Must-visit Meat Restaurants in Vilnius

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Nov 21, 2022 1:07:21 PM

There are meat dishes served in restaurants, and there are restaurants purely dedicated to meat & grill culture. Can you distinguish between the two? You'll be pleased to learn that the latter are flourishing in Vilnius today!

High-quality meat from around the world is served at these places, and the mastery of the chefs and their handling of fire, smoke, and coals provides unforgettable flavours. Even the biggest food enthusiasts will be impressed by the experiences here and may even compare the restaurant scene in Vilnius to that of London or New York.

Which restaurant serves the best steak in Vilnius? Where can you find the tastiest burgers? Enjoy the best grill dishes? If all you want today is just good, juicy and mouth-watering meat, check Tablein guide recommendations on the TOP meat restaurants in Vilnius!

The best meat restaurants in Vilnius

Meat Lovers Vilnius - geriausi mesos restoranai Vilniuje-1

Meat Lovers Vilnius
Liejyklos str. 8, Vilnius

Situated in the heart of the Old Town, Meat Lovers is a restaurant that unites meat enthusiasts not only through its name but also with a curated menu. As the owners of this place say, there's no need to wait for a special occasion: they encourage guests to relish high-quality meat more frequently, treating themselves even to the smallest everyday accomplishments.

Inspired by this philosophy, the menu here is rich in flavours, featuring ingredients sourced exclusively from the best farmers and craft producers. Whether you choose salads, beef tartare, chicken wings, meat soup, or chilli stew, each option marks a perfect start. Following that, you'll find main dishes like beef ribeye, entrecôte, Berlin schnitzel, pork ribs, or German grill sausages. Poultry lovers are not forgotten, with options like duck breast and boneless chicken to transport them to a gastronomic paradise.

Iconic burgers are also noteworthy. Whether layered with steak, chicken, or the house signature, their flavours will impress every foodie.

It's important to note that the meat-centric Meat Lovers restaurant is highly adaptable to its guests' preferences, so even vegetarians won't be disappointed with the thoughtfully created menu options!

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SMOKE by chef the viking

SMOKE by Chef the Viking
Sporto str. 11, Vilnius

SMOKE by Chef the Viking is a true BBQ haven for enthusiasts of a good meat. Tri-tip, rump steak, french rack, picanha, flank, and prime steak are just a few of the cuts that connoisseurs can relish at this restaurant. And for those new to the world of meat, it is the ideal place to begin.

The delectable dishes at SMOKE by Chef the Viking are crafted by true professionals of meat, smoke, and fire, led by the renowned BBQ expert, Vylius Blauzdavičius. The chef has accumulated years of experience working with the renowned meat shop Chef the Viking, and now generously shares his knowledge with the guests at SMOKE.

The main menu of this meat restaurant in Vilnius boasts a tempting array of options, from locally aged steaks, ribs, deli meats, pulled beef or pork dishes, burgers, and sandwiches to an American Surf & Turf platter with seafood. Every Tuesday, guests are also treated to meat nights with unlimited portions for a fixed price. Thursdays? Dedicated to slow-smoked delights!

While SMOKE by Chef the Viking is a true shrine to meat, it also welcomes non-meat eaters, with a range of vegetarian options on the menu.

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Meating Room - meat restaurants in Vilnius

Meating room
Vilniaus str. 19, Vilnius

Meating Room is a standout steak bar in Vilnius that offers a unique gastronomic journey and transports guests straight into London's gourmet arena.

The restaurant is run by 17-year London resident and former owner of a mobile bar business, Aušrimas Žlabys, and head chef Greta Drazdauskaitė, who has worked at the esteemed London steak restaurant, Hawksmore.

At Meating Room, quality steak is king and the menu features the finest meat imported from around the world, including Black Angus from Uruguay, Rib Eye from Argentina, and chops from New Zealand. The choices here are refined and change rarely, allowing guests to enjoy their favourite picks. In addition to steak, the menu features a variety of dishes including flat iron steak, Peri Peri chicken, fish & chips, tapas, and vegetarian options. On weekends, diners can also sample the traditional British Sunday Roast.

For those who enjoy a good drink with their meal, Meating Room offers a wide selection of cocktails, draft beer, and wine. If you're unsure about the best pairing, the knowledgeable staff will happily share their expertise and recommend the perfect glass to accompany each dish.

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Proteviai - meat restaurants in Vilnius

Odminių str. 3, Vilnius

Located in the very heart of Vilnius, Protėviai is a restaurant that tells the legend of fire and grilling, inspired by the world's ancestors. This fable is based on the idea that meat cooked over an open flame since ancient times allowed humanity to survive, evolve, and prosper.

The centrepiece of the menu here is a board with daily-changing cuts written on it, ranging from ribeye, sirloin, tomahawk, T-bone, or chops to prime quality and various ageing techniques. The meat served in this restaurant comes from the finest farms in Lithuania, as well as from Uruguay, the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, so you can always expect the most gourmet experiences. Guests shall choose from the daily offerings, and the kitchen chef, Dominykas Kupčinskas, a master of fire, will ensure that the dishes on the plates are enjoyed even by the most discerning gourmets. Moreover, each roast can be paired with green pepper, red wine, or chimichurri sauces, and desired vegetable garnishes.

Although the philosophy of the Protėviai restaurant is based on meaty fire creations, guests are also invited to enjoy gourmet snacks, whether it's trout roe, chicken skewers, or hamachi tartare. Don't eat meat? The chef here will offer you a taste of halibut in buttery dashi, chilli seabass, or chicken served with a green lemon sauce.

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Daily Grill

Šeimyniškių str. 19, Vilnius

Looking for a grill restaurant in Vilnius that offers more than just meaty options on the menu? DAILY GRILL might be an answer! A classic grill experience here twists with flavours from around the world, while a sophisticated urban setting pleases the eye.

Quality is more important than quantity here: the selection of grilled dishes is not extensive, but each one embodies an undeniable classic. Whether it's a fillet mignon steak, a brioche burger with aged beef, a vegetarian version with portobello mushrooms, or salmon with a crispy skin. Each dish is a generous gift to the true taste that only requires quality products, proper aging, and expert grilling.

While the name hints at, and the menu confirms, grill options, they are not the only choices. In addition to a quality meat and fish selection, there is also the chef's creative response to the flavours of the world. What can you expect? Variety! DAILY GRILL creatively juggles the characters of Italian, Thai, American and other cuisines. 

This dinner grill restaurant in Vilnius is co-founded by basketball player Artūras Jomantas, so it is not uncommon to catch live sports broadcasts here too.

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Houdini - geriausi mesos restoranai Vilniuje

A. Vienuolio str. 4, Vilnius

Houdini is a restaurant that captivates every guest with the enchanting magic of an open flame grill. It's no wonder, as the culinary creations here are expertly prepared over the fire, infusing the dishes with that cherished smoky aroma.

Even though the restaurant welcomes diners with its stylish ambience and expansive outdoor terrace, it's the menu that serves as the primary reason meat enthusiasts vow to return.

Choices? From pork skewers, 30-day aged beef entrecôte, Lulia kebabs, or Chashushuli stew to garlic chicken, Mango curry turkey, and duck breast. However, those seeking even more unique tastes, do not resist the temptation to indulge in the restaurant's signature dishes, whether it's their celebrated spare ribs, beef rolls, or the grill platter. Additionally, at Houdini, don't miss the opportunity to savour the burgers with either grilled or pulled meat. No matter the choice, everyone is sure to enjoy the unforgettable flavours!

However, Houdini restaurant doesn't limit its focus to grill masterpieces. The menu here is also rich in various cold and hot appetisers, soups, salads, and seafood delicacies, with gourmet dishes available for vegetarians too.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.