The Best Seafood Restaurants in Vilnius

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Nov 21, 2022 1:07:21 PM

Connoisseurs of fine dining will agree that seafood dishes offer some of the most unparalleled gastronomic experiences, particularly when paired with champagne, wine, or beer, enhancing the already sophisticated flavours.

So, where in Vilnius can you sample the most succulent mussels? Who offers the finest octopus dishes? And where can you relish the freshest oysters with champagne? Ultimately, which seafood restaurants in Vilnius are really worth visiting?

Tablein Guide recommends places where the hosts' ambition, chefs' creativity, and the quality of ingredients will astound even the most discerning foodies. Choose your favourite and enjoy because the best seafood in Vilnius is only a table reservation away!

The best seafood restaurants in Vilnius

Selfish bistro

Selfish Bistro
Vilniaus str. 29, Vilnius

Selfish Bistro – a highly acclaimed seafood bistro that lives up to its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Lithuania. Can the outcome be anything other than exceptional, given that the concept is driven by the owners' genuine love for travel, gastronomy, and unique, fresh products?

Selfish Bistro is not only a true gourmet haven. It's a must-visit restaurant in Vilnius for all seafood enthusiasts, due to its authenticity of flavours and warm hospitality that easily captivates visitors.

The owners of the restaurant continuously strive to improve and source the best products to offer their guests, including unparalleled wines, fresh mussels, oysters, and other seafood delicacies. The focus here is very clear, with exclusive seafood delicacies dominating the expertly crafted menu, providing diners with unforgettable experiences.

Vilnius not convenient today? Selfish Bistro family restaurants also operate in Kaunas and Palanga!

Restaurant's specialty. Wines, champagne, and seafood.
Menu. To start the evening? Classic or elite oysters from Portugal, Ireland, France, and the Netherlands, perfectly paired with champagne. Snacks? Offerings range from tuna tataki or tartare to sea snails, octopus croquettes, and mini calamari. For the main dish? Various preparations of mussels, baked Canadian lobster, octopus, catches of fish, or Surf'n'Turf – each choice will allow you to discover new delightful flavours. It's worth trying everything, so you'll want to come back here again.
Vegetarian options. The menu offers a selection of vegetarian cold & hot snacks and desserts.

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Brussels Mussels Stadium.

Brussels Mussels Stadium
Rinktinės str. 5, Vilnius

Brussels Mussels Stadium is the first Brussels Mussels Belgian-style restaurant-pub that has already gained fame for serving the tastiest mussels, the best octopus, and memorable brunch in Vilnius. Most importantly, this title is not only earned but successfully maintained to this day.

The restaurant's menu features refined dishes from Belgian cuisine, skilfully varied by the chef with other gourmet seafood, fish, and meat dishes.

Brussels Mussels Stadium is not only a place for quality lunch, gourmet dinner or unforgettable weekend brunch. It also boasts the largest collection of Belgian and rare craft beer varieties in Lithuania, so why not indulge in a new experience-filled tasting?

Restaurant's specialty. A variety of mussels prepared in different ways, authentic Belgian waffles, and over 140 types of beer.
Menu. One wants to try everything here: from fresh oysters, matjes herring or tuna tartare, to waterzooi soup, Belgian meat balls and slow-cooked shanks; from twice-fried Belgian fries to Liege waffles. However, the most striking delicacy of the place is fresh mussels. They are not only prepared in various sauces but also pleasing to gourmets with their generous portions.
Vegetarian options. A selection ranging from savoury cheese donuts or edamame beans to grilled burrata and a vegan cauliflower steak.

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Brussels Mussels Centrum

Brussels Mussels Centrum
Vilniaus str. 17, Vilnius

Brussels Mussels Centrum is the second Brussels Mussels Belgian-style restaurant-pub located in Vilnius.

The menu, the elegantly decorated interior, and the focus on professional service are all just as good as at the Brussels Mussels Stadium. This one differs from its predecessor only in its central location.

Brussels Mussels Centrum holds a title of a restaurant where it's really worth gathering. Friends come here for an evening out, family members celebrate special occasions, colleagues have lunch, and children enjoy waffles dusted with powdered sugar. Above all, the opportunity to savour gourmet Belgian cuisine, the tastiest mussels in Vilnius, and a collection of 140 different beers, makes the experience even better when shared with others. So bring along your companions!

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Sparkling Ocean

Sparkling Ocean
Didžioji str. 27, Vilnius

Sparkling Ocean is a seafood & champagne house located in the heart of Vilnius, right next to the Town Hall Square. The hosts here promise an extraordinary experience and subtle "sailings" with sparkling waves, even for the most discerning gourmets. It's no wonder, as both the place and the carefully crafted menu leave no one indifferent.

The main accent of Sparkling Ocean is the blue depths delicacies: from fancy oysters or black caviar to gourmet tiger prawns and marinated squid. Every choice here invites to an unforgettable taste journey, further enhanced by pairing with bubbles.

Whether you prefer fresh oysters with champagne for an evening out or eggs Benedict with a mimosa for a weekend brunch, this restaurant is always a good idea for an elegant and luxurious dining in Vilnius.

Restaurant's specialty. Seafood pairing with champagne or sparkling wines. 
Menu. The restaurant boasts a thoughtfully crafted menu, featuring the freshest seafood and fish. In addition to these delectable sea offerings, guests can also enjoy the bounty of the land. Whether you choose Marseille bouillabaisse, homemade pasta, foie gras, truffle-flavored venison carpaccio, or an assortment of toasts, skilled kitchen team will ensure a truly unforgettable dining experience.
Vegetarian options. Gourmet choices are also available for those who don‘t eat fish and meat. 

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.