It's impossible to disagree that dogs are truly equal members of the family, with whom we want to share life's adventures, whether it's going for long daily walks, travelling to foreign countries, or simply dining out.

Vilnius boasts an increasing number of pet-friendly restaurants. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised because some of these places not only provide water for your furry companions but also offer extra treats!

So, which restaurants in the city warmly welcome guests together with their four-legged friends? Follow Tablein guide recommendations to find out!

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Vilnius

1. Pachamama

Pachamama Dinner Club
Gedimino ave. 9, Vilnius

Pachamama Dinner Club is an Instagram-worthy restaurant introducing food enthusiasts to Nikkei cuisine inspired by Peruvian, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish culinary traditions.

Through the flavours and aromas of the exotic land, menu here reflects the spirit of Peru. Guests are offered a variety of tacos, fresh fish ceviche, meat, and seafood dishes to indulge in. The shared appetisers are also very worth trying, especially when dining out with a group.

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Pasakų str. 9, Vilnius

Fabrikėlis is a creative food lab that greets guests with flawless aesthetics and unique flavours inspired by the delights of the Lithuanian region. The creation of modern Baltic culinary masterpieces here follows sustainability principles, with a focus on organically grown local farm produce.

The menu offerings vary with the seasons, ensuring that each visit to Fabrikėlis promises new gastronomic discoveries which may include strawberry soup with horseradish and feta, oxtail-topped potato švilpikai or vanilla-flavoured monkfish.

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Bokšto str. 6 Vilnius

Kiemas is a seasonal restaurant led by the esteemed chef Liutauras Čeprackas. It warmly embraces guests during summer evenings, offering an array of flavours from across the globe. The menu here eclectically blends Southeast Asian, South African, North American, and European culinary traditions, while the sharing concept tempts to discover exotic gastronomy altogether.

Though food takes centre stage, the restaurant's distinct charm is equally attributed to its location: Kiemas is nestled in the heart of Vilnius Old Town, within the enchanting Bokšto skveras complex.

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2. Demoloftas

T. Ševčenkos str. 16A-120, Vilnius

DEMOLOFTAS is one of the trendiest places in the Naujamiestis district of Vilnius, usually presented as a multifunctional space. Guests gather here for craft coffee, art, and an environment that effortlessly transports them to Berlin, London, or New York. However, the most distinctive feature here remains the restaurant, led by Chef Tadas Eidukevičius.

The menu at DEMOLOFTAS offers modern Lithuanian cuisine inspired by local farmers. The gourmet selection here is as dynamic as the concept of the place itself, and food changes are dictated by both seasonality and the chef's creativity.

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Tituline Smoke by chef the Viking

SMOKE by Chef the viking
Sporto str. 11, Vilnius

SMOKE by Chef the Viking is a true BBQ haven for meat enthusiasts. The menu here offers a captivating range of options, including locally aged steaks, ribs, sausages, pulled beef or pork dishes, burgers, sandwiches, and American Surf & Turf with seafood. Expect nothing short of gastronomic masterpieces in this restaurant, as the kitchen is managed by a team of true experts in meat, smoke, and fire, led by BBQ guru Vylius Blauzdavičius.

Special attention is also devoted to the four-legged guests, with a menu that includes air-dried beef strips tailored for pets.

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4. Casa peligrosa

Casa Peligrosa
Visų Šventųjų str. 5, Vilnius

Casa Peligrosa is the home of modern Mexican cuisine, where you can discover contemporary interpretations of traditional Mexican flavours. Whether you're craving guacamole, quesadillas, a variety of tacos, or delectable main courses featuring meat, seafood, and vegetarian options – the taste of each dish unfolds anew here. Particularly delightful is the pairing of Mexican delicacies with the staples cocktails – Margaritas, Micheladas, Mezcalitas.

Not only the gourmet cuisine leaves a lasting impression here, but the atmosphere itself too. Casa Peligrosa is nestled snugly within the historic vaults of a centuries-old monastery, creating a cosy and enchanting setting.

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5. Oisy Izakaya

Trakų str. 2-2, Vilnius

OIŠY IZAKAYA is a slender slice of Japan in Vilnius. This place has unique character that introduces us to something familiar in Japan yet fairly new to us.

In the land of the rising sun, an izakaya is a casual gastropub or even a bar where locals gather to relish in snacks, raise a glass of local beverages, and engage in conversations. It is exactly what guests of Vilnius can expect here: to discover a slightly different side of Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto's culture.

As the owners of OIŠY IZAKAYA put it, the menu here is a Lithuanian expression of Japanese flavours, even earning praise from Japanese guests themselves.

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6. El Gato Negro

El Gato Negro
Naugarduko str. 12, Vilnius

El Gato Negro beckons guests into a world of culinary enchantment where the richness of Mexican cuisine unfolds. This restaurant embraces authenticity and invites guests to indulge in a lavish feast of traditional recipes.

The menu at El Gato Negro beautifully showcases a selection of the most beloved dishes from diverse regions of the country. But what's most unique is that one of the chefs, Vitalis Čižauskas, discovered all the culinary secrets and mastered them by living in Mexico.

The restaurant's menu offers a wide range of choices, from classic options like tacos, quesadillas, tortillas, and fajitas to yet undiscovered flavours such as banana leaf-braised pork, beef with chipotle chili and cactus leaves, or octopus in black bean salsa.

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7. Sparkling Ocean

Didžioji str. 27, Vilnius

SPARKLING OCEAN is a charming champagne and seafood house nestled in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town.

The menu options at this place exude gastronomic elegance, offering a delightful range of luxurious treats such as oysters and black caviar, as well as meticulously prepared delights like tiger prawns or marinated squid. Each dish provides an exceptional sensory experience that is further elevated by pairing it with bubbles.

So, how about indulging in a delightful evening of fresh oysters accompanied by a glass of champagne? Or perhaps treating yourself to a leisurely weekend brunch featuring Benedict eggs and a refreshing Mimosa?

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8. El Mercado

El Mercado
Didžioji str. 3, Vilnius

El Mercado is a vibrant spot devoted to Spanish cuisine, where guests are welcomed to savour fine food and wine while engaging in leisurely conversations.

At this place, food enthusiasts can relish both a restaurant and a gastropub, along with a charming grocery store. Just as the owners describe, the whole idea resembles a Spanish market where all the essentials for a gourmet lifestyle can be found in one place.

The restaurant‘s menu presents a selection of exceptional dishes from Spanish cuisine, featuring hot and cold tapas, a variety of paella options, gourmet meat and fish delicacies, as well as classic desserts.

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9. Selfish Bistro Vilnius

Selfish Bistro
Vilniaus str. 29, Vilnius

Selfish Bistro is a seafood bistro titled as one of the best restaurants in Lithuania. Here, guests have the chance to discover both the true essence of flavours and the owners' dedication to the art of gastronomy.

The restaurant's menu is always meticulously crafted, and each choice offers an opportunity to explore exceptional tastes: from fresh oysters, mussels, and gourmet seafood delicacies to yet-to-be-discovered wines.

Looking for an even more unforgettable culinary adventure? Put your trust in the recommendations of local experts and embark on a journey of food and drink pairing!

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10. Pulpo tapas bar-1

PULPO TapasBar
Stiklių str. 16, Vilnius

PULPO TapasBar is a cosy family restaurant that invites guests to authentic Spanish food and cocktail fiesta.

As the name suggests, the main focus here is on tapas – hot and cold appetisers that are perfect for sharing. The menu delights with choices ranging from classic roasted pimientos de padrón peppers and patatas bravas potatoes to the famous pulpo a la gallega octopus and chorizo croquettes. You can also enjoy fresh oysters, ceviche, and satisfy your appetite with main dishes inspired by Spanish cuisine.

In addition to the food, there is a colourful selection of wines from Spain, traditional cocktails, and the legendary sangria on offer.

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11. No Chef

Pylimo str. 19-38, Vilnius

NO CHEF is a gourmet oasis in the heart of Vilnius, delighting guests with the flavours of the Mediterranean region.

The restaurant's menu is vibrant and constantly changing, offering food enthusiasts the chance to indulge in the diverse culinary traditions of the Mediterranean with every visit.

At NO CHEF, the gastronomic masterpieces of Italy, Spain, France, Israel, and Morocco blend together to deliciously spoil guests during lunch, dinner, or even late weekend brunch.

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Pink and Yellow

Gedimino ave. 44a, Vilnius

Pink & Yellow is an exceptional place for those seeking not only great food and drinks but also an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Vilnius, perfectly unfolding from the restaurant's rooftop terrace.

The stunning views here are beautifully accompanied by a creative European cuisine menu. Whether it's tuna tartare, beef carpaccio, baked olives, dark beer waffle, beef cheeks doughnuts, salmon with shrimp ragout, or cheese-topped roasted artichokes, each choice promises novel gourmet experiences.

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13. Rotonda

Barboros Radvilaitės str. 6A, Vilnius

Cosy nestled in the Bernardine Garden, Rotonda is a park restaurant that revives the nostalgic history of the legendary ice cream house that was cherished by many in the past.

While coffee and ice cream were previously savoured here, the place now offers a delightful exploration of Mediterranean cuisine, spiced up with Lithuanian culinary traditions.

This family restaurant, located at the foot of Gediminas Castle, awaits guests for lunch, dinner, and even slow weekend brunch. Additionally, complimentary activities for children also take place here.

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Naugarduko str. 14, Vilnius

Craving authentic flavours of Central Asian cuisine? Head straight to Kinza, a restaurant that has been successfully operating for over a decade. Here, the chefs' expertise seamlessly combines with traditional recipes, while the produce from Lithuanian farms gets enriched by exotic spices from distant lands.

At Kinza, guests can savour not just authentic Uzbek pilaf and exceptional grilled dishes but also treat themselves to manty dumplings, lagman noodles inspired by Uighur traditions, and a colourful meze assortment.

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Meating room

Meating Room
Vilniaus str.19, Vilnius

Meating Room is a London-ispired restaurant that specialises in steaks, tapas, and craft beer. The kitchen thrives under the guidance of professional chef Greta Drazdauskaitė, who ensures that the essence of this place revolves around exceptional meat sourced from as far as Uruguay, Argentina, and New Zealand.

The menu choices range from the restaurant's signature Flat Iron steak, famous beef chops, succulent Peri Peri chicken, and legendary Fish & Chips to gourmet vegetarian dishes.

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Dom16 winery

Dom16 Winery
Dominikonų str. 16, Vilnius

Dom16 Winery stands as an ultimate gathering spot for wine enthusiasts, who also get embraced by the story of the war goddess Athena, victorious battles, distinctive interior design, speakeasy concept, and seasonal menu.

The winery's gourmet side unveils European cuisine dishes that pleasantly surprise both those who enjoy discovering new flavours and those seeking unique experiences by pairing them with wine. Whether it's grilled asparagus complemented by goat cheese, venison tataki, salmon confit, or long-braised beef cheek, everyone will find their favourites here.

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Saduto Tuto-1

Saduto Tuto
Trakų str. 15, Vilnius

Saduto Tuto is a restaurant devoted to the historical Levant region's flavours of Israel and the Middle East. Next to culinary treats, the biodynamic wines as well as cocktails are also cherished here.

Saduto Tuto menu creates a true celebration among those who love sharing. Based on such concept, the selection is abundant with iconic dishes: from freshly baked challah bread, homemade hummus, labneh, or fried pumpkins to the famous New York strip steak, special schnitzel, and seafood fritto misto.

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Ryziu jura

Ryžių Jūra
Šv.Ignoto str. 14, Vilnius

Ryžių Jūra is not just a cosy friend's restaurant but also a place where bold Asian street food flavours inspired by culinary traditions from Nepal, Thailand, Korea, and Japan come to life. 

From delicious street snacks to sushi, Ramen, Tom Yum, Fried Rice, Japchae, or Nepalese Momo dumplings: the restaurant menu creatively blends authenticity with modern interpretations, allowing even familiar dishes to unfold in entirely new ways.

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Tamago kavine

Mindaugo str. 16 - 50A, Vilnius

TAMAGO café is a place that magically brings together Japanese and Korean food enthusiasts. Here, not only do the culinary traditions of these countries harmoniously unite, but also novel flavours are unveiled.

At TAMAGO, guests are invited to enjoy a variety of choices, ranging from Japanese pancakes, Tamagoyaki omelette, or Kimchi sandwiches to Bibimbap bowls, Karaage chicken, and Corn dogs. Yet, this represents only a glimpse of the restaurant's entire assortment. Whether it's gourmet lunch, weekend brunch, or Korean street food dinner, Japanese cocktails mixed throughout the day add a special touch to the whole experience too.

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Saules Jegaine

Kuro Kranai
Kauno str. 5, Vilnius

Kuro Kranai is a bustling taproom welcoming guests in the cultural space of Kablys. Alongside a unique atmosphere, extended conversations, and good music, here awaits a food repertoire that surprises with creative flavour combinations.

The restaurant's menu features choices ranging from beef tongue croquettes with truffle mayonnaise, Buffalo wings, and variously served potatoes, to fresh fish in a plum and caper salsa, beef flank, or tuna steaks. Always complementing these dishes are one of the 12 craft beer varieties.

This place is also known for its breakfast, inviting guests to indulge in a palette of Benedicts with an English muffin, a pork belly plate, or a buckwheat bowl garnished with mushrooms.

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14. Veranda-1

Kęstučio str. 39, Vilnius

Veranda is a salon-bar that has opened a new chapter in the gastronomic history of the Žvėrynas district.

Upon entering this restaurant, guests are warmly welcomed with European cuisine creations inspired by natural ingredients, as well as seasonal vegetables sourced from local Lithuanian farms. Moreover, these culinary delights are complemented by captivating interludes of music, as the salon-bar hosts live jazz evenings every Friday and Saturday.

Guests interested in extending their gourmet experiences are also invited to explore Veranda's shop, where homemade desserts, pastries, pasta, and products from neighbouring farms are available for purchase.

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15. Underground sushi

Ukmergės str. 246, Vilnius

UNDERGROUND SUSHI invites visitors to discover an innovative selection of sushi. The chef's skills shine here as he combines ingredients in creative ways, offering sushi enthusiasts the opportunity to explore unique flavour combinations that have never been tasted before.

This sushi bar serves a delicious selection of cold and hot sushi, skilfully paired with an assortment of Japanese sauces. Notably, guests of the place not only savour the unique flavours but also revel in the generous portion sizes.

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.