Great Restaurant Guide: The Best Tartare in Vilnius (1)

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May 23, 2024 2:42:55 PM

Tartare, made from raw fish or meat, is an exceptional delicacy that often marks the beginning of the exceptional dining experience. Do you also belong to the group of food enthusiasts who commence their restaurant journey with this speciality? Moreover, does your preference lean towards the fine dining concept, with chef-curated menus and professional sommelier recommendations? If so, then this Tablein guide's review is exactly for you.

In our carefully curated list, you can find the best restaurants in Vilnius where you can taste tartare not only mastered by professional chefs but also creatively matched with unique ingredients that underline only the very best flavours of the highest quality meat or fish.

Here, you can find more recommendations on where to enjoy tartare in Vilnius.

Restaurants in Vilnius for the best tartare

Gastronomika - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Pilies g. 24, Vilnius

Gastronomika is a fine dining restaurant run by the celebrated chef Liutauras Čeprackas. Open for nearly a decade, this place offers a creative approach to gastronomic culture.

Tartares at Gastronomika restaurant: Although the menu at the restaurant changes periodically, you will always find here a selection of tartares, such as fatty otoro tuna tartare with black truffles and potatoes; beef tartare with beets, crunchy koji, and wagyu mayo; hiramasa tartare with kohlrabi, jalapeno, apples, and dill.

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PACAI - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Didžioji g. 7, Vilnius

PACAI is a boutique fine dining restaurant in Vilnius whose menu draws inspiration from Northern and Lithuanian cuisines. Here, the focus is on creating unique, innovative flavours by exploring local ingredients.

Tartare at PACAI restaurant: Yellowfin tuna tartare with cucumbers, currants, and ginger; beef tartare with buckwheat, gooseberries, and porcini mushrooms.

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Imperial - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Subačiaus g. 2, Vilnius

Imperial is a premium-class, award-winning restaurant that treats guests to the finest haute cuisine, classical ambience, and service according to royal protocol.

Tartares at Imperial restaurant: Venison tartare with chopped porcini mushrooms, juniper berries, fresh thyme, and a quail egg; red tuna tartare & carpaccio, garnished with balsamic pearls and ginger-chili sauce; avocado tartare with wasabi, sorrel sprouts, and pea sprouts.

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14Horses - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Dominikonų g. 11, Vilnius

14Horses is a fine dining restaurant dedicated to sustainable gastronomy. In its kitchen, the chef uses only seasonal Lithuanian products grown either in eco-friendly Farmers Circle or other small local farms.

Tartares at 14Horses restaurant: During dinner, guests are presented with a fixed-price menu of three courses of their free choice, and among the options, you will likely always find tartare, such as beef one in fried dough pastry served with marinated tomatoes.

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Sparkling Ocean - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Sparkling Ocean
Didžioji g. 27, Vilnius

Located in the very heart of Vilnius, Sparkling Ocean is a restaurant that invites guests to elegantly pair champagne or sparkling wines with seafood delicacies.

Tartare at Sparkling Ocean restaurant: Tuna tartare with avocado cream and black masago caviar; beef tartare with kimchi aioli, capers, and olive soil.

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Da Antonio - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Da Antonio
Vilniaus g. 23, Vilnius

Run by the Meschino family, Da Antonio is a legendary fine dining restaurant in Vilnius, treating guests to classical as well as modern Italian cuisine masterpieces for almost three decades.

Tartares at Da Antonio restaurant: 21-day aged beef tartare with sturgeon caviar, warm potato pie, fresh tarragon sauce, and chopped fresh cucumbers; tuna tartare with dates, cherry tomatoes, smoked eel, and almond sauce.

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Nineteen18 - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Nineteen 18
Dominikonų g. 11, Vilnius

Located in the historical Senatorių pasažas, Nineteen 18 is a fine dining restaurant where master chef Andrius Kubilius reveals the unique qualities of Lithuanian ingredients grown on small farms or gathered from nature.

Tartare at Nineteen 18 restaurant: Guests are invited to enjoy the ever-changing tasting menu, which includes a seasonal tartare each time.

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Dine - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Gedimino pr. 35, Vilnius

Dine offers a modern take on classic dining, where guests can not only enjoy European cuisine dishes revealed through a Lithuanian lens but also pair them with professionally selected wines.

Tartare at Dine restaurant: Smoked Dorado tartare with citrus gel and sesame mayonnaise.

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Stebuklai Katedra - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Stebuklai | Katedra
L.Stuokos - Guceviciaus g. 1, Vilnius

Located right in the heart of Vilnius, Stebuklai | Katedra is a restaurant offering a unique harmony of freshness, quality, and flavours, all surrounded by stylish ambience as well as picturesque views of the Cathedral Square.

Tartares at Stebuklai | Katedra restaurant: Beef tartare with onion sauce, apple, crispy potatoes, truffle paste, and green oil; tuna tartare with kimchi mayonnaise, avocados, fried seaweed, and wasabi caviar.

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Elven - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

L. Stuokos - Gucevičiaus g. 7, Vilnius

Nestled right in the centre of Vilnius, Elven is a Nordic cuisine restaurant. This place invites guests to enjoy masterpieces created by the famous chef Adomas Jegnoras, who constantly gains inspiration from fresh local produce.

Tartare at Elven restaurant: Beef tartare with Jerusalem artichokes, sour cream, shiitake mushrooms, and hazelnuts.

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Telegrafas - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Universiteto g. 14, Vilnius

Set in the luxurious Grand Hotel Vilnius, Curio Collection by Hilton, Telegrafas is a fine dining restaurant with views of the Cathedral Square. The menu here is rich in modern dishes inspired by the harmony of the world and local flavours.

Tartare at the Telegrafas restaurant: Venison tartare with marinated green apple, dried plums, pearl onions, beetroot ketchup, and honey-mustard caviar.

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Protėviai - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Odminių g. 3, Vilnius

Protėviai is a stylish steakhouse that prioritizes top-quality meat from all over the world and its ancestral, time-honoured preparation techniques.

Tartares at Protėviai restaurant: Beef tartare with shiso, pickled egg emulsion, pork skin crackling, and shallots; trout tartare with chilli paste, coriander, and spring onions.

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Mililitrai - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Vilniaus g. 33, Vilnius

Mililitrai is a restaurant of a unique concept, aiming to create perfect harmony by combining refined modern Japanese cuisine flavours and high-end cocktail traditions.

Tartares at Mililitrai: Salmon tartare with chilli peppers, cilantro, onions, ponzu, rice, aji amarillo, "Tiger's milk", and a rice cracker; and tuna tartare with avocado, rice, chilli peppers, cilantro, onions, tobiko caviar, jalapeño sauce, and a wonton cracker.

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Selfish Bistro Vilnius - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Selfish Bistro Vilnius
Vilniaus g. 29, Vilnius

Selfish Bistro Vilnius is a seafood and wine bistrot that invites guests to enjoy a variety of delicate flavours perfectly paired with unique wines and champagne.

Tartare at Selfish Bistro Vilnius: Tuna tartare with capers, turmeric crisps, wakame salad, and avocado cream.

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Neringa - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Gedimino pr. 23, Vilnius

Neringa is a legendary restaurant in Vilnius, still evoking the ambience of past years when it served as a meeting spot for bohemians and intellectuals. Besides the atmosphere, this place also offers a menu rich in traditional and contemporary choices.

Tartare at the Neringa restaurant: Tuna tartare with avocados and seaweed salad.

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Stiklių taverna - geriausias tartaras Vilniuje

Stiklių taverna
Gaono g. 7, Vilnius

Stiklių Taverna is an elegant Lithuanian cuisine restaurant in Vilnius, representing the country's gastronomic traditions to both local and foreign guests at the highest level.

Tartare at Stiklių Taverna: Venison tartare with pickled vegetables and fried potatoes.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.