Restaurants in Riga: TOP Dining Inspirations

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Mar 28, 2024 11:19:11 PM

Eating out is often associated with new experiences, flavours, sensations, and Latvia’s capital is known for offering exactly all that.

Whether you're craving fine dining or a casual yet memorable gastronomic journey, considering a specific cuisine such as local Latvian, iconic Italian, or mastered Asian Fusion, searching for Afternoon Tea in Riga, or eager to enjoy dining with a view, it’s all available right here in Latvia’s capital city!

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the variety of options and unsure which restaurant in Riga to choose, be sure to check out Tablein guide’s recommendations and book a table at your new favourite spot!

Asian fusion restaurant in Riga

Stage 22 - best restaurants in Riga

Stage 22
Aspazijas Bulvāris 22, Riga

Located in the heart of Riga, Stage22 is a modern rooftop restaurant & bar, awarded as Best Hotel Restaurant of Latvia in 2023. Here, guests are greeted with a stylish ambience and panoramic views of the National Opera House, but the culinary journey undoubtedly makes the biggest impression.

At Stage22, culinary enthusiasts are invited to savour Asian fusion cuisine, where flavours intertwine with innovative techniques, all while showcasing the finest local ingredients. This blend works wonders, and with the first bite, you'll be convinced of its magic.

Conveniently situated within Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga, Stage22 becomes the perfect rendezvous point for both business or casual lunches and memorable dinners. Arriving midday? Enjoy the classic or vegan set menus, each featuring a starter, main course, and dessert. Opting for an evening experience? Whether your preference leans towards oysters, caviar, mushroom tea, poached scallops, seafood sui mai, white chocolate risotto, miso Hamachi, lobster linguine, or nut roast, prepare to indulge in a perfectly mastered repertoire.

The restaurant's inviting atmosphere, accompanied by trendy music, attentive Kempinski service, and carefully selected signature cocktails, ensures that your time at Stage22 will be an unforgettable experience!

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Traditional cuisine restaurant in Riga

Neiburgs - best restaurants in Riga

Restorāns Neiburgs
Jauniela iela 25/27, Riga

Featured in the prestigious Michelin guide, Neiburgs is an elegant restaurant in Riga where stylish interior elements and a historical Art Nouveau facade perfectly match the curated gourmet menu. Moreover, this place offers the most gorgeous views of Old Town life, giving you a chance to feel the authentic city pulse at its best.

Neiburgs' menu unveils the most popular Latvian flavours, crafted with premium ingredients sourced from Riga Central Market, Latvian farmers, as well as the best global producers. Thus, such a selection of raw materials allows an impressive fusion of local traditions and international cuisines, creating unparalleled magic on plates.

Planning to have lunch here? Expect dynamic daily changing offers suitable for both casual and business meetings. Coming to Neiburgs for dinner? Expect to enjoy the rich palette of chef's creations, varying from beef carpaccio or fried Baltic herring with homemade baguette to Latvian-bred beef fillet steak, slow-cooked deer, fried zander fillet, corn-fed chicken, and more.

Moreover, the menu is vegetarian-friendly, so guests who don't eat meat and fish can also experience Neiburgs' gastronomic excellence. Whether it's pumpkin hummus, avocado-tomato tartare, chanterelle ravioli, fine mushroom risotto, or a vegetarian burger with fried Cheddar cheese, every option will leave a lasting impression.

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Italian restaurant in Riga

Casa Nostra Riga - best restaurants in Riga

Casa Nostra
Elizabetes iela 10b, Riga

Located not only in the very heart of Riga city centre but also in the most iconic art nouveau building, Casa Nostra is an Italian cuisine restaurant run by Latvian-Australians who have lived in Rome for 20 years. Bringing the authentic spirit to the Latvian capital, it treats guests to the most traditional flavours, perfectly reminiscent of those served in family restaurants in Italy.

When it comes to food, authenticity comes first, followed by the freshest daily market ingredients, whether it’s local meat, farmer fruits, or vegetables, which play a crucial role in Italian cuisine.

Gourmet antipasti, a variety of Pinsa Romana and pizzas, an impressive pasta repertoire, a selection of soups, main courses including meat, fish, as well as vegetarian delicacies, and iconic desserts - all choices perfectly embody the restaurant's mission: to serve delicious food that will keep you coming back for more.

Moreover, Casa Nostra is well-known for its selection of high-quality Italian wines sourced both from lesser-known but brilliant merchants and the finest winemakers. All to complement the food or to be enjoyed as a glass of divine drink alone!

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Seafood restaurants in Riga

Tails - best restaurants in Riga

Antonijas iela 6A, Riga

Nestled in Riga’s Art Nouveau quarter, TAILS is a restaurant dedicated to seafood gastronomy. Whether it's about the Baltic Sea coast-inspired interior or the masterpieces on plates, perfection is evident in every detail, earning the place a prestigious feature in the Michelin Guide.

TAILS invites guests to different dining areas, so choose to take a seat in the classic dining room or at the Chef’s Table by the Raw Bar counter opposite the open kitchen to dive into the menu. Its repertoire starts with the freshest sea ingredients, which, combined with the head chef’s mastery and different cooking methods, give an opportunity to explore fish as well as seafood in new unique ways.

Sea delicacies here vary from crudo, allowing you to experience the pure flavours, to dry-aged specialities and seasonal daily-changing options. Willing to expand your gastronomic horizon? This is undoubtedly the right place to do so.

Even though TAILS is a seafood haven, both meat lovers and vegetarians are also taken care of. So, no matter what dietary preferences you may have, don’t hesitate to accompany fish enthusiasts here, as you’ll be able to enjoy unforgettable dining too.

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Zivju Lete - best restaurants in Riga

Zivju Lete
Dzirnavu iela 41, Riga

Zivju Lete is a sea-inspired café in the heart of Riga, offering guests an impressive repertoire of seafood delicacies and allowing them to enjoy Fish Day every day! The kitchen masters here believe in recipes that showcase the seafood's beauty without overcomplicating its natural flavour, so you can always expect to experience the truest taste.

The concept of this restaurant revolves around the best seafood recipes from various cuisines and their gourmet combinations. Thus, on the menu, guests can find options ranging from well-known classics like tartare, mussels, fish & chips, or seafood sauté to regional specialities.

The culinary journey at Zivju Lete can commence with starters like oysters, black caviar, or a seafood platter to share, and continue with delicious soups, salads as well as bruschette, all including marine delicacies. Yet, the story is not over here! Wait for the main courses offering a gourmet choice of seafood sauté, variously prepared fish, seafood pasta, risotto, and even burgers.

Can't decide from the menu? Come by the fish counter, which is actually a translation of zivju lete from Latvian. It not only serves as a centrepiece of the open-plan kitchen but also allows you to choose your preferred catch of the day by sight!

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FISH HOUSE Brasserie de Luxe - best restaurants in Riga

FISH HOUSE Brasserie de Luxe
Skolas iela 29, Riga

Are you willing to explore the best of French haute cuisine? There is no need to travel to France, as a completely unique gastronomic journey awaits right here in Riga. FISH HOUSE is a brasserie-style seafood restaurant offering a perfect introduction to the culinary traditions of Lyon.

As the name suggests, the concept of this place is revolving around sea delicacies. Here, quality becomes the top priority, so the menu options are shaped by the finest ingredients, respecting their authentic natural flavours and modern cooking techniques. Therefore, all you can expect is perfection on plates, showcasing the unique perspective of FISH HOUSE.

From the freshest oysters, tartare, carpaccio, and seafood platter to fish consommé – each choice sets the perfect tone for dining. Curious about the main courses? Whether it's tuna fillet, Norwegian cod, Scottish salmon, tagliatelle with Argentinian shrimp, or seafood risotto – every selection is assured.

As Chef Pjotr Danilov emphasizes, constant development is the key: mastering techniques, learning new methods, experimenting, combining flavours, and discovering. Thus, each return visit to the restaurant promises new culinary adventures for guests.

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Fine dining restaurant in Riga

AMBER - best restaurants in Riga

Aspazijas Bulvāris 22, Riga

Amber is a modern fine dining restaurant elegantly situated in the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga. Here, local Latvian culinary tradition meets a twist of global cuisines, and a team of professional chefs takes the best care in turning each dish into an experience to remember.

This place is not only defined by its signature quality and refined ambience but also by its diverse gourmet experiences, all worth trying for ultimate food enthusiasts. If brunch is your preferred dining experience, do not miss Amber’s signature weekend late breakfast buffet, offering hearty and sweet delights made with locally sourced ingredients. For those who cannot resist Instagrammable moments, be sure to experience the Afternoon Tea ceremony, elegantly served with trays of finely cut sandwiches, freshly baked scones, pastries as well as teacakes.

Amber serves as an all-day dining haven, and the main menu offers a variety of unique choices, varying from sturgeon caviar, appetizers or masterfully crafted mains to impressive desserts. Imagine beef tartare with truffle mayo, duck bao bun, halloumi burger, and prime meat cuts—all on one table, catering to the gastronomic preferences of each diner. This is Amber, where menu options always make your lunch or dinner extra special!

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Restaurant with a view in Riga

Gutenbergs - best restaurants in Riga

Muku iela 6, Riga

Nestled in the tiny cobbled Mūku street, Gutenbergs is a one-of-a-kind terrace-style restaurant offering magical views of Riga’s Old Town towers all year round. Glass walls, a sliding roof, and a fireplace with installed heaters allow for the most enchanting ambience.

This dining location impresses not only with its picturesque setting but also with the gastronomic experiences created by the Solims family for over 15 years on the rooftop of the boutique hotel Gutenbergs.

The professional chef, Ingus Felmanis, teams up only with trusted Latvian farmers and the finest global suppliers to create a gourmet menu that surprises even the most seasoned gourmands. What’s on it? A curated selection of meat and fish signature dishes, complemented by a repertoire of gourmet starters, hearty soups, a variety of ravioli, as well as desserts. All to make your dining experience in Riga memorable for life!

Equally impressive is the beverage list, including the finest wines perfect for pairing with food, beers paying tribute to the Golden Age of Latvian brewing, unique cocktails, and the best Viennese coffee. All that’s left is making a choice!

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Wine house in Riga

Tinto - best restaurants in Riga

Elizabetes iela 59, Riga

Tinto is a family-run wine house, treating its guests to enogastronomic experiences for nearly 15 years. The host himself is an industry expert, ensuring that every option, sip, and food pairing is carefully taken care of here.

Tinto prides itself on its curated collection of beverages that will not disappoint even the most seasoned drink enthusiasts. And how could it be any different when the repertoire consists of the finest world wines, rare cognacs, Armagnacs, whiskeys and spirits together amounting to over 300 different options?

While beverage discoveries are always exciting, the food at Tinto is equally important. The restaurant's menu showcases the greatest sides of traditional Latvian and international cuisines, including a wide range of Spanish tapas. Gastronomic experiences here change with the seasons and guests' preferences, ensuring something new and adapted for various dietary preferences, whether vegetarian or vegan options.

So, if you're in the mood for discovering new beverages, unparalleled food pairings, and an ambience filled with historical nostalgia near the Splendid Palace cinema, Tinto is surely the place to book a table.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.