Must-Try Mexican cuisine restaurants in Vilnius

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Nov 21, 2022 1:07:21 PM

Mexican cuisine is not just a celebration of bold flavours and bright colours. It is a rich culinary experience that will astound and remain unforgettable.

Today, the scene of Mexican restaurants in Vilnius is especially vibrant and can surprise even the most dedicated gourmets. The secret behind it lies in the passion of committed culinary professionals, both Mexicans and Lithuanians, who have perfected their skills in Mexico. They carefully recreate traditional recipes or even delve into contemporary culinary interpretations, resulting in a truly authentic gastronomic experience for guests.

So, señoras y señores, where shall we dine today?

The best Mexican restaurants in Vilnius

el gato negro

El Gato Negro
Naugarduko str. 12, Vilnius

El Gato Negro is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Vilnius for those who want to enjoy genuine, unmodernised dishes. Such as those prepared by local Mexicans using recipes passed down through generations.

To better reflect the authenticity, restaurant‘s chef Vitalis Čižauskas spent six months in Mexico. This experience gave him the opportunity to not only learn and master the Mexican cuisine, but bring its true flavours to Vilnius too.

The menu of El Gato Negro features the most popular dishes from different regions of the country: carefully selected and responsibly replicated from those tried in Mexico. Therefore, guests can both experience the true taste of tacos, quesadilla, tortillas, or fajitas, and get to know as yet undiscovered exotic delicacies such as pork cooked in banana leaves, beef with chipotle chili and cactus leaves, or octopus in black bean salsa. Even experienced foodies get amazed in this mexican food restaurant in Vilnius!

The restaurant's chefs put great effort into using authentic ingredients from Mexico to create colourful and flavourful dishes, showcasing their respect for Mexican cuisine. Could the experience then be anything less than amazing?

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casa peligrosa

Casa Peligrosa
Visų Šventųjų str. 5, Vilnius

Casa Peligrosa is a modern Mexican restaurant in Vilnius nestled comfortably within the walls of a century-old monastery. Here, traditional Mexican flavours are creatively juggled and contemporary interpretations are daringly created, so the plates offer not just dishes but culinary masterpieces that leave an impression long after.

The menu in Casa Peligrosa is an invitation to taste and share. For a starter? Choose from guacamole, quesadillas, scallops, calamari, pozole soup and various tacos. For a main course? Selection includes gourmet-prepared lamb, delicately cooked octopus, or vegetarian sweet potato-based option. For a dessert? Enjoy crispy bananas or corn crème brûlée. Drinks range from legendary Margarita, Michelada, and Mezcalita cocktails to pure tequila or mezcal.

Whichever flavour direction you choose, you'll be impressed and will want to come back to this Mexican restaurant in Vilnius!

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La Capital Vilnius

La Capital
Saltoniškių str. 7C, Vilnius

Wish to enjoy Mexican cuisine in Vilnius with a touch of modern uniqueness? Then La Capital is your choice, as here tradition is fearlessly blended with contemporary culinary techniques by chef Alexis Hernández Maldonado from Mexico. Authenticity in this restaurant is charismatically interpreted, and ancient rituals are brought back to life. That's why guests relish in completely unique, even for familiar Mexican cuisine dishes. Whether it's guacamole, tortillas, tostadas, ceviche, or pescadillas, all popular foods are interpreted differently and served with a generous pinch of the chef's creativity.

La Capital menu offers a wide selection of fish, seafood, and meat dishes, ranging from Caribbean-style ceviche, Shrimp Esquites with lobster sauce, Veracruz-style fish, slow-cooked lamb Barbacoa del Cordero, to Costilla Corta de Res beef short ribs and freshly made salsas.

Want to try different flavours all at once? Choose the tasting menu! Don't eat meat or fish? Rely on the chef's vegan and vegetarian options!

Along with unique food, there are over 100 types of tequila and mezcal, Mexican wine, craft beer, and a collection of signature cocktails. If you're keen to pair your drinks with your food, don't hesitate to ask the servers who will suggest the best combinations!

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Menu items at restaurants may change, so check here for the latest offerings.