TOP 10 Restaurants in Riga for the Best Steak

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Dec 4, 2023 4:04:50 PM

As much as we love cooking at home, sometimes it is better to choose a nice restaurant where you can enjoy steak, which is prepared by qualified chefs who know the best techniques for seasoning, grilling and achieving the desired level of doneness.

A visit to a steakhouse can offer a unique and enjoyable dining experience for several reasons. Primarily, of course premium quality meat that can rarely be found in regular grocery stores. The steak is cooked at the right temperature and for a certain period, which is difficult to do yourself at home. And after all, eating outside is still a pleasant socializing process.

In order not to get confused in the large selection of steakhouses, the Tablein restaurant guide recommends 9 restaurants in Riga and 1 just outside the capital, where quality and atmosphere goes hand in hand. Here, steak preparation is at a truly high level.

The best steaks in Riga

Chefs corner best steak in Riga

Chef's Corner
Jeruzalemes iela 5, Riga

Chef's Corner is a high-level European restaurant, included in Latvia's top 30 restaurants list with nominations for "Best New Restaurant" and "Best Beverages." The restaurant's head chef believes that a true flavor adventure begins where there is genuine love and understanding for the product, its seasonality, cooking techniques, and most importantly – for the guests.

The restaurant has a large base of regular customers, indicating that one can always expect high-quality and excellently prepared dishes, a pleasant atmosphere, and excellent service here. Chef's Corner's interior is tasteful, highlighting various design elements, colors, and quality.

The restaurant's menu is designed to satisfy the owners of the most diverse taste buds. Here, you can enjoy steaks, seafood, local delights, vegetarian dishes, and even choose a steak selection to share with a friend. And, of course, Chef's Corner excels in beverage preparation as well.

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Nomad best steak in Riga

Dzirnavu iela 42, Riga

Nomad is a restaurant that combines the culture of Asian cuisine with the flavors of the Western world. True food enthusiasts can enjoy the finest dishes from around the world, embarking on a gastronomic journey.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is suitable for a meal with friends or family, for a romantic occasion or celebration, as well as for a casual business meeting. Nomad is a place where almost everyone can feel comfortable, relaxed, and find something suitable for themselves in the diverse menu.

Steaks here are prepared over an open flame, giving the meat an even richer flavor and aroma. The presentation of the meals undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression. The food on the plate is arranged like a graceful work of art, so the pleasure is not only for the stomach but also for the eyes.

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Beef eaters  best steak in Riga

Beef Eater's
Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 75, Riga

Beef Eater's, located in the quiet center, is a place where meat enthusiasts will experience true excitement. The kitchen at Beef Eater's only uses top-quality, fresh, and ecologically clean meat. Juicy steaks and other excellently prepared meat dishes here are not just a passing trend but rather classics and a constant delight.

The restaurant boasts a stylish interior with attention-grabbing details, good music, and gentle, subdued lighting. The hospitality and food preparation in the hall and kitchen are taken care of by the restaurant owners themselves.

Beef Eater's menu features various beef steaks, excellently prepared tuna steak, snails, duck, ribs, original appetizers, soups, and desserts. The restaurant's wine list will satisfy even the most discerning wine enthusiasts, and tea lovers will appreciate the wide selection of teas.

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Hereford Shop and Kitchen best steak in Riga

Hereford Shop and Kitchen
Krišjāņa Barona iela 45/47, Riga

Hereford Shop and Kitchen is a concept store and steakhouse with an open kitchen and a wide wine selection. It is a simple but cozy place, suitable for both – shopping after work and for hanging out with friends and family with a quality steak and a glass of good wine.

The open kitchen gives you the opportunity to see the steak cooking process or talk to chef about steak cooking techniques - if you ever have the courage to cook a good piece of meat by yourself.

Hereford Shop and Kitchen offers a wide selection of beef from the best meat breeders in Latvia. Large selection of steaks from Latvia is available here. And for those who want to taste the most popular types of steaks in the world, there is also the opportunity to buy beef from Argentina, Uruguay, the United States and Australia.

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SteaksRiga best steak in Riga

Elizabetes iela 10, Riga

As the name suggests, Steaks is the place to get excellent steaks. The restaurant started its operation during the pandemic and attracted a wide customer base by delivering freshly grilled steaks to homes.

Located in the quiet center, the restaurant offers not only a wide selection of steaks but also burgers, grilled dishes, and tartare. There is also an option to purchase steaks for home cooking.

To ensure the quality of the meat and choose only the best, representatives of the restaurant personally visited beef breeders. Steaks from cattle raised in Latvia, as well as in the USA, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, and Japan, are available here. And, of course, to make the meal excellent to the last bite, be sure to enjoy a glass of wine from the extensive range available at the restaurant.

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Meat Chef
Tērbatas iela 41/43, Riga

Meat Chef is a meat bar where you can enjoy perfectly cooked steaks, tapas, burgers, various grilled dishes, and appetizers that delight meat lovers' taste buds in an unpretentious atmosphere. The open kitchen and charcoal-cooked food give the place a special charm.

This is definitely the place to go with family and friends. The industrial yet elegant atmosphere takes you on a visual journey, complemented by the meat pieces on display in the nearby showcase, just waiting to be savored. Meat Chef also has its own meat smokehouse.

The menu features steaks and other meat dishes from local farms, as well as some special cuts from distant countries. Paired with a carefully selected glass of wine, beer, or perhaps an original cocktail, an unforgettable meal is guaranteed. It's worth mentioning that there is also a weekend breakfast offering.

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Tauro best steak in Riga

Raņķa dambis 30, Riga

Restaurant Tauro, or "bull" in Spanish, is located on the ground floor of the newly built Zunda Towers complex. The restaurant features an open kitchen, creating a sense of community and allowing guests to witness the art of cooking.

Tauro stands out with its intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is adorned with unique and rare photographs from the set of the movie "The Godfather." Meanwhile, the window sills feature unique bull-shaped decorations. Here, one can appreciate excellent quality not only on the plate but also in the interior.

The focus of Tauro's menu is on high-quality beef from the best cattle farms in Latvia and around the world. Steaks are not the only pride of the restaurant; it also offers original appetizers, desserts, and dishes for vegetarians. Worth mentioning is the restaurant's wine collection, which includes more than 300 carefully selected wines.

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Su Vide best steak in Riga

Nometņu iela 64, Riga

In the renovated Āgenskalns Market pavilion, there's a hidden dining spot called SuVide, where visitors can enjoy perfectly prepared meat dishes. The dishes cooked using the sous-vide method – cooking at a low temperature for a long time by placing the food in a special package – have gained special popularity.

If there's a desire to cook a delicious and meaty meal at home, you can visit another location named Manzo, located at 29 Mūkusalas Street, Riga. Here, you can purchase fresh steaks, ribs, duck, and turkey meat, as well as other ingredients for home cooking. It's also possible to order a steak from the menu to enjoy on the spot.

If you want to savor truly excellently prepared meat, this is the right place. Guests have appreciated not only the steaks and other meat dishes but also the juicy burgers. Paired with a cold beer or a glass of carefully selected wine, it ensures an unforgettable delight for your taste buds.

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Beef Room riga best steak in Riga

Beef Room
Grēcinieku iela 25, Riga

The restaurant Beef Room is located in the Hilton Garden Inn Riga Old Town, right in the heart of the Old Town, offering breathtaking views of the historic cityscape. The restaurant provides an opportunity to indulge in high-quality beef steaks and various seasonal dishes prepared from local farmer's products.

Beef Room also offers business lunches, and there is a children's menu available. Cocktail and wine enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse selection of drinks, along with special bar snacks.

The interior of the restaurant is simple, tasteful, and thoughtful, with no unnecessary details to distract from the main focus – enjoying the meal. The most significant accent is the painted bull on the wall, unmistakably indicating the restaurant's main specialty – excellent meat preparation.

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Vistiņas Karbonādes Steiki  best steak in Riga

Vistiņas Karbonādes Steiki
Tallinas šoseja 72, Baltezers

Excellently prepared steaks can also be enjoyed just outside the capital, in Baltezers, which is less than 20 km away. Although the grill restaurant is located outside of Riga, it attracts visitors from all over Latvia. Just by the name, it is clear that various meat dishes can be savored here.

Vistiņas Karbonādes Steiki is located right by the roadside. From the outside, it might be misleading with its simple appearance, but upon entering, guests can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a modern setting. It's worth noting that this is a pet-friendly place.

The menu offers a variety of meat dishes, fish, homemade sauces, marinades, appetizing snacks, soups, salads, and desserts, making it possible for almost everyone to find something to their liking.

With its extensive and thoughtful menu, Vistiņas Karbonādes Steiki is particularly beloved by families.

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