Exploring Vilnius Restaurants: The Best Caesar Salad

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May 25, 2024 2:23:52 PM

What are the most popular salads in Lithuanian restaurants? The legendary Caesar one is probably at the top of the list, with origins dating back to the 1920s. The harmony of fresh Romaine lettuce, hard cheese, crispy croutons, and creamy anchovy dressing rightly earns it the title of a timeless classic. This option not only remains on menus but also impresses with novel traditional recipe interpretations.

So, where can you enjoy the best Caesar salad in Vilnius restaurants? And what prices can you expect? Follow Tablein guide's recommendations and discover restaurants in Vilnius that are worthy of attention for this classic dish.

Restaurants in Vilnius for the best Caesar salad

Piano Piano - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Piano Piano
Vilniaus g. 33, Vilnius

Dedicated to Italian cuisine, Piano Piano is a popular restaurant in Vilnius that treats guests to stylish spaces, a cosy atmosphere, and creatively revealed traditional flavours garnished with a generous sprinkle of aesthetics on the plates. From homemade pasta or good pizzas to gourmet seafood and meat dishes, everyone can easily discover their own Italian idyll on the menu.

Caesar salad at Piano Piano restaurant: Romaine lettuce, bacon flakes, red onions, hard cheese, toasted bread, cucumber, cherry tomatoes in mayonnaise-anchovy dressing with grilled chicken breast or grilled shrimp
Price: 8.7–12.5 EUR

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PACAI - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Didžioji g. 7, Vilnius

PACAI is a boutique fine dining restaurant that aims to reveal unique aromas, flavours, and textures of local ingredients through its creative menu. Inspired by Lithuanian and Nordic cuisines, the professional chefs here constantly seek perfect combinations, ensuring that only innovative gastronomic masterpieces are served on plates.

Caesar salad at PACAI restaurant: Romaine lettuce, anchovies, garlic, and panko; Caesar salad with tuna fillet; Caesar salad with chicken fillet
Price: 12–32 EUR

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Narutis - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Pilies g. 24, Vilnius

The elegant Narutis, situated in its namesake 5-star hotel, invites guests to slow down and enjoy European cuisine dishes crafted by a professional chef. Here, every visitor can experience only the refined flavours. Yet, not less impressive is the Old Town atmosphere or an authentic interior, mastered with historic 18th-century frescoes and unique paintings.

Caesar salad at Narutis restaurant: Classic with royal shrimp, crispy bacon, or chicken breast
Price: 16 EUR

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Botanist - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Didžioji g. 26, Vilnius

Famous for its unique character and impressive Old Town ambience, Botanist is a restaurant inviting guests to experience a synthesis of Mediterranean & Latin American cuisines. The menu here not only offers refined flavours and bold culinary interpretations but also charms with over forty different cocktails.

Caesar salad at Botanist restaurant: With shrimp
Price: 14.90 EUR

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Gloria - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Ligoninės g. 5, Vilnius

Renewing its impressive menu every eight weeks, Gloria is an elegant restaurant that constantly aims to acquaint guests with new gastronomic stories. This unique concept is driven by changing seasons and the desire to reveal charming flavours from all over the world, so each visit here always treats diners to new, unexperienced culinary adventures.

Caesar salad at Gloria restaurant: Crispy Romaine lettuce, grilled shrimp, aioli, Grana Padano cheese, and brioche toast
Price: 16 EUR

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DUA - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

S. Daukanto g. 2 A, Vilnius

The stylish DUA is a restaurant of a unique concept that welcomes guests with on-site crafted coffee blends and a vacation-like menu, echoing the modern gastronomic traditions of Italy as well as the Mediterranean region. Additionally, there's a homemade food store, allowing foodies to enjoy handmade flavours in the comfort of their own homes.

Caesar salad at DUA restaurant: Three different types of lettuce, grated free-range chicken egg, smoked guanciale, bread croutons, and anchovy dressing with chicken or shrimp
Price: 11-14 EUR

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Neringa - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Gedimino pr. 23, Vilnius

Neringa is a legendary restaurant in Vilnius, offering guests an elegant bohemian ambience, an original classic environment, and attentive service for over six decades. Diners here can enjoy seasonally changing menu choices and timeless dishes that have been prepared for half a century.

Caesar salad at Neringa restaurant: With grilled chicken or tiger prawns
Price: 13–15 EUR

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The House - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

The House
Vokiečių g. 24, Vilnius

Nestled in the heart of Vilnius, The House is a haven for traditional, exotic, and ethnic cuisines. Here, the kitchen team creatively unveils gourmet experiences while bar culture & cosy spaces ensure perfect moments of relaxation. Moreover, the place is entirely family-friendly: from careful attention to children's preferences to special dog menus.

Caesar salad at The House restaurant: Romaine lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, hard cheese, quail egg, crispy bread, and homemade Caesar dressing with grilled chicken fillet & crispy bacon, with grilled turkey fillet & crispy bacon, with grilled salmon fillet, or with tiger prawns
Price: 9.49–11.49 EUR

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Stebuklai Katedra - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Stebuklai | Katedra
L.Stuokos - Guceviciaus g. 1, Vilnius

Stebuklai | Katedra is an elegant restaurant that generously rewards guests not only with impressive views of Vilnius Cathedral but also with culinary adventures inspired by flavours from around the world. À la carte options here range from raw bar delicacies and creatively revealed meat & seafood dishes to the famous weekend brunch.

Caesar salad at Stebuklai | Katedra restaurant: Romaine lettuce, Grana Padano, garlic croutons, red onions, crispy bacon, and anchovy dressing with chicken, salmon, or shrimp
Price: 15–17 EUR

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Meating room - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Meating Room
Vilniaus g. 18, Vilnius

The trendy Meating Room is a specialized South American steakhouse where the menu features generous comfort food, European cuisine dishes, and a selection of tapas. Visitors can also enjoy the charming interior as well as the outdoor terrace, which is particularly popular during the warm season.

Caesar salad at Meating Room restaurant: Classic with chicken or shrimp
Price: 16 EUR

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SkyBar - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Konstitucijos pr. 20, Vilnius

Located on the 22nd floor of the Radisson Blu Lietuva hotel, SkyBar is a bar enchanting visitors with the most stunning panoramic views of Vilnius. Yet, what makes this place unique isn't just the atmosphere, but also the handcrafted cocktails and world-inspired appetizers, ranging from Italian to Hawaiian options. Views, flavours, friendly service – it's no wonder SkyBar has become a meeting place for enthusiasts of good times.

Caesar salad at SkyBar: With crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, and bread croutons
Price: 11 EUR

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Meat Lovers Vilnius - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Meat Lovers Vilnius
Liejyklos g. 8, Vilnius

Uniting meat enthusiasts, Meat Lovers Vilnius is a restaurant that prioritizes genuine flavours and high-quality produce sourced only from trusted farmers or craft producers. Prime beef steaks, pork ribs, German grill sausages, juicy burgers: everyone easily finds their favourites here.

Caesar salad at Meat Lovers Vilnius restaurant: Cherry tomatoes, croutons, crispy bacon, lettuce, hard cheese, and Caesar dressing with chicken or beef
Price: 11–14.5 EUR

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Bunte Gans - Cezario salotos Vilniuje

Bunte Gans
Aušros vartų g. 11, Vilnius

Nestled in the Old Town of Vilnius, Bunte Gans is a legendary German cuisine restaurant that has been delighting visitors with hearty dishes for over 15 years. It's no wonder that special attention here goes to high-quality meat dishes. From a selection of traditional German sausages to Bavarian roast: you can fulfil all your desires at this place!

Caesar salad at Bunte Gans restaurant: With grilled shrimp
Price: 16 EUR

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