TOP 10 hotel restaurants in Riga and Liepaja

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Nov 20, 2022 2:31:41 PM

Visiting restaurants in hotels can be a delightful experience that combines excellent cuisine, elegant surroundings and excellent service all in one place. It's an opportunity to pamper yourself without leaving the comfort of your accommodation.

It is not necessary to be a hotel guest to enjoy the offer of hotel restaurants. In recent years, people have also liked to go to restaurants in hotels, for example, to have breakfast or hold a business meeting, or to celebrate a holiday at a beautiful dinner table.

Also here in Latvia, there are quite a lot of restaurants worth visiting, which are hidden in hotels. Tablein guide has selected 10 outstanding restaurants in hotels that should be on your check list.

The best hotel restaurants in Riga


Jauniela iela 25/27, Riga

Restaurant Neiburgs is hidden in one of the most luxurious houses of builder Ludwig Neiburg. It is located on the 1st floor of a design hotel in a historic Art Nouveau building and offers a view of the streets of the old town. The restaurant also has its own motto - you are what you eat. So there is no doubt that enjoying food here is taken very seriously.

The restaurant has a pleasant light atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and light. Quiet but tasteful music plays, without interfering with communication with the interlocutor and without blocking the enjoyable view through the large windows. The restaurant is decorated with paintings by the well-known Latvian painter Andras Eglīš and unique chandeliers designed by Moooi Dear Ingo.

Neiburg's menu is dominated by flavors popular in Latvia. Seasonal dishes from local farms are mainly served on the table. Here you can observe the meeting of the traditions of Latvian cuisine with the cuisines of other countries.

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Aspazija bulvāris 22, Riga

The Amber restaurant can be found in the premises of the elegant five-star Grand Hotel Kempinski, in the very center of Riga. Here, it is possible not only to pamper the taste buds, but also to enjoy an exciting visual treat, as Amber's open-plan kitchen area allows guests to watch the restaurant's excellent team of chefs in action.

Like the hotel in which the restaurant is located, Amber is also designed in a very elegant style and interweaves modern chic with historical elements. Guests can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in the restaurant, hold a business meeting at lunch, as well as celebrate holidays and romantic moments at a beautifully set dinner table.

Amber's menu offers a combination of Latvian and European cuisine, starting with the arrangement of wholemeal bread, ending with oysters and caviar. Brunch lovers will appreciate the holiday's extensive breakfast buffet, while tea lovers will be delighted to meet for afternoon tea, prepared in the best of British traditions and served alongside freshly baked biscuits.

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Melnā Bite
Audēju iela 13, Riga

Melnā Bite is a Latvian cuisine restaurant located in the center of Old Riga and presents traditional Latvian country cuisine in a modern interpretation. The graceful rustic chic of the restaurant perfectly complements the atmosphere of the Wellton Centrum Hotel & SPA.

The location of the restaurant allows you to leisurely enjoy the view of one of the liveliest streets in Old Riga. In the cold months of the year, you can watch the hustle and bustle of the old town through the large windows, and in the summer season - on the tasteful terrace right there on the street.

On Melnā Bite menu you can find the flavors of Latvian cuisine in a modern perspective with an emphasis on quality natural products. Local products from Latvian farms are used in food preparation. Here, the chef conjures up familiar dishes in a new form, creating sophisticated combinations of flavors. Handmade design dishes complete this journey of diverse flavors.

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Raiņa bulvāris 6, Riga

Restaurant SNOB is like a unique work of art that pleases both the eyes and the taste buds. It is located in the elegant design hotel Grand Poet Hotel. Each room of the restaurant has its own story, but the overall image is united by eclecticism.

The dining areas come in shades of blue, grey, brown, gold and even pink, highlighting the mix of marble, parquet and brass. Considering that the restaurant has several rooms, it is perfect for various events and celebrations. SNOB is also popular with business people who choose one of the rooms for conducting business negotiations.

The restaurant offers a specially thought-out menu and is happy to challenge even the most demanding guests. Fine masterpieces of international cuisine can be found on the menu, not to mention the impressive wine selection. SNOB also gives you the opportunity to have a delicious breakfast.

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Mārstaļu iela 1, Riga

The restaurant Niklāvs in Old Riga is located in the premises of the Hestia Hotel Draugi - a building whose name is associated with the 20th century Latvian painter Niklāv Strunki. This also inspired the restaurant to be given this name and to include the works of Niklāvas Strunke and other Latvian modernists in the interior.

The interior of the restaurant is cozy and bright. Together with the works of art of Latvian painters, it creates a very thoughtful and light image, accentuating our own values.

The proximity of art also inspires cooks, who present even the simplest Latvian dishes as outstanding works of art. The menu is seasonal, with a lot of use of products grown by local farmers, so guests can enjoy only the freshest bouquet of products. Niklāvs also offers its guests a delicious breakfast, which combines both European cuisine and traditional Latvian breakfast dishes.

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Jēkaba iela 24, Riga

The restaurant Equus, or "horse" in Latin, is located in the premises of the Old Riga hotel Pullman Riga Old Town and offers guests to enjoy the flavors of classic Latvian cuisine combined with Scandinavian cuisine. The name of the restaurant was chosen according to the location - in the 18th century, the building housed Baron Munchausen's horse stable.

Here, historical architecture is successfully combined with a tasteful and sophisticated interior, kept in the Scandinavian style, combining the warmth of wood, the magic of exposed brick walls and the Latvian, neutral, natural range of colors. The restaurant also has a tea room, a wine cellar and a room for smoking cigars.

Guests at Equus can watch the cooking process through the open kitchen. The rich bouquet of flavors on the menu, combined with a glass of carefully selected wine and tea, takes the post-meal ritual into complete ecstasy.


Gutenbergs terase
Doma laukums 1, Riga

Restaurant Gutenbergs terase is located on the 5th floor of the boutique hotel Gutenbergs in Old Riga, and from its glazed terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Dom church, tiled roofs and narrow streets of Riga. This is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in the Baltic States.

The terrace is divided into two parts: the restaurant premises, modernly furnished with the help of Latvian designers, a fireplace installed to ensure coziness and warmth, and a part of the summer outdoor terrace, which opens up a wonderful panoramic view over the roofs of Old Riga.

The restaurant's menu consists of only two pages, where guests' favorite dishes can be found over the years. All dishes, with rare exceptions, are prepared here on the grill. Local products are preferred in the recipes.

Gutenbergs terase can be proud of such achievements as the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2019, Baltic Wine list awards 2020 and entering the Top 30 of the best restaurants in Latvia, occupying the 18th place.


Le Dome
Miesnieku iela 4, Riga

Discover fine cuisine with French motifs at Le Dome Restaurant, located in the Dome Hotel. A visit to the restaurant takes you on a gastronomic adventure where you can enjoy thoughtful breakfast and lunch offers as well as exquisite dinners.

The interior of the restaurant, with its bright and elegant atmosphere, as well as the hospitable staff, will be ideal for a fine festive dinner. Business people also like to enjoy the leisurely atmosphere, having business conversations at a beautifully laid table. In the warm months of the year, it is possible to have a meal on the roof terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of the Dom Church tower and the old town.

The chef of the restaurant is convinced that every visit to the restaurant should become a wonderful sensory experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the bouquet of charming flavors of life. Therefore, when you go to Le Dome, there can be no doubt that pleasure for the taste buds will be guaranteed. The menu includes several dishes typical of French cuisine, such as oysters and onion soup. A degustation menu has also been developed, offering exquisite dishes using the inspiration and foundations of French cuisine. All meals are prepared using seasonal products of the highest quality.


Ausekļa iela 22, Riga

In the premises of the five-star hotel A22, located in the quiet center, a unique pearl is hidden - the restaurant JOHN. At one time, the US embassy was located in the building, where John Kennedy has also stayed. The restaurant team emphasizes the art of cooking and believes that great food is created only when you put your heart and soul into it.

Light snacks with friends, lunch with business partners, dinner by candlelight or an invigorating breakfast - every meal here takes the taste and senses on a journey. JOHN's interior combines historical elegance with modern chic.

The menu changes according to the season so guests can enjoy the best flavors and try something new all year round. All dishes are prepared with great love and attention to detail. In addition, guests have a unique opportunity to try special alcoholic and virgin cocktails, for example with non-alcoholic rum and tequila.

The best hotel restaurants in Liepāja


Vecā ostmala 40, Liepāja

The authentic and elegant atmosphere of the Piano restaurant can be enjoyed in the impressive Promenade Hotel in Liepaja, which is located in the historic harbor docks. The large windows of the restaurant offer a wonderful view of the Liepaja Canal and the Liepaja Concert Hall.

A special charm of Piano is created by the presence of historical elements, which are perfectly complemented by sophisticated and modern details. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here, as well as celebrate holidays in one of the hotel's halls or in the spacious rooms of the restaurant.

The restaurant's menu includes exquisite and varied dishes made from local products - the taste buds of gourmets will be especially pleased with the bread baked in the restaurant and the fresh fish caught on the coast of Liepaja. Here you can also taste the traditional dish "Liepajas menciņi", made from smoked cod, potatoes and onions according to an old Southern Kurzeme recipe.