Restaurants in Brighton: Discover the Hidden Gems

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Feb 15, 2024 12:35:18 PM

Brighton is not only a beloved South coast city but also a foodie paradise. The restaurant scene here is arguably one of the finest in the UK, buzzing with options from local eateries and traditional British pubs to Michelin-awarded restaurants.

So, are you searching for attention-worthy restaurants in Brighton? Eager to find out where to eat in this fabulous UK seaside town? Then, consider swapping the most well-known spots and discovering hidden gems!

Check out the list of restaurants in Brighton and find your new favourites!

Discover restaurants in Brighton

OShio - restaurants in Brighton

87-88 Trafalgar St, Brighton, BN1 4ER

Oshio is a Korean-Japanese restaurant in Brighton, treating gourmands to the most authentic flavours since 2016. What awaits guests here is a fusion of Japan's ingredient purity with Korea's cuisine heat, all within an inviting traditional atmosphere.

Whether you are looking for well-known dishes, such as sushi, udon, and bibimbap, or something never tried before, this is the place to expand your gastronomic horizons. Interested in local beverages? Korean soju and Japanese sake are here for a memorable sip!

Moreover, Oshio has a story behind the traditionally crafted meals: this is a debut restaurant, opened by a Korean-trained and Japanese-qualified chef, Min. He spent years mastering his skills in the best dining spots of Korea, Japan, and the UK, including London, and nearly a decade ago, there came a time for Brighton.

Not only does Min work the magic in the restaurant's kitchen: his wife is also present, so don’t miss a chance to try her homemade kimchi!

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 The Urchin - restaurants in Brighton

The Urchin
15-17 Belfast St, Brighton, BN3 3YS

Back in the day, it didn't need to be a special occasion to enjoy a plate of oysters with a pint of stout by the sea. So, The Urchin – a freehouse gastropub and micro-brewery, specializing in shellfish – does everything to keep this dockyard spirit alive.

The restaurant is dedicated to serving diners simple but always the freshest shellfish. Jersey rock oysters, prawns, scallops, squid, crab, mussels: you name it, they surely have it! Yet, gastronomic journey does not end here. The chef also serves specials that change more often, depending on his creativity and seasonal ingredients.

At this gastropub, craft beer is equally a core element as the food. Not only can guests enjoy the constantly upgraded repertoire of craft beers: the restaurant’s basement has been installed with a micro-brewery, so enthusiasts also have a chance to taste The Urchin’s own Larrikin beer on tap.

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 The Farm Hove - restaurants in Brighton

The Farm Tavern
13 Farm Rd, Brighton and Hove, Hove BN3 1FB

The Farm Tavern is a hidden backstreet gem specializing in Eastern European small plates, Sunday roasts, cocktails, and the finest beers.

Are you a fan of sharing, and hearty options are always your favourites? Then here, you simply cannot miss trying out the comforting classic dishes from around Eastern Europe with a modern twist! Inspired by the pub’s head chef Berenika’s fond culinary memories of cooking with her Polish grandmother Babcia, the flavours offer an authentic experience right in Brighton. From various Pierogi dumplings, filled Krokiety croquettes or potato rosti, to Bigos hunter’s stew with sauerkraut, Chicken Kyiv, and Kielbasa Smoked Sausage – each option is sure to capture the attention of dedicated food enthusiasts.

Traditionally, Sundays at this pub are all about roasts! Belly pork, rump of beef, garlic & thyme chicken, and even vegan sweet potato-walnut loaf or creamy smoked tofu pie - every choice here reminds guests what it feels like to truly enjoy food. Add a Bloody Mary on top for the ultimate perfection! 

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Thai Pad Thai - restaurants in Brighton

Thai Pad Thai
72 Dyke Rd, Brighton, BN1 3JD

Thai Pad Thai is arguably the most authentic Thai restaurant in Brighton, offering diners truly exotic experiences even without leaving the UK.

With an impressive range of Thai dishes, this place invites guests to an ultimate Asian feast. The perfect bites for sharing here vary from spring rolls, gyoza, or dim sum to satay and tempura. Soups like Tom Yum and Tom Kha are surely among the best in town. Curries? Whether it is green, red, Panang, Jungle, or Massaman, you’ll easily find your favourite. And last but not least, signature Pad Thai, stir-fry masterpieces, duck dishes and seafood specialities cannot be missed either.

Moreover, Thai Pad Thai is commited to introducing customers to the authentic taste of Thailand by using only the freshest ingredients and traditional spices. So, no surprise that this restaurant has become one of the most popular foodie spots in Brighton.

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 The Geese Pub - restaurants in Brighton-1

The Geese
16 Southover St, Brighton, BN2 9UA

All the enthusiasts of the traditional British dish, Bangers and Mash, cannot miss the chance to visit The Geese, which has even earned the name The Bangers and Mash Pub. Diners here have the possibility to mix & match their perfect platter by choosing from a variety of locally sourced and seasonally-changing sausages, mashed potatoes, and gravies. With lots of combinations on the repertoire, guests can get creative as even plant-based or gluten-free options are served!

The Geese is also famous for its award-winning Sunday Roasts, each time treating guests to four meaty choices and two picks for vegetarians or vegans. Alongside the food, golden classics on the stereo always add to the charm.

This pub also offers an unbeatable selection of local ales, craft beers, and expertly sourced wines. Hearty food, your favourite beverages, a friendly atmosphere, and always good music - all at the heart of the Hanover community! Could it even get better?

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Menu at restaurants in Brighton may change, so check here for the latest offerings.