TOP 8 Restaurants in Vilnius for Fresh Oysters

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Nov 21, 2022 1:07:21 PM

Oysters is a refined pleasure, often paired not only with champagne but also with sophisticated taste and luxurious living.

This delicacy is increasingly making its way onto the menus of Vilnius restaurants, offering a range of options from the freshest imports sourced directly from farms in France, Ireland, or the Netherlands, to gourmet preparations created according to the chef's exclusive recipes.

Are you a devoted oyster enthusiast? Do you relish the opportunity to try new and undiscovered varieties, explore new flavours, and indulge in the subtle art of pairing them with beverages? Then take note of Tablein guide recommendations, which showcase Vilnius restaurants that serve these refined ocean delights daily, along with the corresponding pricing for such experiences.

Restaurants in Vilnius for the fresh oysters

Astorija Brasserie & Bar - austres Vilniaus restoranuose

Radisson Collection Astorija Brasserie & Rooftop Lounge
Didžioji str. 35-2, Vilnius

Astorija Brasserie is a legendary French cuisine restaurant that transports you to Paris with its culinary experiences, while the views through the veranda windows once again evoke the timeless beauty of Vilnius Old Town.

The menu here welcomes guests with a combination of classic dishes and unexpected culinary interpretations, complemented by seasonal gastronomy. Unique fact: did you know that Nicoise salads, mussels, and the Pavlova dessert at this restaurant have already become true legends of Vilnius?

Oysters are an essential delicacy of French cuisine, so it's no surprise that you can savour them at Astorija Brasserie too. Naturally, following the classic pairing with champagne principle! From the exceptional fresh Fine de Claire oysters in a subtle Mignonette sauce to the baked ones with spinach-parsley emulsion: while the menu offerings may change, each choice ensures unforgettable ocean-like experiences that you'll want to relive.

Oyster prices: starting from 5 EUR.

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Oysters in Vilnius - Sparkling Ocean

Didžioji str. 27, Vilnius

SPARKLING OCEAN is more than just a restaurant. It is a haven for champagne and seafood enthusiasts, dedicated to the concept of high-quality gourmet cuisine. Each selection here delivers unforgettable taste sensations, further heightened by the harmonious pairing with bubbles.

The menu at SPARKLING OCEAN boasts a generous array of exquisite seafood masterpieces, including the delicate Fin de Normandie, Gillardeau, and Tsarskaya oysters. What's crucial is that these molluscs are served here daily and always fresh.

Seeking an even more extraordinary experience? Visit the restaurant on Thursdays and embark on a tasting journey! The evening will commence with a complimentary offering from the chef and culminate in a close encounter with three distinct varieties of oysters and the delightful flavours of three carefully selected house champagnes.

Oyster prices: starting from 3,5 EUR.

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Oysters in Vilnius - Selfish Bistro

Selfish Bistro Vilnius
Vilniaus str. 29, Vilnius

Selfish Bistro Vilnius is the true haven for seafood enthusiasts, located right in the heart of Vilnius. This restaurant wholeheartedly celebrates the depths of ocean delicacies, exquisite wines, and champagne, all in a warm and inviting setting.

The concept of this place is crystal clear, so it's no surprise that every day at Selfish Bistro Vilnius, you can treat yourself to the freshest selection of oysters in the city, boasting one of the largest varieties available.

Do you prefer a gentle, nutty flavour? Maybe an enchanting emerald hue? Or perhaps you'll be tempted by the royal oyster? You might even indulge in the showstopper adorned with 22-carat gold. Every oyster enthusiast's cravings will be satisfied at this venue, with a menu featuring classic options like Josephine N4, Sentinelle N3, KYS Marine N3, La Reserve N2, or L'Emeraude N2, as well as exclusive choices such as L'Etoile N3, Ostra Regal D'or N3, Platte N | 000000, and Gillardaeu Speciales N1.

Oyster prices: starting from 3,5 EUR.
Special offer: from Monday to Thursday (from 16:00 to 18:00), classic oysters and sparkling wine – 2 for the price of 1.

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Oysters in Vilnius - Imperial

Subačiaus str. 2, Vilnius

Imperial is a restaurant of the premium class, proudly holding the title of the "World Luxury Restaurant Awards" winner in the fine dining category for the Northern European and Baltic regions. The haute cuisine masterpieces, impeccable presentation by waiters in white gloves and classic ambiance effortlessly demonstrate that this well-deserved title was earned with purpose.

It comes as no surprise that the menu of this establishment features the epitome of luxury dining – oysters. Guests can savour both fresh and grilled options, offering a delightful variety to suit individual preferences.

For those who appreciate classic flavours with a subtle touch of culinary mastery, the Gillardeau family farm oysters are a must-try. Served with shallots and red wine vinegar or ginger and chilli sauces, they exemplify the artistry of haute cuisine.

If you feel adventurous, indulge in the grilled oysters with a wild garlic sauce or the baked oysters accompanied by champagne mousse and Parmigiano Reggiano.

For an experience of absolute culinary opulence, the Imperial oysters, served with black caviar and champagne, offer a taste of unparalleled luxury.

Oyster prices: starting from 5,4 EUR.

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Oysters in Vilnius - Telegrafas

Universiteto str. 14, Vilnius

Telegrafas is an elegant fine dining restaurant located in the prestigious "Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius". It offers a delightful experience for guests, who can savour both the finest cuisine and competent service while enjoying breathtaking views of Cathedral Square through the restaurant's windows.

The meticulously crafted European-inspired menu holds a special place for seafood, including the freshest oysters. Options range from the award-winning Poesie N2, renowned for its golden medals, to the creamy and flavorful Utah Beach N2, which boasts a delightful nutty taste and sweetness. Additionally, guests can indulge in the chef's preferred choice, the Oysri N2, which reveals delightful hints of apple and salted hazelnuts.

At Telegrafas, ultimate oyster enthusiasts will find a gourmet paradise, where pairing these delicacies from the sea with champagne will further enhance the experience.

Oyster prices: starting from 14 EUR (per 3 units).

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Oysters in Vilnius - Vanille lounge

Vanille Lounge
Vilniaus str. 29, Vilnius

Vanille Lounge is a cosy restaurant nestled in the heart of Vilnius, inviting guests to savour evocative sensations reminiscent of vanilla. Embracing the lounge culture, it provides a soothing ambience, complemented by comforting music, perfect for unhurried conversations.

The restaurant's menu offers a selection of time-tested dishes, drawing inspiration from seasonal produce. Equally, significant attention is devoted to appetisers and beverages, featuring the elegant oysters & bubbles duo. The burst of ocean flavours is exceptionally refreshing here! And why wouldn't it be so as the perfect pairing for oysters here comes none other but the legendary champagne-gin cocktail, the French 75!

Special offer: from Monday to Thursday (from 16:00 to 19:00) – 2 oysters for the price of 1.

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Oysters in Vilnius - Brussels Mussels

Brussels Mussels Stadium
Rinktinės str. 5, Vilnius

Brussels Mussels Stadium is a restaurant-pub in Vilnius that pays homage to the Belgian culinary tradition. It is renowned for serving the most delicious mussels, expertly prepared octopus, and an exceptional collection of rare beer varieties.

The menu here features refined Belgian cuisine masterpieces, creatively complemented by other meat, fish, and seafood dishes.

While the choices of both cold and hot appetisers are abundant, beginning your gastronomic journey in Brussels Mussels Stadium with fresh oysters is the epitome of elegance. These sea delicacies served with a classic red wine vinegar sauce and a touch of lemon, provide a perfect introduction to the delights of Belgian cuisine.

Oyster prices: starting from 3,5 EUR.

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Oysters in Vilnius - PACAI

Restaurant PACAI
Didžioji str. 7, Vilnius

PACAI is a captivating luxury restaurant situated within a hotel bearing the same name, providing an elegant and memorable fine dining experience.

The menu here showcases a fusion of international flavours, skillfully incorporating seasonal ingredients sourced from the Baltic region and local farms, alongside with wild delicacies. Moreover, PACAI offers a fine array of seafood dishes that emanate elegance.

The assortment of fresh oysters available here is delicately curated, boasting remarkable flavours that serve as an ideal prelude to a gourmet evening.

The à la carte menu presents oysters adorned with tosazu, while the bar menu features them accompanied by sesame and miso sauce.

Oyster prices: 7 EUR.

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Prices and choices of oysters in restaurants may vary. You can find out about any changes by reviewing the restaurant menus here.