Dubrovnik is a pure gastronomic haven when you desire elevated fine dining experiences. From innovative interpretations of traditional Croatian culinary heritage to exotic flavours, this coastal city offers it all. Moreover, picturesque settings, providing the most beautiful Adriatic Riviera views, blend with the timeless charm of elegant villas, so the stage for unforgettable culinary journeys is always set to perfection.

Whichever gastronomic direction or ambience you choose, trust in Tablein guide's recommendations when in search for noteworthy fine dining in Dubrovnik.

The best fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

Panorama - fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik

Upper cable car station, Dubrovnik

Panorama is a haven for food enthusiasts who demand perfection in every detail: it seamlessly combines fine dining cuisine with undoubtedly the most breathtaking views in Dubrovnik. What could be more delightful than savouring the prime gastronomy while gazing upon the Old City, Lapad Bay, and the nearby islands? It's the ultimate Adriatic Riviera experience! Moreover, getting to this restaurant is an adventure itself – you'll need to ride the cable car up to the hill of Srđ!

Panorama - fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

The menu here is dedicated to the nostalgic and flavorful dishes of the Dubrovnik region. An experienced chef draws inspiration from authentic recipes by recreating them with complete refinement. From refreshing salads and perfectly cooked meats to freshly caught fish and seafood, as well as exquisite pasta or elegant sandwiches – this restaurant will astound you in every possible way. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the best local and international wines, as well as fine cocktails too.

Dining at Panorama creates the sensation of floating between the azure sea and the endless sky. The surrounding beauty, both for the eyes and the palate, fosters a sense of pleasure that will stay in your memory for a long time.

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Ezza - fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik

Ulica Hvarska 2, Dubrovnik

EZZA is a sophisticated Steak & Cocktail Bar,  elevated by a refined fine dining flair. Here gastronomic masterpieces stand out alongside breathtaking views of the iconic Walls of Dubrovnik, the ancient port, and the enchanting Lokrum Island. So, to savour this experience to the fullest, opt for a table on their terrace.

Ezza - fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

At the culinary helm here is Edin Džemat, a highly acclaimed chef from Sweden with numerous international awards. It's already proof of excellence! EZZA is dedicated to serving the finest steaks, so Chef Džemat has mastered a menu featuring premium meat cuts sourced from Argentina, Japan, and Scotland. These delectable cuts take centre stage on your table, complemented by signature dips, sauces, and thoughtfully selected seasonal ingredients. Also, EZZA offers tapas-style sharing and tasting experiences.

EZZA's commitment to quality is felt in every aspect of this dining experience: top-notch ingredients, skilled chefs, professional service, and flawless aesthetics. This is precisely what dedicated food enthusiasts seek in fine dining!

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Nautika - fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik

Ulica Brsalje 3, Dubrovnik

Nautika is a fine dining restaurant majestically nestled right at the water's edge in Pile. Its unique terraces offer diners not only an unparalleled view of the Adriatic Sea but also of the historic fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar. So, no surprise that with such a location Nautika has even earned recognition as the sixth most romantic restaurant in the world.

Nautika - fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

This culinary gem resides within the former Dubrovnik School of Maritime Studies, preserving the site's rich history while radiating the elegant ambience reminiscent of Dubrovnik's bygone era as a republic.

As the restaurant's Head Chef, Mario Bunda emphasizes that Nautika places a premium focus on preserving authenticity while seamlessly integrating contemporary trends and influences. Furthermore, the shifting seasons play an important role, so gastronomy is constantly inspired by the ingredients of the moment. Consequently, Nautika stands as a place where tradition, quality, and creativity come together to craft a fresh interpretation of New Mediterranean cuisine.

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Pjerin - fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

Ulica Vlaha Bukovca 6, Dubrovnik

Pjerin is a charming fine dining restaurant, gracefully situated within the luxurious Villa Dubrovnik. With dedicated attention to detail and culinary excellence, this gastronomic haven has even earned recognition in the Michelin Guide. Furthermore, the terrace seats, offering breathtaking views of the Adriatic Riviera, create a romantic ambience, while the elegant indoors, sharpened by tables dressed in crisp linen, radiate timeless charm. What's more, you can even embark on a journey to the restaurant via a boat shuttle service from the old town.

Pjerin - fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik

Under the guidance of Executive Chef Robert Račić, Pjerin's menu showcases a modern Mediterranean flair deeply inspired by rich culinary heritage. The cuisine here is a fusion of national traditions, culture, and history, resulting in flavours that take the fine dining concept to a whole new level.

Guests are welcome here to explore the à la carte menu, featuring creative interpretations of fish, seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. Seeking the ultimate dining experience? There are also five- or seven-course tasting menus available.

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Posat Dubrovnik - fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik

Ulica uz Posat 1, Dubrovnik

Posat is Dubrovik's beloved fine dining restaurant, attracting the most dedicated gourmands. With the moment of stepping inside, they get instantly transported to a gastronomic wonderland, radiating timeless charm, elegant ambience, breathtaking views, and world-class cuisine.

Posat Dubrovnik - fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

The restaurant's menu is the finest reflection of Mediterranean cuisine followed by the farm-to-table concept. Behind the perfection of flavours and the aesthetics on each plate, Posat upholds a strict food philosophy that centres on the use of top-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Chef Ivica Udženija has championed this approach from day one, and there has been no compromise since. He firmly believes that the cornerstone of any dish should be the premium-quality ingredients themselves. Mediterranean cuisine aligns seamlessly with this principle, isn't it?

To uphold such exacting standards, Chef Ivica cultivates his own vegetables on a petite farm nestled near Dubrovnik, harnessing them in harmony with the changing seasons. Meanwhile, fish, meat, and other gastronomic essentials are sourced exclusively from trusted local vendors.

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Victoria - fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik

Ulica Frana Supila 14, Dubrovnik

Victoria is a celebrated fine dining restaurant that is perfectly suitable for both culinary discoveries as well as laid-back time with a glass of premium wine in hand. Charming terrace, cascading grapevines, breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea: no surprise that this gastronomic gem has become a destination unto itself.

Victoria - fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

What sets Victoria apart is its unique fusion of the azure Croatian seascape with the exotic flavours of Peru, making it the pioneering Peruvian cuisine restaurant in the Adriatic region. The kitchen is under the expert guidance of Chef Roberto Chavez, who brings a responsible approach to the culinary arts from a distant land. Guided by a philosophy of health-conscious cuisine, Chef combines fresh, locally-sourced ingredients with the authentic ethnic influences that define Peruvian gastronomy.

If you're seeking recommendations, at Victoria, you absolutely must try their signature Classic White Fish Ceviche, marinated in leche de tigre, and the Lomo Saltado Angus Beef Tenderloin.

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Orka - fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

Lapadska obala 11a, Dubrovnik

Orka is an enchanting fine dining restaurant nestled within the charming setting of a 16th-century summer villa, which gracefully overlooks the Lapad Bay from its delightful sea-view terrace. For all guests, even the locals, this place evokes vacation-like feelings, fusing the finest cuisine, panoramic sea views, and a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the Old City.

Orka - fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik

Perfection, they say, is found in simplicity, and it is this very notion that has driven the restaurant's mission to craft simple and authentic flavours. And, Chef Zdravko Tomšić's creative genius perfectly embodies such philosophy. Also, employing modern interpretations and masterful techniques, kitchen professionals prepare every element of their cuisine in-house. This ranges from freshly baked bread or handmade pasta to handling of just-caught seafood and premium meat cuts.

Diners have the usual choice of selecting dishes from the gourmet à la carte menu. Yet, seeking a culinary adventure? Orka also offers both five- or seven-course tasting menus, showcasing the best of Croatian cuisine. So, immerse yourself in the restaurant's narrative, as you dine on the chef's specialities and savour award-winning wines.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.