Great Restaurant Guide: The Best Tartare in Vilnius (2)

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May 23, 2024 3:06:20 PM

Tartare, a delicacy made from raw meat or fish, is often associated with exceptional gastronomic experiences. However, enjoying this appetizer doesn't require seeking out fine dining! Vilnius is home to numerous restaurants with a relaxed atmosphere that offer unforgettable culinary experiences, including the ones of tartares.

So, where can you find the best tartare in Vilnius? Discover your favourite according to Tablein guide's recommendations! In this curated list, you'll find restaurants in Vilnius that always feature delicious tartare on their menu.

You can also find more recommendations on where to enjoy a quality tartare in Vilnius here.

Restaurants in Vilnius for the best tartare

Aerottoria - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Dariaus ir Girėno g. 34 F, Vilnius

Radiating a strong sense of travel, Aerottoria is a restaurant that not only masterfully reveals Italian flavours but also welcomes guests in the AeroCity Tech Valley building next to the silver Bombardier aeroplane.

Tartares at Aerottoria restaurant: Beef tartare with roasted mushrooms, herbs, and nuts; tuna tartare with stracciatella and crunchy nduja sausage.

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Farmer & The Ocean - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Farmer & the Ocean
Vilniaus g. 25, Vilnius

Farmer & the Ocean is a restaurant where Lithuanian, Northern European, and Southern European traditions meet on the menu, featuring local farm produce alongside delicacies from the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean.

Tartares at Farmer & the Ocean restaurant: Beef tartare; tuna tartare.

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Rotonda - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Barboros Radvilaitės g. 6A, Vilnius

Located in the Bernardine Garden, Rotonda is a park restaurant that modernly revives the legend of an old ice cream parlour. Here, guests can enjoy a family-friendly menu, while children can also indulge in various entertainment options designed specifically for them.

Tartare at the Rotonda restaurant: Tuna tartare with avocado, sriracha mayonnaise, and garlic chives.

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Vanille Lounge - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Vanille Lounge
Vilniaus g. 29, Vilnius

Celebrating lounge culture, Vanille Lounge is an evening restaurant that invites guests to enjoy good food, drinks, and music all within a relaxing environment.

Tartares at the Vanille Lounge restaurant: Beef tartare with potato mille-feuille, porcini mayonnaise, crispy buckwheat, and microgreens; salmon tartare with avocados, cream cheese, and cucumbers.

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SkyBar - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Konstitucijos pr. 20, Vilnius

SkyBar is a panoramic bar that not only welcomes guests with the most beautiful views of Vilnius but also offers unique cocktails, delicious snacks, and a lively atmosphere.

Tartare at the SkyBar restaurant: Scottish salmon tartare with kimchi mayonnaise, served on a crispy rice base.

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Botanist - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Didžioji g. 26, Vilnius

Inspired by Mediterranean & Latin cuisines, Botanist is a charming restaurant that treats its guests to both creative flavours and exceptional cocktails.

Tartare at the Botanist restaurant: Beef tartare with cheese-quinoa crunch and salted egg.

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Firenze - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Paupio g. 16, Vilnius

Located in the hip Paupys district, Firenze is an Italian cuisine restaurant. Here, each guest can indulge in a menu created by world-class chef Mickey Bhoite and an atmosphere reminiscent of a Tuscan idyll.

Tartare at Firenze restaurant: Finely chopped beef battuta di manzo with truffle sauce, seasonal truffles, green salad leaves, and Tropea onions.

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Brussels Mussels - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Brussels Mussels Stadium
Rinktinės g. 5, Vilnius

Brussels Mussels Stadium is a stylish restaurant pub dedicated to Belgian cuisine and traditional Belgian beer. Moreover, each option here promises gastronomic discoveries, further enhanced by the unique atmosphere DJs create.

Tartare at Brussels Mussels Stadium restaurant: Yellowfin tuna tartare with shiitake mushrooms, avocado, soy jelly, and sesame tuile.

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Carre - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Gedimino pr. 9, Vilnius

Carré is a modern European cuisine restaurant famous not only for its food, but also for its impressively sized cocktails, possibly the largest outdoor terrace in Vilnius, and a pre-party atmosphere.

Tartares at Carré restaurant: Beef tartare with a splash of vodka, finely chopped radishes, cornichons, black olives, a raw quail egg, and mustard sauce; tuna tartare with mango, sesame seeds, chilli flakes, garlic chives, capers, and pesto.

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Houdini - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

A. Vienuolio g. 4, Vilnius

Houdini are the magicians of fire & grill, enchanting guests with the aromas of smoke and burning coals as well as a menu dedicated to ultimate meat enthusiasts.

Tartare at Houdini restaurant: Beef tartare.

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Meat Lovers Vilnius - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Meat Lovers Vilnius
Liejyklos g. 8, Vilnius

Meat Lovers Vilnius is a restaurant dedicated to meat lovers, where kitchen professionals use products sourced only from time-tested farmers and craft producers.

Tartare at Meat Lovers Vilnius: Beef tartare.

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California Tapas & Wine - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

California Tapas & Wine
Subačiaus g. 2, Vilnius

California Tapas & Wine is a restobar that impressively blends Spanish and American culinary traditions. The place is also known for hosting exclusive parties as well as live music concerts.

Tartares at California Tapas & Wine restaurant: Lightly salted salmon tartare with delicate ricotta cream and fresh cucumber carpaccio; pink tuna tartare on an avocado cushion with roasted marinated bell pepper; aged beef tenderloin tartare with marinated vegetables and rosemary roasted baby potatoes.

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I Hate Sushi - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

I Hate Sushi
Vytauto g. 35, Vilnius

I Hate Sushi is an exclusive sushi & champagne restaurant where guests can experience flavours crafted not only from the freshest, premium-quality ingredients but also curated by highly experienced hosts.

Tartare at I Hate Sushi restaurant: Scottish salmon tartare with creamy avocado; bluefin tuna tartare with creamy avocado and hollandaise sauce.

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Lagom Bistro - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Lagom bistro
Visų Šventųjų g. 7, Vilnius

Lagom bistro is a modern casual dining spot known for respecting the ingredients used in dishes and offering unforgettable experiences in pairing food flavours with natural wines.

Tartare at Lagom bistro restaurant: Beef tartare with truffles and aged cheese.

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Meating Room Vilnius - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Meating Room
Vilniaus g. 18, Vilnius

The trendy Meating Room is a specialized South American steakhouse where guests can also enjoy a selection of tapas and European cuisine dishes. Beverages are not left aside either, whether it's about wines selected by sommeliers, signature cocktails, or good beer.

Tartare at the Meating Room restaurant: Beef fillet tartare with pickled cucumbers, shallots, homemade sauce, hard cheese, quail egg, and ciabatta.

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Piano Piano Paupys - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Piano Piano Paupys
Aukštaičių g. 7, B korpusas, Vilnius

The stylish Piano Piano Paupys is a restaurant dedicated to traditional Italian cuisine, inviting guests to enjoy both homemade pasta or pizzas and exceptional meat or seafood dishes.

Tartare at Piano Piano Paupys restaurant: Tuna tartare with potato gratin, avocados, capers, red onions, lime juice, soy sauce, Piano Piano chipotle mayonnaise, herb oil, and rocket salad.

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PULPO - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Stiklių g. 16, Vilnius

PULPO is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant that treats guests to lovingly prepared seafood dishes, a repertoire of tapas, and other Spanish delicacies.

Tartare at PULPO restaurant: Salmon tartare with avocados, capers, and cornichons.

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Pušynė Wood on Fire - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Pušynė Food on Fire
Nemenčinės pl. 37, Vilnius

Pušynė Food on Fire is a restaurant inviting guests to discover the magic of nature right here in Vilnius. The menu at this place is inspired by dense forests, with a special focus on food prepared over fire.

Tartare at Pušynė Food on Fire restaurant: Beef tartare with shallots, spring onions, and egg yolk.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.