You'll agree that delicious food is the most important indicator of a good restaurant. Alongside it comes a stylish interior, a pleasant atmosphere, and professional service. However, there is one more element that adds even more charm to gourmet experiences: the view.

While travelling in foreign countries, we often seek restaurants located near the most beautiful city architectural landmarks or choose rooftop terraces offering breathtaking panoramas. So why should we change our priorities in Lithuania? Especially when Vilnius is so abundant in places that manage to astonish not only the city's guests but also its residents.

Hence, Tablein guide recommends restaurants in Vilnius that are worth visiting for all quality food enthusiasts who also want to observe the city from its most beautiful perspective.

Restaurants in Vilnius with a view

Astorija Brasserie & Bar - restaurants in Vilnius with a view

Radisson Collection Astorija Brasserie & Rooftop Lounge
Didžioji str. 35/2, Vilnius

The unique Astorija spaces, cosily located within the Radisson Collection Astorija Hotel, welcome guests not just with the intrigue of haute cuisine but also with the opportunity to enjoy the most breathtaking views of the Old Town. Changing scenes unfold through the large windows of the Astorija Brasserie restaurant, while the Astorija rooftop terrace allows you to glimpse into the city's history from above, count the rising towers, discover previously unnoticed silhouettes, and once again cherish the beauty of Vilnius.

Astorija Brasserie & Bar - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

Charming views are just part of the experience. Astorija Brasserie restaurant also treats with unexpected interpretations of French cuisine, bridging the gap between Vilnius and Paris. Brasserie-style gastronomy here reveals itself with refined flavours, while legendary choices, whether it's fresh oysters, French onion soup, Niçoise salads, or duck breast with a potato gratin, become the best choice when you seek to experience a sense of luxury vacation here and now.

Astorija Brasserie & Bar - restaurants in Vilnius with a view..

The Astorija rooftop terrace, on the other hand, celebrates the iconic bubbles paired with a magnificent view. Even though it offers a cityscape panorama, the impressions, especially when you arrive for sunset, are so strong that they can be easily compared to the ones felt in Champagne vineyards. We assure you.

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Telegrafas - restaurants in Vilnius with a view

Universiteto str. 14, Vilnius

Telegrafas is Vilnius's elegant restaurant, where fine dining experiences are perfectly complemented by the breathtaking views of Cathedral Square that unfold through the large windows. The delicate balance of history, modernity, and luxury not only leaves an impression here but also inspires indulgence in life's finer pleasures: whether it's oysters, caviar, or champagne!

Recognised as Lithuania's best hotel restaurant, Telegrafas reveals the artistry of contemporary European cuisine. Such a gastronomy here places an exceptional emphasis on freshness, seasonal ingredients, the chef's mastery of flavour refinement, and the aesthetics of each dish.

Telegrafas - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

During each visit, the restaurant invites guests to choose from various menus: the main à la carte, lunch, regular breakfast, or the late Bubblelicious brunch. Those seeking even more memorable culinary experiences, can delve into the subtleties of a tasting dinner. And when dining with little ones, kids can explore their favourite dishes on the special children's menu.

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Pink&Yellow - restaurants in Vilnius with a view

Gedimino ave. 44a, Vilnius

Pink&Yellow is a restaurant that treats its guests to breathtaking panoramic views from an impressive rooftop terrace. Here, Vilnius unfolds before you, blending architectural eras, shades of green and unique spirit.

Yet, Pink&Yellow captivates its guests not only with the panorama but also with exceptional gastronomic experiences based on modern cuisine. Each menu choice here delights with creative ingredient combinations, so even familiar dishes always unveil new flavours.

Pink&Yellow - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.
Grilled olives, avocado hummus, a dark beer waffle with prosciutto and berry chutney, or apple chipotle-glazed beef cheek – these are just a glimpse of the appetisers, perfect for sharing. Moving on, you'll discover the main courses. Whether it's the beef cheek accompanied by charred pineapple or the delicacy of salmon and shrimp ragout, each choice surprises with a gourmet flair. Brunch here is also exceptional, inviting you to begin a day with both a stunning view and a variety of Benedicts, toasts, pancakes, waffles, and more.

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Stebuklai | Katedra - restaurants in Vilnius with a view..

Stebuklai | Katedra
L.Stuokos – Guceviciaus str. 1, Vilnius

Stebuklai | Katedra is the restaurant that always promises the most enchanting gastronomic experiences, further heightened by the breathtaking views of Cathedral Square through the windows. No surprise why this place is one of Vilnius's favourites!

The elegance here is not only evident in the unique city picture, interior, and service but also in the menu. The restaurant invites guests to enjoy contemporary cuisine flavours, where creative ingredient combinations work their magic. What can you look forward to? Gourmet choices, spanning from the freshest oysters, ceviche or tartare, to marble beef with clams, roasted octopus, cherry & foie gras-topped duck, and shrimp wontons in a langoustine broth.

Stebuklai | Katedra - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

Stebuklai | Katedra also offers an equally exceptional brunch menu featuring distinctive egg creations. French omelettes, classic Benedicts, Cilbir, Scottish, and English-style options – each choice is sure to captivate dedicated food enthusiasts. Craving something even more special for your body & soul? Begin your day with black caviar, egg yolk confit, buckwheat pancakes, and stracciatella delicacy!

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Neringa Rooftop Bar - restaurants in Vilnius with a view..

Gedimino ave. 23, Vilnius

The legendary Vilnius‘s restaurant Neringa embodies a living history, while evoking the times when bohemians and intellectuals gathered here. Above all, since opening in the sixties, it has faithfully maintained its spirit, style, and interior to this very day.

Neringa - restaurants in Vilnius with a view

The restaurant's menu is a reflection of changing epochs: from soup with buns, iconic Neringa's Kyiv cutlet and beef stroganoff, to whipped cream with berries – these are the true legends of this place, having become enduring symbols of resistance against the passage of time. Such nostalgic flavours, crafted nearly five decades ago, perfectly blend with contemporary, seasonally-inspired gastronomy, whether it's king prawns flambée, stracciatella salads, gourmet octopus or roasted celery root. The choices are abundant, leaving only the pleasure of selection!

Neringa - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

Moreover, the restaurant Neringa, nestled within the hotel of the same name, isn't the sole unique attraction here. After dining, guests are also invited to ascend to the romantic Neringa Rooftop Bar, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Vilnius. With red city rooftops, rosy sunsets, sparkling bubbles, and gourmet snacks, can there be a more perfect evening setting?

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Sues Indian Raja - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

Sue‘s Indian Raja
Odminių str. 3, Vilnius

Sue's Indian Raja is an elegant and authentic Indian cuisine restaurant that not only treats with exotic flavours but also provides breathtaking views of Vilnius Cathedral through its expansive windows.

Here, guests are welcomed by a stylish interior and enchanting, exotic aromas, while chefs from India, wearing traditional saris, are readily available to provide guidance when choosing from the extensive menu.

Sues Indian Raja - restaurants in Vilnius with a view

Sue's Indian Raja invites diners to savour a variety of appetisers, soups, salads, tandoori oven dishes, spicy curries, biryanis, and other options that faithfully capture authenticity. What's most important is that seafood, poultry, or meat enthusiasts, as well as vegetarians and vegans, can all find their favourites here. Additionally, the restaurant is exceptionally family-friendly, featuring a specially curated menu for young gourmands.

The secret to the long-standing success of Sue's Indian Raja, which has been pleasing Indian cuisine enthusiasts for many years? A dedication to quality, chefs' mastery, and exotic spices sourced directly from India.

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Galo Do Porto - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

Galo Do Porto
Aušros Vartų str. 11, Vilnius

Galo Do Porto is Lithuania's first Portuguese cuisine restaurant, treating food enthusiasts with traditional flavours, a Mediterranean flair, and an authentic ambience for over a decade. Alongside these impressions, its unique location in the heart of the Old Town, offering beautiful views of the most charming city scenes, visible either through the windows or from the street terrace, also enchants.

Galo Do Porto - restaurants in Vilnius with a view

The menu here pays tribute to authenticity, allowing visitors to savour the genuine flavours of sunny vacations without even leaving Vilnius. Bacalhau fritters, stuffed calamari, the chef's marinated Portuguese sardines, duck breast with a port wine glaze, and other appetizers, served with Madeira bread, provide an excellent starting point for a gastronomic journey. Further on, guests can enjoy cataplana stews, espetadas skewers, and signature hot dishes, including shrimp in a skillet, pulled cod, grilled red perch, or a seafood platter for two, as well as wine-braised oxtail and Argentine beef sirloin. Moreover, this restaurant is quite possibly the only place in Vilnius where it is possible to taste the legendary Portuguese Francesinha sandwich.

Galo Do Porto stands as perfect proof that Portugal is never too far away. Just cast a gourmet gaze in your search!

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Carré Bar & Lounge - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

Carré Bar & Lounge
Gedimino ave. 9, Vilnius

Enthusiasts of restaurants with a view simply can't miss the opportunity to visit the stylish Carré Bar & Lounge, situated in the very heart of the capital city. Here, guests are welcomed to the Vilnius's largest outdoor terrace, which invites them to enjoy the most beautiful views, feel the lively pulse, and get inspired by people-watching. Most importantly, while immersing in the surroundings, every visitor can also indulge in modern European cuisine.

Carré Bar & Lounge - restaurants in Vilnius with a view

The menu here is marked by its creative diversity, appealing to meat and seafood enthusiasts as well as vegetarians. Gourmet options range from fresh oysters, carpaccio, or tartare to aged beef ribeye, octopus paired with chorizo, and tofu baked in banana leaves. Seeking comfort flavours? A selection of burgers and pizzas is available. Guests can also enjoy a gourmet palette of egg dishes, served here during weekend brunch.

Carré Bar & Lounge is known not only for its views or the menu but also for its exceptional cocktails and the exotic shisha experience. So, no surprise why this restaurant is also a popular place for some of the city's liveliest pre-parties!

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Rotonda - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

Barboros Radvilaitės str. 6A, Vilnius

The stylish restaurant Rotonda is situated at the foot of Gediminas Castle, within the Bernardinai Garden, where it brings to life the legendary ice cream parlour tale. The combination of nostalgic sentiments and the scenic beauty of the park, enhanced by chestnut trees and the proximity of the Vilnelė River, leaves no one untouched. Importantly, this tranquil oasis graciously welcomes guests amidst the bustling heart of the capital city!

However, the beautiful surroundings are only one facet of this restaurant. The other side is unveiled through a family-oriented menu, consciously changing with seasons. The offerings delight with gourmet choices ranging from various appetisers, soups, or salads to pasta and pizza. The weekend brunch here also deserves special mention, being one of the city's favourites.

Rotonda - restaurants in Vilnius with a view..

The restaurant represents contemporary gastronomy today, while preserving the cherished tradition of the place, also allowing guests to savour the classics – simply coffee and ice cream!

Moreover, the youngest gourmands are also welcome at the Rotonda restaurant, where they get a menu specifically crafted just for them and can play in an activity-filled kid's space.

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Protėviai - restaurants in Vilnius with a view.

Odminių str. 3, Vilnius

Nestled in the heart of Vilnius, Protėviai is a stylish restaurant that unfolds a tale of fire and grill. But what's most impressive is that this story, inspired by ancestral traditions, is narrated against backdrop of Cathedral Square's breathtaking views.

At Protėviai, homage is paid to the highest-quality meats sourced not only from Lithuania's finest farms but also from Uruguay, the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The task is simple: choose from the daily cuts, and Executive Chef Dominykas Kupčinskas, a maestro of fire, will ensure that only gastronomic masterpieces grace the plate. Moreover, every roast here can be paired with preferred sauces and garnishes.

Protėviai - restaurants in Vilnius with a view..

While the restaurant focuses on quality meat grills, the menu also offers options for those with different tastes. Seafood enthusiasts can opt for dishes like halibut in a buttery dashi sauce or perch with chilli paste and lemon confit. Those who prefer poultry should be sure to try the lime chicken, also suitable for sharing.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.