Sometimes all you crave is that creamy, flavourful risotto. Whether it's prepared in a classic manner or coloured with unexpected ingredients, this dish always promises a comforting feast.

So, are you searching for restaurants serving risotto in Malta? The map of this rice masterpiece stretches from Valletta to Gozo Island, offering gourmet tastes, art on the plate, and even Michelin guide-featured chefs' specials.

The choices are pleasing, but which restaurants should you go to for risotto in Malta? Follow Tablein guide recommendations.

Restaurants in Malta worth visiting for risotto

Noni - best risotto in Malta

Noni Restaurant
211, Republic Street, Valletta

Restaurant: Noni is the restaurant in Valletta, founded by the award-winning chef Jonathan Brincat, whose exceptional cuisine has earned the place a well-deserved spot in Michelin's guide.

Menu: The restaurant skilfully combines traditional dishes and techniques with the diverse influences of mercantile culture to offer genuine local cuisine.

Risotto: Guests to Noni restaurant are sure to enjoy the mouthwatering risotto, a creative chef's variation of which is a regular feature on the frequently changing four-course menu.

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BEI - best risotto in Malta

Triq Dun Belin Azzopardi, Mellieha

Restaurant: BEI is a unique restaurant that promises an unparalleled dining experience with stunning views overlooking Mellieha Bay, Gozo and Comino.

Menu: Mediterranean-inspired menu features both traditional and contemporary recipes. The use of sustainably-sourced ingredients ensures that each dish showcases a dedication to producing high-quality food presented in a simple yet appealing manner.

Risotto: Indulge in the must-try Pumpkin Risotto with Walnuts, Gorgonzola, and Speck – an aesthetically pleasing and uniquely delicious dish that can be enjoyed as a starter or main course alongside other gourmet masterpieces.

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Madliena Lodge Restaurant - best risotto in Malta

Madliena Lodge
Triq il-Bir, Madliena

Restaurant: Madliena Lodge invites guests for a refined dining experience with a focus on home-cooked meals. Situated atop a hill, the restaurant also offers stunning views of the sea.

Menu: The place features a seasonal menu with a unique take on Mediterranean cuisine, mastered with high-quality ingredients.

Risotto: Menu is seasonally changing, but guests can always expect to find here a unique risotto that showcases the chef's creative talent. Whether it's the gourmet pumpkin, black truffle, and hazelnut risotto, the savoury pulled rabbit, smoked pancetta, and porcini risotto, or the bold onion puree, gruyere cheese, and deep-fried sweetbreads risotto, there's always a new and exciting flavour to discover.

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Commando Restaurant - best risotto in Malta

Commando Restaurant
1,2 Misrah iz-Zjara tal Papa, Mellieha

Restaurant: Commando is a Michelin Guide-featured Mediterranean cuisine restaurant with a proud culinary heritage dating back to the 1930s wartime era.

Menu: The menu at this restaurant offers a diverse range of traditional and experimental dishes, with daily specials to add excitement and variety for diners.

Risotto: At Commando, guests can always expect to find a delicious risotto dish on the menu that changes seasonally to incorporate the freshest ingredients. Options may include a calamari, nduja and marjoram risotto, an asparagus and prawn risotto, or with jerusalem artichoke, scallops and hazelnuts, each showcasing the chef's creativity and talent.

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Rebekah’s - best risotto in Malta

12, Triq it-Tgham, Mellieha

Restaurant: Rebekah's restaurant provides a refined yet relaxed dining experience and emphasises locally-sourced fine ingredients. The place has been recognised in the Michelin guide for its excellence.

Menu: Restaurant‘s choices are dedicated to French Mediterranean cuisine and exceptional selection of wines. Tasting menu is also available for more exquisite experience.

Risotto: The restaurant's menu changes, and so does the risotto choice. Depending on the day of visit, you may be served an Iranian saffron risotto with salted cod and lardo di colonnata, or risotto with Jerusalem artichoke, Scottish scallops, and herb emulsion. Even a cuttlefish and chorizo sausage risotto could be an option.

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MUŻA Restaurant - best risotto in Malta

MUŻA Restaurant
Auberge d'Italie, Valletta

Restaurant: MUŻA Restaurant, located within the public spaces of MUŻA - the National Community Art Museum, is a social hub where visitors can dine and socialise in the midst of magnificent artworks. The restaurant features four dining areas.

Menu: This restaurant serves creatively prepared dishes using seasonal ingredients, and is open all day to accommodate various dining schedules.

Risotto: MUŻA Restaurant's menu is updated according to the changing seasons. One dish that is highly recommended at the moment is the risotto which is prepared with fish fumet, bell peppers, grouper carpaccio, and spinach.

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Il Pirata Mellieha Bay - best risotto in Malta

Il-Pirata Mellieha Bay
20, Triq il-Marfa, Mellieha

Restaurant: Il-Pirata Mellieha Bay is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant that offers not only delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere but also gorgeous views of Malta's northern sands.

Menu: The menu is wide and suitable for the whole family. Diners can enjoy a variety of options, including antipasti, pasta, pizzas, burgers, and a range of meat, fish, and seafood mains.

Risotto: Il-Pirata at Mellieha Bay offers two delicious risotto options. Are you a seafood lover? Then you must try their risotto with prawns, zucchini, and parsley. A fan of refined classics? Then the risotto with porcini mushrooms, grana shavings, and truffle oil is the perfect choice for you.

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Zeris Restaurant - best risotto in Malta

Zeri's Restaurant
Triq Il-Knisja, Portomaso, St. Julians

Restaurant: At Zeri's Restaurant, guests can relish consistently delicious cuisine and innovative dishes crafted by Chef Patron Mark Zerafa and his team, while taking in breathtaking views of Portomaso Marina.

Menu: The restaurant features an authentic Mediterranean menu that focuses on fresh fish and shellfish. In addition to seafood, there's also a selection of gourmet dishes for different preferences, including vegans and vegetarian options.

Risotto: The creative menu offers a single option of gourmet risotto, and this season's favourite at the restaurant is Carnaroli risotto with mushroom duxelles, truffle paste, mascarpone, and parmesan.  If you visit during a seasonal change of options, you can still expect the same level of deliciousness inspired by the chef's creativity.

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Onella - best risotto in Malta

Victory Square, Naxxar

Restaurant: Onella is Malta‘s beloved wine bar and restaurant known for its cosy atmosphere and a great selection of drinks. It's the perfect spot for good conversations over wine, beer, or cocktails.

Menu: The restaurant frequently updates its menu to provide guests with fresh local food options, including vegetable, meat, and fish-based dishes. Additionally, the menu offers a vast selection of wine.

Risotto: The ever-changing restaurant's menu always has a delicious option of risotto, which may include such unique accents as octopus, nduja, prawns, peas, broad beans, pecorino crisps, or chive butter. It's always a surprise to see what will be served on the day of your arrival!

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Vini e Capricci - best risotto in Malta

Vini e Capricci
Gozitano Agricultural Village, Xewkija, Gozo

Restaurant: Vini e Capricci is a unique space in Gozo that offers guests the chance to experience five distinct areas dedicated to gourmet dining, aperitivo time with seasonal food, wine, fine spirits, and larger events.

Menu: The most curated Vini e Capricci area for food is Vinoteca Livio Felluga. With its seasonal Mediterranean dishes, the place is sure of bringing new taste experiences.

Risotto: At Vinoteca Livio Felluga, the risotto of the day promises an exciting surprise every time you visit, making it a must-try for dedicated foodies. Indulging in this culinary experience is sure to expand your gourmet horizons and leave you wanting more.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.