Trogir is not just about wandering through its cobbled streets, crossing squares, or exploring museums. This charming town also offers exceptional gourmet experiences that let you savour the authentic taste of the Adriatic.

Dalmatian cuisine is dominated by seafood, making Trogir the perfect place to indulge in sea delicacies. Whether you fancy the freshest catch of the day, local speciality Buzara, traditional home recipes, or inventive chef interpretations – you'll find it all here. 

So, if you're on the hunt for the best seafood restaurants in Trogir, trust in Tablein guide's recommendations: from family-run eateries to fine dining, the final choice is yours.

The best seafood restaurants in Trogir

Konoba TRS - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Konoba TRS
Ulica Matije Gupca 14, Trogir

Nestled within an authentic 13th-century house, Konoba TRS is a fine tavern that welcomes its guests with elegance, a unique ambience and a vine-adorned terrace. However, its distinctive culinary style is the true star, not only making this place one of Trogir's most remarkable gastronomic havens but also earning it a feature in the Michelin guide.

The menu here is an expression of Mediterranean cuisine, yet with a focus on preparing traditional dishes in a modern way. Among them all, the chef places particular emphasis on fish, always prepared with a hint of imagination. So, what to expect? As for appetisers, indulge in options like scallop ceviche, refreshing shrimp, aged sea bass crudo, and other delicacies. When it comes to main courses, you'll find an array of choices, from the aged Ike-Jime sea bass fillet accompanied by shrimp bisque to octopus tentacle in chickpea cream or monkfish served with trout roe. And for those craving classics, seafood carbonara and lobster spaghetti are sure to satisfy. So, the only challenge you'll face is deciding among these options!

What's more, Konoba TRS invites guests to complement seafood delicacies with matches from a curated wine list, also including natural wines.

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Olive - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Radovanov Trg 7-9, Trogir

Located beside the Saint Lawrence Cathedral, Olive (ex-Vanjaka) restaurant invites gourmands to enjoy a classy style of dining complemented by the best Croatian wines. Take a seat inside for an air of elegance, or choose the terrace for picturesque views of Trogir's historic old town, yet in both cases, you'll be treated to gourmet Dalmatian fare.

As the owners would say, every dish narrates a unique story, and each bite forms a memorable chapter. Thus, Olive's menu welcomes you to savour the essence of Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of international influence.

While the menu also features a variety of meat delicacies and vegetarian gourmet options, dedicated seafood enthusiasts here find their own haven. The selection is dynamic, seasonal and based on the freshest catches, so what you can expect to find on the menu? Choices might range from oysters, tiger shrimp or octopus salad to yuzu tuna and white fish ceviche; from cuttlefish-topped black risotto to mixed shellfish with macaroons; from fish brodetto soup to Škampe in Buzara style. For those seeking gourmet mains, there might be almond-crusted Adriatic cod fillet, tuna steak, seabass, or even a generous seafood platter for two.

When embarking on this Dalmatian seafood journey at Olive, be sure to consider adding wine to your list. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to recommend the best pairings for your chosen dishes.

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Dionis - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Ulica Obrov 1, Trogir

As guests step inside Restaurant & Bar Dionis, they are welcomed by a beautiful view and a cozy atmosphere, setting the ambiance for a culinary journey. A journey that leads through signature dishes traditionally made from the Mediterranean bounty.

At Dionis, the focus is on preserving the authentic flavours of Dalmatia, with a special emphasis on fish and seafood delicacies. Fresh oysters, octopus carpaccio, marinated anchovies, and more – all the gourmet bites set the perfect tone for the whole dining experience.

Then comes the homage to tradition, where the freshest catches take centre stage. Guests have the option to choose between first-class or second-class fish, as well as explore various preparations, including grilling and baking on parchment paper. Additionally, there are options for grilled or fried seafood specialities. For those who love the sharing concept, a variety of gourmet fish platters, the traditional Croatian Gregada fish & potato stew, and other enticing delicacies are specifically made to serve two.

No matter your foodie desires, Dionis can fulfil them, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience awaits you!

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Franka - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Ulica Šubićeva 30, Trogir

Franka is a family-run kitchen that all foodies and wine enthusiasts fall in love with immediately. This restaurant has become famous for its bold and innovative gastronomic combinations, laid-back ambience, and perfected service, and now both locals of Trogir and visitors alike easily find their way here.

The family owners' passion for gastronomy radiates through every aspect of their menu, including their sea-inspired delights. Take, for instance, their tuna tartare, where apples and lime gel add a unique twist. Or their prawn salad, featuring pickled onions, nori, truffles, and a delightful black sesame dressing. And who could resist their cheese raviolini, generously bathed in prawn sauce and complemented by cranberries and pistachios? 

Furthermore, Franka creates an unforgettable seafood feast for sharing between two. If you're dining with a company, don't overlook their Calamari with capers in a red wine sauce. Prefer a wider variety? The seafood pot is the ideal choice, featuring an assortment of fish, shrimp, and pasta in a white wine & tomato sauce.

It's clear that while Franka is not exclusively a seafood restaurant, its seafood options are nothing short of gastronomic perfection.

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Konoba Era - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Konoba Era
Ulica Matije Gupca 7, Trogir

Nestled cosily in the heart of Trogir Old Town, Konoba Era is a family-run restaurant. This hidden gem resides on a narrow street, sheltered by the soothing shade of the city walls and adorned with lavender accents—a place that effortlessly casts a spell with its romantic ambience.

However, what truly enchants visitors is the menu, paying a tribute to Mediterranean cuisine with a delightful Croatian twist. And, of course, among all the offerings, ocean delicacies shine brightly: devoted enthusiasts can savour a range of fish and seafood dishes, whether served raw or fresh from the grill, all prepared by an experienced chef.

From octopus salad, the catch of the day served poached, or the succulent Adriatic bluefin tuna steak, to the indulgent Scallop risotto — come over to see what's on the menu today! And if you love to share, don't miss the opportunity to savour the freshest seafood platter for two, showcasing an assortment of daily catches, lobster tails, clams, or other delicacies. Complementing these delights, homemade olive oil and a selection of the finest beverages will ensure that your inner foodie leaves fully satisfied.

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Piccolo Ponte - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Piccolo Ponte
Ulica Vukovarska 9, Trogir

Piccolo Ponte, a family-run restaurant settled in the heart of historic Trogir, offers a serene ambience for the tranquil dining experience. In the backdrop, a little park adds a touch of greenery to the stone-lined streets, while the culinary offerings delight with local gastronomic treasures.

Piccolo Ponte welcomes guests to savour the authentic dishes and homemade specialities crafted from the finest ingredients. As Dalmatian cuisine predominantly celebrates seafood, the menu here allows you to explore the depths of the Adriatic Sea's culinary treasures. Indulge in fresh catches like grilled daily specials, succulent squid, Adriatic mussels, and perfectly grilled scampi – nature's gifts, expertly prepared by chefs. For the ultimate culinary adventure, go straight for the most popular Dalmatian-style fish platter.

Furthermore, Piccolo Ponte is a haven for seafood pizza enthusiasts. Crafted according to a unique recipe and baked in a wood-fueled rotating hearth oven, it can be enjoyed with toppings like prawns, tuna, or anchovies.

Over the years, this restaurant has refined its menu to deliver the best gourmet experience even for the most experienced food enthusiasts Thus, every visitor receives personalised attention when it comes to their selection of dishes.

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Restaurant Queen Teuta - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Restaurant Queen Teuta
Ulica Matije Gupca 16, Trogir

Restaurant Queen Teuta is the place where you can experience the finest traditional Dalmatian cuisine. Moreover, there's always a possibility to indulge in mouthwatering dishes while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, Whether you prefer the cozy outdoor seating or the heated terrace on colder evenings; you've made the right choice.

The Restaurant Queen Teuta menu invites you to enjoy a rich selection of gourmet fish and seafood options. From carpaccio and tartare to a cold fish platter for two, from fish soup to octopus salad, and from risotto with prawns to pasta featuring various shellfish. already impressive, yet, this is just the beginning of your culinary journey! As the restaurant specializes in sea delicacies, fresh fish is always available in the fridge for guests to choose from; their speciality lies in whole grilled fish from prime species. The chef also offers the not-to-be-missed sea pot Morska teća for two! Seeking a truly Dalmatian experience? You absolutely shouldn't overlook the Buzara, available with either grilled shrimp or lobster.

Last but certainly not least, you don't have to leave your furry friend at home because this restaurant is pet-friendly.

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Kamerlengo - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Kamerlengo Restaurant
Ulica Vukovarska 2, Trogir

Seeking an authentic taste of Dalmatian cuisine? Then, Kamerlengo Restaurant, welcoming food enthusiasts from all over the globe for nearly half a century, is your ultimate choice! Nestled in the heart of Trogir's ancient stone-carved town, this culinary gem promises a memorable journey into the world of local gastronomy. 

At Kamerlengo, guests can savour Dalmatian delicacies prepared according to ancient home cooking recipes, among which – an impressive selection of seafood dishes awaits, ready to impress even the most experienced foodies.

From the octopus salad, fish carpaccio, or tuna tartare to the timeless classics of seafood pasta and risotto – variety on the menu is tempting. For the main course, diners are welcomed into a realm of gastronomic masterpieces dictated only by the freshness and simplicity of home-cooking. Sea bass, grilled sea bream, grouper, John Dory, turbot, and many more: what‘s the catch, that‘s the grill!

Also, don't miss the opportunity to complement your culinary choices with the finest local wine, derived from indigenous grapes basking in the Mediterranean sun and nourished by the rocky seaside soil. Extraordinary flavour sensations are guaranteed!

 il Ponte - Seafood restaurants in Trogir

Il Ponte
Ulica Kardinala Alojza Stepinca 15a, Trogir

Il Ponte is a fine dining restaurant, serving as the gastronomic playground for the celebrated chef Stjepan Vukadin. In addition to being a TV personality, he is a master of upscale cuisine, staying current with the latest global trends and culinary techniques. 

Il Ponte focuses on Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary flair, and among all the gourmet choices, sea delicacies proudly take centre stage. For your appetiser, indulge in Ikejime-aged seabass accompanied by apple, dried tomatoes, and a fig salsa, savour the Adriatic langoustine in a citrus gel, or explore a selection of cold bites sourced from the Adriatic's depths. And, do not miss the opportunity to try the finest Buzara with scallops, Adriatic prawns, and delicately fried cuttlefish gnocchi.

However, the crowning glory of this restaurant lies in its daily catch mains. Whether it's a premium white fish fillet, bluefish, tender Adriatic squid, seashells, langoustine, or succulent lobster, your choice is all that's needed; leave the rest to the capable hands of the trusted chef.

Elevated cuisine, an impressive selection of the finest Croatian wines, and a prime location adjacent to the wooden bridge in Trogir complete with a terrace that offers panoramic views of the sea and the Old Town – Il Ponte is an experience that is unquestionably worth a visit.

Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.