TOP 7 Must-Visit Italian Restaurants in Vilnius

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Jan 12, 2024 2:29:35 PM

Wood-fired pizza, gourmet al dente pasta, regional meat & seafood specialities, and unforgettable desserts – who can resist the charm of Italian cuisine? Some pack their bags for Italy only to savour it, while others seek out restaurants replicating this culinary magic closer to home.

Not planning a trip yet? Then dive into Tablein guide recommendations, showcasing the best Italian restaurants in Vilnius that will capture any gourmets' attention.

Are you into classic flavours, modern interpretations, or regional discoveries? Prefer a vacation-like atmosphere? Or perhaps a fine dining experience? Whatever gastronomic dolce vita dream you may have, you'll surely live it in Vilnius!

Must-visit Italian restaurants in Vilnius

Aerottoria - Italu restoranai Vilniuje - Italian restaurants in Vilnius

Dariaus ir Girėno str. 34 F, Vilnius

Aerottoria, situated in AeroCity Tech Valley, is a distinctive restaurant that welcomes guests to savour not just Italian cuisine but also an aviation-themed ambience, complete with an actual Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft.

The restaurant's menu combines Italian charm with modern cooking techniques, offering a fresh take on traditional flavours. From shareable antipasti to gourmet primi, perfected main courses, unforgettable pasta, and wood-fired pizzas – the repertoire here is able to impress every food enthusiast. Moreover, Aerottoria has also taken care of the little gourmets by offering them a special children's menu.

Whether you're an aviation enthusiast, a lover of Italian cuisine, gearing up for a flight, returning from a trip (yes, the restaurant is located nearby Vilnius International airport), planning a special dinner, or simply dreaming of a quality lunch in a unique setting – Aerottoria promises to be a memorable place for culinary explorations.

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Da Antonio - Italu restoranai Vilniuje 2 - Italian restaurants in Vilnius

Da Antonio
Vilniaus str. 23, Vilnius

Da Antonio is a fine dining restaurant in Vilnius, earning a legendary status for sharing the charm of Italian cuisine with guests for nearly three decades. The dishes here are carefully prepared, the ambience refined, and the service flawless – no wonder it has been a choice for global figures like Patricia Kaas, Rod Stewart, Eros Ramazzotti, Mireille Mathieu, and "The Thorn Birds" author Colleen McCullough too.

Leading the kitchen is Chef Dmitrij Babenko. Under his direction, the à la carte menu presents guests with modern Italian cuisine. These dishes often stand out with unexpected ingredient combinations or unique preparation techniques, revealing classic flavours in a new gastronomic light.

While all options on the menu are worth a try, the beef carpaccio, pasta, ravioli, fresh fish & aged meat specialities, dishes featuring truffles and the deconstructed tiramisù have already become notable highlights at Da Antonio.

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Firenze - Italu restoranai Vilniuje 3 - Italian restaurants in Vilnius

Paupio str. 16, Vilnius

Firenze is a Tuscan-sun-inspired restaurant in Vilnius where the menu skillfully blends the gastronomic heritage of different Italian regions, wine, and cocktail traditions. This place can also rightfully be called a bisteccheria, as it pays special attention to meat dishes, among which the legendary Florentine bistecca alla Fiorentina stands out.

The menu at Firenze is a collection of culinary masterpieces from the Italian nonna's kitchen but with a slightly bolder and more elegant twist. From oysters, Tuscan Chianina beef carpaccio, or vitello tonnato to classic bruschette. From expertly grilled premium meat dishes to a gourmet selection of seafood. From variously prepared Italian pasta to traditional pizza. From classic tiramisù or egg-based Zabaglione cream to affogato al caffè. In this restaurant, only what's left is to enjoy without resistance.

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Uzupio picerija - Italu restoranai Vilniuje - Italian restaurants in Vilnius

Užupio picerija
Paupio str. 3, Vilnius

Užupio Picerija is a restaurant treating gourmands to authentic Neapolitan pizza for over two decades. Saying "authentic" is a necessity, as the authenticity of this legendary Italian dish made here is certified by the reputable L’Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

And it's not a surprise, considering the responsible selection of ingredients and the careful preparation of the dough. From flour, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, ham, sausages, mozzarella, burrata, and other cheeses – all the products used in making pizzas at Užupio Picerija come straight from Italy. Also, special attention is given to crafting processes, as the dough is matured for at least 24 hours, and the pizza is baked in an authentic wood-fired oven.

However, the restaurant's menu is not only about pizzas. Here, guests can also enjoy other Italian dishes, varying from traditional appetizers, classic pasta, meat or fish specialities, to unforgettable desserts.

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Piazza - Italu restoranai Vilniuje 3 - Italian restaurants in Vilnius

Konstitucijos ave. 20, Vilnius

Piazza is an Italian cuisine restaurant that elegantly welcomes guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva. Here, the atmosphere recalls small Italian town squares, and food choices impress with specialities from Lombardy & Tuscany.

The restaurant's menu features a gourmet palette of dishes made not with plenty of ingredients but with a few finest-quality staple ones. Starting options range from vitello tonnato, whipped ricotta cheese, or classic bruschettas to Italian salads and soups. Following are various choices of hot dishes, pizzas, and pasta. Would you prefer beef steak or veal fillet accompanied by sage polenta? Or perhaps handmade lasagna with ricotta-spinach filling, homemade truffle ravioli, swordfish-octopus linguine, or seafood risotto? Additionally, classic flame-baked pizzas are worth trying here too.

Moreover, the Piazza menu offers not only food, but also a repertoire of legendary Italian cocktails.

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Justa Pasta - Italu restoranai Vilniuje 2 - Italian restaurants in Vilnius

Justa Pasta
Vokiečių str. 20, Vilnius

Justa Pasta is an elegant restaurant that captures the new light of modern Italian cuisine through contemporary interpretations, homemade pasta, and natural wines.

The menu invites gourmands to enjoy unique flavours revealed by a selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Yet, as the restaurant's name suggests, special attention here is given to pasta. Prefer meat? Try potato-filled ravioli with meatballs or pasta with Bourgogne beef cheeks. Can't resist seafood? Be amazed by pasta with mussels in white wine-stracciatella sauce, or the tuna Puttanesca. Looking for a vegetarian option? Undoubtedly, the most memorable choice is ravioli with truffle filling and stracciatella.

At Justa Pasta, it's worth trying other menu items too whether it's Neapolitan homemade focaccia, turkey tacchino tonnato, beef tartare with porcini mushrooms, or beef steak in pepper sauce.

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Le Travi - Italu restoranai Vilniuje 3 - Italian restaurants in Vilnius

Le Travi
Užupio str. 19, Vilnius

Le Travi is a beloved Italian restaurant in Vilnius dedicated to authentic pasta, traditional appetizers and the finest Italian wines.

Cacio e Pepe, alla Carbonara, al pesto, pappardelle with rabbit ragù, lasagne, and various stuffed ravioli – whatever al dente dream you might have, you are likely to fulfil it at Le Travi. Moreover, everything here is prepared on-site: from pasta to its flavourful sauces. And, don't expect monotony as the menu changes regularly, influenced by the seasonality of Lithuanian vegetables and the freshest products arriving directly from Italy.

The owner, Mattia Rupil, believes there can't be secrets in food. For this reason, he seizes the opportunity to personally chat with arriving guests, share the subtleties of dish preparation, and talk about the origins of ingredients.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.