Malta is a gastronomic haven, where the rich history, cultural diversity, and stunning landscapes converge to create a vibrant culinary scene. One of the best ways to experience this gourmet abundance is through tasting and set menus offered at various restaurants on the island.

Whether you're looking for a casual or upscale dining experience, a historic or modern setting, traditional Maltese dishes or contemporary culinary creations, there's something for everyone.

In this ultimate guide, we'll take you on a journey through the best restaurants in Malta offering set and tasting menus. From choices, to atmosphere, to prices you can expect, Tablein guide has got you covered.

TOP Tasting Menus in Malta's Finest Restaurants

Noni Restaurant - restaurants in Malta

Noni Restaurant
211, Republic Street, Valletta

Place: Founded by Chef Jonathan Brincat and holding one Michelin star, Noni is a restaurant that provides a fine dining experience in a warm, informal ambience.

Atmosphere: Noni is located in a place that has a rich history spanning nearly three centuries, rooting Valletta's food, hospitality, and entertainment scene. The venue has transformed, from a residence to a shop to a jazz bar, and now to its current state, which allows guests to enjoy a slice of the city's history from their seats.

Noni Restaurant - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta.jpeg

Menu: Noni offers a unique culinary experience that combines traditional cooking techniques with mercantile culture influences. The chefs' creative approach to food results in a serious yet enjoyable dining experience. For those seeking a gourmet journey, Michelin-awarded tasting menus, designed to reflect seasonal ingredients, offer a choice between a 4-course meal or a complete tasting menu.

Tasting menu price: 105 – 125 EUR
Optional beverage pairing price: 75 EUR

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Risette - restaurants in Malta

81, Old Theatre Street, Valletta

Place: Risette is a fine dining dinner restaurant that offers both beautiful interiors and stellar service to its guests. Diners here are invited to discover a new level of gastronomic sense, brought by a masterful menu, featuring the finest ingredients from around the globe.

Atmosphere: Nestled within the refined Casa Ellul in Valletta, Risette restaurant pays homage to the esteemed lady of the house, exuding an air of sophistication and elegance. 

Risette - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta-1

Menu: Risette's menu is a true reflection of the chef's passion for flavours and creativity. Combining French cuisine with Japanese techniques and ingredients, the selection changes weekly and features the freshest produce available. For an unforgettable culinary journey that engages all your senses, the masterfully crafted tasting menu is a must-try. 

Tasting menu price: 95 EUR

Rebekah’s - restaurants in Malta

12, Triq it-Tgham, Mellieha

Place: Rebekah's is a charming restaurant that specializes in French Mediterranean cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients to create gourmet dishes. Its recognition in the Michelin Guide proves nothing but culinary excellence.

Atmosphere: Rebekah's location in a renovated house of character that is more than two hundred years old creates a unique dining ambience. With two beautifully decorated dining rooms and a cosy internal courtyard, it's an ideal venue for any occasion. 

Rebekah’s - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta

Menu: Passionate food enthusiasts are invited to enjoy a masterfully crafted tasting menu at Rebekah's, offering an exceptional culinary experience. Regular changes in gourmet choices, ensuring the freshest flavours, are dictated by seasonal availability.

Tasting menu price: 80 EUR
Optional beverage pairing price: 40 EUR

Fernandõ Gastrotheque - restaurants in Malta

Fernandõ Gastrotheque
Tigne Street, Sliema

Place: Fernandõ Gastrotheque is not just a Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant, but a wine theatre that enhances the divine food experience. It features the finest and lesser-known wines, and only top-quality produce. 

Atmosphere: With beauty in plates, a feast for palates, intimate ambience inspired by French bistros and splendid designs, Fernandõ Gastrotheque offers a sensory aesthetic experience and is an ideal place for memorable gatherings with loved ones.

Fernandõ Gastrotheque - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta

Menu: Fernandõ Gastrotheque offers sustainable cuisine with international flavours using fresh, seasonal local produce. Guests can experience unique set and tasting menus that change regularly for an element of surprise. They also may be accompanied by wine pairings.

Tasting menu price: 65 – 85 EUR

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Terroir - restaurants in Malta

13, Triq il-Kbira, Attard

Place: Terroir is a fine dining restaurant co-founded by the talented chef Andre Borg. After honing his craft as a commis chef at several of Gordon Ramsay's renowned London restaurants, Borg brings a wealth of experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence to this restaurant in Malta.

Atmosphere: Terroir is located in Attard's historic village, between the medieval city of Mdina and the capital Valletta. The restaurant's already charming atmosphere gets even more enhanced by its antique building, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of local stonemasons from past centuries.

Terroir - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta-1

Menu: Diners at Terroir can enjoy an exceptional culinary journey, paired with an impressive selection of local and foreign wines. When the talented chef seamlessly integrates traditional cooking techniques with fresh, sustainably-sourced ingredients to produce unforgettable flavours, the result can be nothing but magnificent. And this experience can be fully indulged in by choosing from either the 5 or 9 course tasting menus.

Tasting menu price: 65 – 85 EUR
Optional beverage pairing price: 55 EUR


Grotto Tavern - restaurants in Malta

Grotto Tavern
10, St. Paul's Square, Rabat

Place: Experience the best of Mediterranean casual fine dining at Grotto Tavern Restaurant, where a relaxed attitude meets refined and inventive food influenced by French cuisine. Blending bistro charm with gastronomic excellence, this Michelin-featured restaurant invites you to savour their creative and contemporary menu.

Atmosphere: With typical Maltese house of character features and a natural 2000-year-old cave, the Grotto Tavern restaurant has successfully fused old-world charm with modern elements to create a truly unique and inviting dining space.

Grotto Tavern - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta-1

Menu: Grotto Tavern aims to modernise Mediterranean cuisine while providing a treasured and lively dining experience. Guests can fully savour the excellent diversity of the region's cuisine through indulging in either a five or seven-course tasting menu.

Tasting menu price: 65 – 79 EUR
Optional beverage pairing price: 30 – 40 EUR


The Harbour Club - restaurants in Malta

The Harbour Club
4/5 Barriera Wharf, Valletta

Place: The Harbour Club is an elegant restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine with a French influence. It offers guests the opportunity to discover Valletta in greater detail.

Atmosphere: The Harbour Club offers a holistic experience for diners, inspired by the stunning Grand Harbour. Housed in a converted warehouse that is 300 years old, this restaurant provides a unique and elegant setting. Guests can enjoy a dining experience either in the cosy interior, decorated with a recycled deck from an American ship, or on the terrace with breathtaking views. 

The Harbour Club - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta-1

Menu: The restaurant crafts a distinctive culinary journey by utilising fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that are in season. Alongside à la carte options, the tasting menus, with choices of two, three, and seven courses, are thoughtfully curated to showcase The Harbour Club's gourmet philosophy. For those with special dietary preferences, a special seven-course vegan tasting menu is also available.

Tasting menu price: 55 – 85 EUR
Optional beverage pairing price: 45 EUR

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Surf N Turf - tasting menu in Malta

Surf N Turf
Triq L-Imhar, St. Paul's Bay

Place: Surf N Turf is an award-winning restaurant, opening the door to the world of fine dining, sustainability, and seasonal ingredients, finding their short way straight from local Maltese farms. Under the guidance of Chef Patron Kerstin Manicolo, this place reaches heights of perfection, amassing numerous awards, including the esteemed recognition as the 'WRMC Top Maltese Chef'.

Atmosphere: Surf N Turf restaurant offers not only a fine dining experience but also an elegant ambience with white cloths on the tables and original art decorating the walls. Al fresco dining is beloved here as well, adding a touch of the charming atmosphere of Malta.

Surf N Turf - tasting menu in Malta food

Menu: The restaurant's focus, as suggested by its name, is centred on achieving mastery in both meat and seafood dishes. An à la carte selection is available here, but don't miss out on the possibility to enjoy the finest flavours all at once too. You can choose either the Prestige tasting menu or the Chef's signature tasting menu. By the way, the latter also includes the legendary Surf 'n' Turf dish, which features a perfected beef and lobster duo.

Tasting menu price: 50 – 65 EUR
Optional beverage pairing price: 30 – 35 EUR

Madliena lodge - restaurants in Malta

Madliena Lodge
Triq il-Bir, Madliena

Place: Madliena Lodge is a picturesque fine dining restaurant nestled amidst lush surroundings and boasting awe-inspiring views of the sea. With Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and an everchanging seasonal menu, it offers an affordable yet elevated gourmet experience.

Atmosphere: The restaurant's charming atmosphere is steeped in history as it's situated within the original British armed forces building, still maintaining its original design. With its array of distinctive dining areas, including a cosy fireplace, a charming covered courtyard, and outdoor terraces that offer stunning views of the sea, it's a popular destination for those seeking an atmospheric gourmet experience.

Madliena lodge - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta

Menu: At Madliena Lodge, quality food is at the heart of everything they do. With a focus on every single ingredient, each dish is presented at its finest. In addition to à la carte, the restaurant offers a stunning set menu that provides a fully immersive Madliena Lodge experience.

Set menu price: 40 – 55 EUR


Onella - restaurants in Malta

Victory Square, Naxxar

Place: Onella is a charming wine bar that features a dynamic food menu, perfectly complementing the wide selection of reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings.

Atmosphere: Located near Naxxar's church in Victory Square, a charming wine bar awaits within a mid-19th-century house that sets the tone for a perfect evening out.

Onella - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta

Menu: As the menu at Onella boasts a weekly rotating selection of sharing plates, there's always something new to try. More adventurous eaters are even invited to try the 5-course surprise tasting menu, hand-picked by the chef himself. 

Tasting menu price: 39 EUR
Optional beverage pairing price: 35 EUR

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Zeris Restaurant - restaurants in Malta

Zeri's Restaurant
Triq Il-Knisja, Portomaso, St. Julians

Place: Zeri's restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience with its exquisite cuisine crafted by the talented Chef Patron, Mark Zerafa. The menu showcases a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavours, reflecting the kitchen master's vast culinary expertise, and promises to leave guests satisfied with every bite.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere at Zeri's restaurant is inviting and charming, with a relaxed ambience that sets the perfect tone for an enjoyable dining experience. Whether guests choose to sit indoors or outdoors, they can enjoy the stunning views of Portomaso Marina.

Zeris Restaurant - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta

Menu: Zeri's features an impressive selection of seafood dishes while also catering to guests with diverse dietary preferences. For larger groups, the restaurant offers gourmet set menus tailored to provide an immersive culinary experience, showcasing the best of what the restaurant has to offer.

Set menu price: from 39 EUR


One80 Kitchen & Lounge, Mellieha - restaurants in Malta

one80 Kitchen & Lounge, Mellieha
30, Triq il-Wied tar-Ruman, Mellieha

Place: one80 Kitchen & Lounge is a restaurant that offers an unforgettable dining experience with its stunning panoramic views and mouth-watering Italian-inspired cuisine.

Atmosphere: The restaurant's atmosphere is the perfect blend of cosy and refined, thanks to its location on a picturesque hill overlooking Mellieha Bay and the availability of both indoor as well as outdoor seating.

One80 Kitchen & Lounge, Mellieha - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta

Menu: One80 Kitchen & Lounge's meal selection features an extensive selection of Italian-inspired dishes that cater to all tastes. For those visiting during lunch or early dinner, the set menu is a great option, with two or three courses of the chef's favourite dishes. Guests can also pair their food choice with a glass of wine or a creative cocktail from the restaurant's international beverage list.

Set menu price: 30-35 EUR


Bottegin Palazzo Xara - restaurants in Malta

Bottegin Palazzo Xara
9B, Palazzo Xara, Rabat

Place: Bottegin Palazzo Xara is a restaurant situated in a historic building surrounded by the charming alleys of Rabat. The place specialises in preparing delectable dishes using locally sourced and authentic ingredients.

Atmosphere: The historic building constructed by the Maltese noble family Xara in the 18th century boasts four unique areas for dining: The Bistro, The Baroque Hall, The Secret Garden, and the Intimate Private Room. With its Baroque architecture, guests can experience good quality food in a modest, yet charming local band club setting. The relaxed ambience is enhanced by the sound of soft symphonic jazz music.

Bottegin Palazzo Xara - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta

Menu: Bottegin Palazzo Xara is committed to promoting locally sourced, farm-to-table ingredients, resulting in delicious Mediterranean cuisine. For those looking to celebrate a special occasion, the restaurant's professional team can assist in creating a memorable experience with a selection of set menus, including Quick, Traditional, Special, and Premium options.

Set menu price: 19,50 – 39,50 EUR
Optional beverage pairing price: 3,25 – 12,50 EUR


Coogis Restaurant - restaurants in Malta

Coogi’s Restaurant
5, Wesgha ta Sant'Agata, Mdina

Place: Coogi's Restaurant is a dining place, offering a wide variety of dishes that fuse the flavours of the Mediterranean. Its location in the heart of Mdina allows diners to enjoy not only food but a beautiful and historic setting too.

Atmosphere: The restaurant's atmosphere is set by its location in an ancient Arab house that has been preserved with all original features. The courtyards, bastions, and medieval rooms truly add to the magical ambience of the place.

Coogis Restaurant - tasting menu - restaurants in Malta

Menu: Coogi's restaurant menu offers a fusion of Italian, Maltese, and Mediterranean cuisines. Yet not only à la carte is available here. Guests who want to try a variety of dishes can opt for the set menus, which include options such as traditional Maltese, Italian, seafood, and even vegan dishes.

Set menu price: 24,90 – 36,90 EUR

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Menu items and prices at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.