TOP 10 Must-try Pizza in Riga, Liepaja and Jurmala

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Dec 4, 2023 3:03:12 PM

Pizza is a beloved and popular dish enjoyed all around the world. This people's favorite could be considered a culinary icon that, in its versatility, delights the taste buds.

Pizza embodies extremely attractive qualities. It can be customized to various tastes and dietary preferences, creating an excellent combination of flavors. Unquestionably, it carries a social factor, as pizza is a dish typically enjoyed together with family and friends. Its popularity has made it an easily accessible food that can be savored practically at any mealtime.

Although pizza originated in Italian cuisine, it has been adapted and localized in various countries. This adaptability allows people to enjoy and appreciate pizza in different cultures, making it a favorite worldwide.

The best pizza in Riga

Street Pizza - best pizza in Riga

Street Pizza
Meža iela 4a, Riga

Street Pizza will take you on a taste journey to Naples, where the pizza culture is of the highest caliber. Street Pizza's pizzas are prepared in a wood-fired oven, the dough is made according to traditional Neapolitan pizza recipe standards, and oak wood is used in the cooking process.

Street Pizza pays special attention to the quality of ingredients, service in the pizzeria, as well as the overall aesthetics of the food and atmosphere.

Pizza is not the only thing to savor in this pizzeria. Various delights from Italy, such as cheeses, are offered as appetizers.

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Sporta iela 2, Riga

"Zefīrs" is a beloved place among Rīga residents where one can enjoy not only delicious pizzas and crafted drinks but also the atmosphere. The bar is located in the former Laima marshmallow warehouse, giving it a unique touch.

The bold and artistic interior slightly resembles Berlin, while the classic Italian pizzas take the taste on a journey to the south. Visitors also appreciate Zefīrs' spacious terrace, serving not only as a place to enjoy food and drinks but also as an event venue.

Zefīrs' signature dish is undoubtedly pizza, available in various variations. The pizza dough is prepared from Italian flour using an authentic recipe, and even those who usually leave the crust untouched will devour it here. Zefīrs is also a place to enjoy quality cocktails, such as 5 different types of Negroni or impressive 1.2-liter cocktails.

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O'Sole Mio
Dzirnavu iela 72, Riga

O'Sole Mio is a pizzeria that offers high-quality products from Italy. The pizzeria has been awarded the title of 50 TOP PIZZA EUROPE for two consecutive years - 2021 and 2022. This title signifies that in addition to enjoying traditional Neapolitan pizza with prosciutto and salami, there is also the opportunity to taste Italian ice cream or tiramisu for dessert. The products used in the pizzeria's dishes can also be purchased for takeaway.

For lovers of Italian pizza, O'Sole Mio is a suitable choice for savoring traditional Neapolitan pizza. The head chef of the pizzeria was born in Naples and has more than 30 years of experience in pizza making. Therefore, when enjoying this traditional Italian dish, a true sense of authenticity is felt.

O'Sole Mio could be called a small Italy in Rīga - Italian music, an Italian at the oven, laughter, cheerful atmosphere, and a laid-back ambiance. All of this makes the customer involuntarily smile and feel welcomed.

The pizzas at O'Sole Mio acquire a special flavor from being cooked in a wood-fired oven, as well as from the head chef's secret recipes, which are not even disclosed to the owners of the pizzeria. The menu offers 25 pizzas, so everyone can find something to their liking. There is also the opportunity to enjoy appetizers, salads, and, of course, the traditional tiramisu.

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Baznīcas iela 27/29, Riga

Italissimo is a classic Italian restaurant where you can enjoy both pizzas and other traditional Italian dishes. It is located in a historic building in the center of Rīga, which already gives the restaurant its own charm from the outside.

The interior of the restaurant leaves a well-thought-out and pleasant impression, starting from the arrangement and design of the tables, ending with the background music and service. The youngest visitors will appreciate the play area, while those who prefer leisurely business conversations can enjoy smoking cigars in a separate room.

Italissimo's menu features traditional Italian culinary masterpieces such as pastas, ravioli, pizzas, tiramisu, and ice cream. The dishes are complemented by appropriately selected beverages that make the overall flavor palette unforgettable.

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Da Sergio
Tērbatas iela 65, Riga

The restaurant Da Sergio is a true exemplar of Italian gastronomic culture. Here, guests can savor excellent pizzas, pastas, risotto, and other delights typical of Italy.

The cozy and authentic interior of the restaurant creates a feeling of being by the Mediterranean - relaxed, warm, and sunny. The restaurant exudes a genuine Italian atmosphere, highlighted not only by the interior and service but also by the overall ambiance. Da Sergio always plays Italian music, and the television shows only Italian channels.

The pizzas in the restaurant are prepared in a live firewood oven, giving them a more pronounced flavor and crispiness. Fresh rolls and Italian bread are baked on-site every day. And what would an Italian meal be without a glass of authentic Italian wine? Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the extensive range of Italian wines available here.

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Miesnieku iela 8, Riga

Located in the heart of the Old Town, the motto of the pizza restaurant is "Pizza, Vino e Amore" (Pizza, Wine, and Love). This can truly be felt while enjoying the unhurried atmosphere and the love for life. PEPPO's is the best pizzeria in Latvia in 2023 and ranks 48th in Europe, based on the evaluation of 50 TOP PIZZA EUROPE.

This place is special due to the high-quality ingredients used: top-notch products and authentic flavors from the Cilento region of Italy. In the small shop next to the entrance, you can also purchase traditional Cilento products.

PEPPO's menu offers a wide selection of pizzas, and even the most discerning palate will find something suitable, such as a pizza with sautéed mushrooms or pistachios. Paired with a glass of Italian wine, the culinary experience will be excellent.

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The best pizza in Liepaja

Bel Cibo Pizza Napoletana - best pizza in Riga

Bel Cibo Pizza Napoletana
Graudu iela 21, Liepaja

Bel Cibo Pizza Napoletana proudly holds the status of the only authentic pizzeria in Latvia, confirmed by the international certificate of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

In the Baltic states, such a certificate, attesting to authentic Italian pizza baking traditions and processes, has been awarded to only two pizzerias, and Bel Cibo is one of them.

The interior of the restaurant evokes the atmosphere of a small Italian mountain town with its simple yet elegant aura. Light tones dominate, and often, the restaurant owner himself is present, willing to provide more insight into various dishes.

The menu is crafted in the spirit of Italy, offering not only wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas but also other dishes characteristic of this southern land. Paired with a glass of carefully selected wine, the dining experience becomes a true delight.

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Jāņa iela 1, Liepaja

This year, precisely on Jāņi Day, after a longer break, the doors opened to the HOF restaurant, which has brought together several dining venues in one kitchen. A special role here is played by Neapolitan-style pizzas, which are renowned even beyond Liepāja.

HOF is located in a unique place – right in the center of Liepāja, on a small charming street. The building, constructed in the 17th century, where the restaurant is situated in the basement, holds the status of a cultural monument, evident in the ancient wooden and brick vault structure. The restaurant has extremely spacious rooms, allowing it to accommodate many guests and host private events without disturbing other visitors. There is also a separate billiards room.

HOF's menu is extensive, ranging from appetizers, salads, poke bowls, to sushi and pizzas. The pizza dough recipe has been refined over 10 years, and the dough is prepared from the highest quality Italian flour. This can truly be felt when biting into the pizza crust. Another added treat for HOF pizzas is the option to order them with a cheese crust, which, combined with the crispy texture of the dough, creates an even richer flavor.

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The best pizza in Valmiera


Bruņinieku iela 4, Valmiera

Vīnkalni is a family-run pizzeria that offers heavenly Italian pizzas to its guests. Vīnkalni's pizzas can be enjoyed in Valmiera's Old Town, in the Beverīnas region, as well as in Rīga - at Āgenskalns Market and Galerija Centrs. During the summer months, Vīnkalni also goes on outings, baking pizzas at various festivals and events.

The Vīnkalni pizzeria in the Valmiera region, named Pils Māja, entices with its family-friendly and cozy atmosphere. The heart of the pizzeria is a wood-fired oven, where pizzas are prepared according to Italian recipes. In the preparation of pizza dough, flour produced in Italy is used, and the dough is fermented for at least 12 hours.

The Vīnkalni Outdoor Pizzeria in the Beverīnas region offers culinary tourism experiences by organizing masterclasses based on Italian recipes. Here, there is an opportunity to bake pizzas in a wood-fired oven over an open flame and enjoy delicious coffee and a traditional Italian dessert. The owner's collection of antiques accumulated over the years adds a special atmosphere to the beautiful estate in the Beverīnas region.

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The best pizza in Jurmala


Stacija Vaivari Pizza
Laimdotas iela 15, Jurmala

Stacija Vaivari is special not only for its delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas but also for its location – the pizzeria is set up in the train station building in Jūrmala. The pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven, and they are given names of Jūrmala's railway stations. In essence, a pizza serves as a symbolic ticket to one of Jūrmala's stations.

The restored former train station building stood empty for several years, but now, at the beginning of the year, you can feel the aroma of freshly baked pizzas and a pleasant buzz. Visitors come here, and now, since last year, they travel from all over Latvia because the pizzeria's unique location and food have been acclaimed since the opening day.

The pizza recipes are created by the owner himself, making each one unique. The specific charm of the Jūrmala neighborhood played a significant role in the creation of the recipes; for example, the Pumpuri pizza features mushrooms because this area is wooded. Visitors also have the opportunity to create their own pizza, hidden under the name "Galapunkts."

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