Palanga is one of the most beloved seaside resorts in Lithuania, attracting not only sun and sea enthusiasts but also foodies. A quality vacation is inseparable from good food, so let us guide you through the noteworthy restaurants out here!

What's the choice? From seafood and top-quality meat restaurants to places where the dining experience is enhanced by concerts featuring famous performers.

If you're planning a gourmet-filled weekend by the sea, then follow the Tablein guide's recommendations for restaurants in Palanga that will leave a truly lasting impression.

The best restaurants in Palanga

Selfish bistro Palanga

Selfish Bistro Palanga
Žvejų str. 2, Palanga

Selfish Bistro Palanga is a true gastronomic treasure of seafood, inviting guests to indulge in gourmet dishes inspired by the depths of the sea and masterfully prepared by the talented chef.

The restaurant's menu choices vary from the freshest oysters, mussels, lobsters, and sea urchins to locally sourced catches. Traditional Lithuanian cuisine is also celebrated, providing subtle interpretations of familiar tastes. Guests can savour herring fillet garnished potato pancakes or delight in the flavours of the cold cucumber soup with shrimps. The menu at Selfish Bistro Palanga undergoes subtle changes, with careful consideration given to seasonality, ensuring that each visit to Palanga unveils new flavour discoveries.

For a truly exceptional experience, guests can enhance their gourmet dishes with niche wines or chilled champagne bubbles.

Situated on the seashore, the restaurant invites guests to enjoy the stylish indoor space or relax on the terrace, surrounded by the beauty of pine trees.

Vegetarian dishes: available.

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Toda - restoranai palangoje

Todá Palanga
S. Nėries str. 25, Palanga

Todá is a seasonal gastronomic project in Palanga, curated by Martynas Praškevičius, who is widely regarded as Lithuania's best chef. This restaurant invites guests to enjoy not only the idyllic resort ambience but also the haute cuisine, which artfully showcases modern interpretations of Middle Eastern culinary traditions.

With intoxicating aromas, rich tastes, and aesthetics on the plates, food enthusiasts can expect a memorable experience here. Moreover, the menu is designed for sharing, making the exploration of Lebanese, Israeli, Turkish, or other regional cuisines even more enjoyable.

From meze plates featuring various hot and cold appetisers, salads, sauces, and freshly baked Middle Eastern bread to gourmet main courses – each selection reminds us of the true essence of enjoying food to the fullest, especially when paired with exceptional wines.

Vegetarian dishes: available.

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 Monist - geriausi restoranai Palangoje

Vytauto str. 88A, Palanga

Monist is a stylish restaurant situated within the boutique hotel of the same name, where the skilled chef Eglė Kaminskaitė transforms the bounty from Lithuanian farms into true gastronomic masterpieces.

The menu changes seasonally here, drawing inspiration from everyday meals presented in a gourmet and modern manner. What to expect at this restaurant? Seasonal appetisers can range from rabbit pâté, beef tartare in egg yolk cream, or chicken-chalapos croquettes to hiramasa delicacy and burrata with strawberries, lovage pesto, basil sorbet & bread crumbs. As for the main course, it might feature quail with crispy carrots, catfish accompanied by parsley hollandaise, beef cheeks served with whipped burrata, lamb in parsnip purée, or trout paired with popped buckwheat – each dish distinguishes itself both in terms of flavour and the emotions it evokes.

Furthermore, Monist is among the top choices in Palanga for brunch. Variously prepared eggs served with trout gravlax, beef sirloin, anchovies, or asparagus, cottage cheese pancakes in yoghurt-honey foam, and buckwheat porridge topped with bacon, are just some of the options that enable you to begin your day by the seaside in a truly gourmet manner.

It's clear that whether you choose this restaurant for a slow brunch, a hearty lunch, or a cosy dinner, with each visit, you will discover new culinary sensations, lasting impressions and aesthetic inspiration.

Vegetarian dishes: available.

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Žuvinė Palanga
J. Basanavičiaus str. 37A, Palanga

Žuvinė is a legendary fish and seafood restaurant in Palanga, where guests have been indulging in delicious dishes, elegant surroundings, and excellent service for two decades.

The concept of the place emphasises natural, organic, and authentic food, so frozen ingredients are confidently rejected here. The restaurant prepares dishes from fresh fish supplied by fishermen from the Baltic Sea region, ecological fish farms in Lithuania, and certified suppliers from around the world.

It's no wonder that the menu is ever-changing due to this approach, and the suggestions of Chef Andrius Gurevičius, who leads the kitchen, are dictated by the seasons. During autumn, guests can indulge in dishes featuring bream, pike perch, Baltic or Atlantic cod. As winter arrives, the menu shifts to tantalising smelt creations. With the onset of spring, wild catfish, Baltic turbot, or plaice take centre stage. And when the summer sun shines, the spotlight turns to mouthwatering eel. The restaurant's permanent menu includes delicacies from the world's waters, ranging from caviar or fresh oysters to octopus, clams, tuna, and trout dishes.

The owners of Žuvinė invite guests not only to dine but also to learn how to savour fish. Therefore, they will tell you more about the delicacies of the depths and also recommend the most suitable garnishes for each choice, further revealing the true marine flavours.

Vegetarian dishes: available.

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Muzikos klubas Vandenis
Birutės ave. 47, Palanga

Muzikos klubas Vandenis is the ideal option in Palanga for those who desire both quality food and musical entertainment. This club-restaurant treats seaside guests to live concerts in the evenings while serving food throughout the day.

The restaurant's menu delights with choices from European cuisine, suitable for the whole family. The assortment ranges from beloved fish and seafood dishes reflecting the seaside location to traditional potato or gourmet pasta dishes. Meat lovers are invited to savour grilled masterpieces, while children can enjoy cottage cheese pancakes or crepes. If you're just stopping by briefly, it won't take long to choose from the snacks perfect for sharing or the special desserts.

A strong emphasis here is placed on the quality and freshness of the ingredients, with a commitment to preparing everything on-site. Muzikos klubas Vandenis takes pride in baking bread, handcrafting dumplings, and creating sauces right in the restaurant's kitchen.

Within the modern retro ambience of the restaurant, guests can not only enjoy quality time with loved ones but also plan their seaside activities, stay informed about upcoming concerts, or even consider extending their visit by availing themselves of the hotel facilities located on-site.

Vegetarian dishes: available.

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Meat Steak House

Meat Steak House
Vytauto str. 40, Palanga

Palanga isn't solely focused on fish or seafood; it offers much more. A prime example of this is the exclusive Meat Steak House restaurant, where devoted meat enthusiasts can indulge in culinary masterpieces created by the famous chef Liutauras Čeprackas.

As soon as guests set foot into the restaurant, they are treated to a fine dining experience accompanied by an Instagram-worthy ambience and a meticulously curated menu. The true highlight of the gourmet selection lies in premium-quality meats, ranging from Rib-eye steaks or New York strip loins to generous T-bone and Porterhouse cuts.

Those with a keen interest may be curious to know that the Meat Steak House is possibly the only restaurant in the Baltic countries that has its own meat ageing chamber, allowing the finest qualities of meat to shine. Interested in details? The beef in this chamber ages for a minimum of 28 days, while certain types can require up to 70 days to reach their peak flavour.

Nevertheless, the restaurant's menu offers more than just exceptional meat dishes. Guests can also choose from appetisers, various tartares, carpaccios, burgers, and other delicacies. The kids' menu is available too.

Vegetarian dishes: available.

Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.