Aesthetics play a crucial role in today's restaurant scene. Diners now have higher expectations, seeking not only exceptional flavours and top-notch service but also beautiful food presentation, stylish interiors, and scenic views. Fortunately, Zadar can offer it all!

Willing to enjoy fine dining or prefer cosying up in the restaurant nestled within the old harbour hangar? Dreaming of discovering authentic Dalmatian gastronomy or rather crave the best pizza in town? Whatever you decide, Zadar ensures that every aspect will be infused with an extra touch of aesthetic appeal.

So, if you're in search of Zadar's most Instagram-worthy restaurants, our Tablein guide's recommendations will point you in the right direction.

The Most Instagrammable Restaurants in Zadar

Foša - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Ulica Kralja Dmitra Zvonimira 2, Zadar

Place: The restaurant, situated in the small Foša port just by the 16th-century town walls, harmoniously blends centuries-old Dalmatian and modern trends, both in its architecture and interior decoration, as well as in its gastronomy. During the summer, guests are welcome on the picturesque outdoor terrace, while other seasons provide elegant indoor spaces.

Foša - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

Menu: The restaurant, featured in the Michelin guide, focuses on fine seafood dining. Here, culinary techniques as well as recipes consistently seek to strike the perfect balance between the traditional flavours of Dalmatian cuisine and innovative modern gastronomy, while the wine list includes over 120 top-quality brands.

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Corte Restaurant - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Corte Restaurant
Ulica Braće Bersa 2, Zadar

Place: Casual fine dining restaurant, hidden in the abundant greenery of Almayer Hotel’s secret garden. It stays a well-guarded culinary gem, ranking among the best gastronomic havens in Zadar's Old Town.

Corte Restaurant - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

Menu: The restaurant's menu invites guests to savour inventive dishes influenced by modern Dalmatian cuisine and global gastronomic trends. Under the guidance of executive chef Klaudio Mrkić, the team focuses on using locally sourced ingredients from the Zadar region to create Mediterranean tastes with elements from Italian as well as French culinary traditions.

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Restaurant Providur - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

Trg Petra Zoranića 6, Zadar

Place: A romantic restaurant located in the heart of the Old Town. The place offers not only memorable dining but also a charming ambience, elevated by the prime views of St. Simon's Church, Petar Zoranić and Five Wells squares, as well as the Providur Palace.

Restaurant Providur - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Menu: The menu offers international, high-quality cuisine, featuring carefully selected fresh fish and seafood. Moreover, the philosophy behind the restaurant emphasises the most matching wine and food combinations to create the finest gastronomic experiences. In addition to the regular à la carte menu, tasting dinners are available.

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Kapric Restaurant & Bar - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Kapric Restaurant & Bar
Ulica Kraljskog Dalmatina, Zadar

Place: Stylish restaurant, nestled in the very heart of Zadar’s Old Town, offering a cosy ambience, accompanied by a team of skilled professionals. Tasting dinners and live music events are available next to à la carte dining.

Kapric Restaurant & Bar - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

Menu: The restaurant reflects the best of Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisines, offering a truly memorable steak experience and a strong focus on seafood delicacies. Their wine list is thoughtfully curated, featuring a wide selection of the finest Croatian labels.

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Kornat - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Liburnska obala 6, Zadar

Place: Set by the harbour, this classy restaurant radiates elegance and treats guests with gorgeous views of the sea, sunsets, or ships passing by, adding romance to the experience.

Kornat - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

Menu: The menu presents a refined interpretation of Dalmatian cuisine with a unique twist. While it does feature premium meat delicacies, the restaurant specializes in fish and seafood, elevating even familiar flavours to haute gastronomy.

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Harbor - Cookhouse & Club - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Harbor – Cookhouse & Club
Obala Kneza Branimira 6A, Zadar

Place: A laid-back restaurant, situated right on the harbour. The already relaxing atmosphere here is further boosted by the views of the Adriatic Sea and Zadar's old town on the other side. Guests are also treated to a lounge bar ambience with DJ sessions.

Harbor - Cookhouse & Club - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

Menu: The restaurant menu is extensive and invites diners to rediscover Mediterranean cuisine with a Peruvian and Asian twist. Food enthusiasts can indulge in fish & seafood delicacies and gourmet burgers, but the place is best known for its dry-aged steaks. Besides a fine wine list, a selection of quality craft beers is also available.

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A’mare Restaurant Zadar - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

Ulica Bana Josipa Jelačića 4A, Zadar

Place: A stylish restaurant & bar, nestled within the hotel of the same name. It stands as a multifunctional area, uniting a relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere with an unforgettable experience followed by gastronomic diversity.

A’mare Restaurant Zadar - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Menu: At any time of the day, this restaurant tells a different story. For breakfast or brunch, it offers trendy classics like Eggs Benedict and signature Panini A'mare, along with refreshing salads. Dinner, on the other hand, invites guests to experience culinary excellence, resulting in premium steaks and the finest Mediterranean flavours.

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The Botanist - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

The Botanist
Ulica Mihovila Pavlinovića 4, Zadar

Place: The one and only vegan restaurant in Zadar. Indoor and outdoor dining is available, yet the terrace is a favourite choice among guests: not only for stunning sea views but also for the opportunity to witness the most beautiful sunsets.

The Botanist - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Menu: The restaurant showcases Dalmatian and Mediterranean cuisine with international flair. The menu here is loaded with plant-based masterpieces, easily intriguing not only vegans, but omnivores too: creative recipes, curated flavours, and the artistry on the plates are sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone.

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4 kantuna - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

4 kantuna
Ulica Varoška 1, Zadar

Place: A popular restaurant and pizzeria, located in the heart of Old Town. Alongside the cosy ambience, its modern interior catches the eye with large custom-made wallpapers, reflecting Zadar's rich history.

4 kantuna - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Menu: Guests are invited to indulge in Mediterranean cuisine, presented with a creative touch of innovation. The menu is wide: options range from homemade gnocchi, pasta, risotto, or even pizzas to gourmet fish & seafood delicacies, as well as quality steaks. Restaurant also offers a list of fine wines, so professional servers can always suggest the best pairings with your food.

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Kaštel - Most Instagrammable restaurants in Zadar

Bedemi Zadarskih Pobuna 13, Zadar

Place: An elegant fine dining restaurant, providing haute gastronomic experiences within Hotel Bastion. The kitchen is led by the celebrated Chef Marijo Čepek, and the entire gourmet journey is featured in the Michelin guide. Additionally, the terrace, open during the summer, allows guests to enjoy the Old Town views.

Kaštel - Most Instagrammable restaurant in Zadar

Menu: The menu is based on Mediterranean cuisine with Dalmatian twist. It reflects a constant pursuit of perfect food and wine pairings, the reinvention of lost recipes as well as sophisticated cuisine inspired by a passion for the unique aromas of the Dalmatian past. Such a combination creates the restaurant's unique identity.

Menu at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.