enthusiasts.

The restaurant not only treats its guests to gourmet seafood dishes but also offers happy hour deals. Furthermore, they arrange special dinners tailored for various occasions.

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Maironio str. 28, Kaunas

Fine dining restaurant for a special occasion

Uoksas, a fine dining restaurant led by the renowned chef Artūras Naidenko, is named as one of the best in the Baltic countries. Chef here aspires to refine the values of Lithuanian culinary culture and foster the idea of a new Lithuanian cuisine.

At Uoksas, guests are greeted with unexpected interpretations and bold experiments. The restaurant's menu is micro-seasonal, constantly changing, inviting returning gourmands to embark on new flavour expeditions each time. Masterpieces on the plate are inspired by nature and the freshest local farm products while being enhanced by professional skills intertwined with modern techniques.

The restaurant invites guests to choose from the à la carte and seasonal tasting menus, complemented by the finest Lithuanian or foreign wines.

Uoksas is not just a place to dine. It is an exclusive opportunity to experience. Precision, Nordic aesthetics, refined dish characteristics, and a new expression of traditional flavours all serve as a testament to its excellence.

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Poco Italian

Poco Italian
Veiverių str. 150B, Kaunas

When everything you crave is an authentic Neapolitan pizza

Poco Italian is a family-run Italian restaurant delighting its guests with arguably the best Neapolitan pizza in Kaunas.

The place owners have refinement when sourcing the highest quality ingredients. From fine-ground flour to D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes, exceptionally pure olive oil, various kinds of cheese, meat delicacies, and organic fruit lemonades – every product is carefully chosen and directly imported from Italy to Poco Italian.

The main highlight of the restaurant's menu is pizza, prepared according to Neapolitan recipes, adorned with authentic Italian ingredients, and baked in a traditional oven. Curious about the kitchen secrets? You'll be interested to know that the dough here is made from the finest Italian flour, fermented for a minimum of 24 hours, and the resulting pizza is baked for a mere 90 seconds!

At Poco Italian, guests can also savour traditional panuozzo sandwiches, Italian burgers, and exceptional desserts that range from timeless classics like Tiramisu and Panna Cotta to adventurous types of Sicilian Cannoli.

Additionally, the place houses a Poco market, where it's not only possible to buy a variety of Italian delicacies but also taste them beforehand, following the customary practice in Italy. 

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Kęstučio str. 6, Kaunas

When you crave the flavours of the Middle East and Spain, all under one roof

Restaurants worldwide are increasingly exploring diverse world cuisines from fresh perspectives, and Kaunas's renowned SOSA is no exception. It invites guests on a journey through the richly intertwined flavours of the Middle East and Spain, creating an unforgettable experience complemented by delightful music as well as exquisite art.

The menu presents a delightful variety of choices, perfectly suited for sharing, tasting, and discovering. What can you expect upon arrival? Prepare to indulge in gourmet feast, ranging from crispy mushrooms accompanied by Lebanese muhammara and hummus to salmon pâté, octopus & Patagonian squid snacks or salads. You also won't want to miss their Arayes – Middle Eastern classics of homemade pita bread stuffed with lamb, beef, or grilled eggplant. And, of course, make sure to sample the iconic wood-fired pizzas that have become synonymous with SOSA.

It is no secret that gastronomic experiences are further enhanced by expertly pairing food with beverages. With this in mind, enthusiasts of Middle Eastern and Spanish flavours are invited here to explore the art of combining these culinary delights with natural wines and locally renowned cocktails.

SOSA welcomes guests for lunch, weekend brunch as well as dinners that always leave a lasting impression

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A. Smetonos ave. 4, Kaunas

When a riverside sunset, accompanied by a delicious pizza, sounds like the best plan

Ipanema, nestled comfortably on the banks of the Nemunas River in Panemunė pinewood, is a cherished gathering place for the people of Kaunas. Some are drawn here by the enchanting natural surroundings, breathtaking sunsets, and a continuous flow of diverse events, while others get captivated by the unforgettable culinary delights that leave a lasting impression.

A visit to Ipanema always begins with a selection of appetizers, expertly crafted and perfect for sharing. What are their options? Vegetarians find themselves enchanted by crispy zucchini with lime mayonnaise and onion rings in beer batter. Seafood enthusiasts appreciate the Pico de Gallo calamari, while meat lovers undoubtedly return for the Chilli Con Carne stew. Those unable to resist pasta get pleasantly surprised by the Farfalle with homemade rocket & cashew pesto.

Yet to truly make the experience unforgettable, a journey through Ipanema must include a taste of their pizzas, celebrated not only in Kaunas but also across other cities of the country.

The pizza dough here pays homage to the traditions of Naples, while the freshest ingredients range from creamy Burrata, aged beef filling or flavourful Nduja sausage to homemade marinated salmon, caramelised pineapples, golden beets, and pickled apples. Such a seamless fusion of timeless classics and innovative culinary interpretations will leave no one indifferent!

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Piccola Italia

Piccola Italia
Maironio str. 22, Kaunas

When the time has come to plan an Italian trip

Piccola Italia is a classic Italian cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Kaunas, delighting its guests with authentic flavours for over a decade.

Decorated with wall frescoes, Italian artworks, and iconic checkered tablecloths, this place creates a charming atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional trattoria in Tuscany.

The restaurant's menu features traditional Italian dishes, enhanced with creative interpretations by the chef. Here, you can savour a variety of antipasti, fish or seafood delicacies, as well as homemade pasta, a selection of ravioli, and classic pizzas. The latter is a true delight, prepared according to authentic Neapolitan recipes and adorned with ingredients imported directly from Italy.

To complement the dining experience, the restaurant offers a range of legendary cocktails and wines, allowing guests to enjoy something authentically Italian in their glass.

On weekdays, Piccola Italia also welcomes guests with ever-changing lunch specials. 

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Talutti Bakes and Shakes City

Talutti Bakes 'n' Shakes City
Vasario 16-osios str. 2, Kaunas

The best choice when your whole family dreams of classic American cuisine

Talutti Bakes 'n' Shakes City is a true haven of American cuisine. It delights guests with beloved culinary classics and their aesthetically pleasing presentation, complemented by a modern ambience.

The menu here impresses with its abundant selection and diverse flavours, tempting you to try everything out. So, it's truly best to visit Talutti Bakes 'n' Shakes City with a larger group! Choices vary from shareable snacks to iconic burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas. If you prefer lighter options, there are salads, soups, as well as egg dishes available. Prefer pure tastes? Then go for fish, seafood, or meat to satisfy your cravings. And don't forget: they also serve the legendary Mac and cheese, such a rare find in most places.

Families with children hold a special affection for this restaurant as it offers a delightful range of American-style pancakes, generously sized cocktails, and a vibrant array of desserts.

Notably, the menu at Talutti Bakes 'n' Shakes City is extensive, accommodating the preferences of vegetarians, vegans, and guests with specific dietary requirements. 

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.