TOP 8 Restaurants for the Best Burgers in Vilnius

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Nov 21, 2022 1:07:21 PM

Would you agree that a good burger is one of the ultimate comfort foods? Combo of a freshly baked bun, juicy meat or vegetarian patty, freshest veggies as well as a rich sauce creates a true gourmet celebration for both the stomach and the soul. 

And when it's expertly crafted by a skilled chef, the burger transforms into a genuine gastronomic masterpiece.

So, where can you find the most delicious burgers in Vilnius? Tablein guide recommends restaurants that are worth visiting solely for this comfort food symbol.

The best burgers in Vilnius

Meating Room - burgeriai Vilniuje

Meating Room
Vilniaus str. 19, Vilnius

Meating Room is a stylish meeting place for meat lovers right in the centre of Vilnius. It invites guests to savour dishes inspired by London's vibrant restaurant scene.

The influence of this cosmopolitan city is apparent in every detail, from the London-inspired menu to the bold interior. Next to it all, the restaurant is managed by Aušrimas Žlabys, who spent almost two decades living in the British capital city, while the talented chef Greta Drazdauskaitė, who worked at the legendary London's "Hawksmoor", leads the kitchen.

The main focus of Meating Room is on high-quality steaks but there is also a standout item on the menu – their signature burger. This burger features a patty made from 95% succulent Flat Iron steak and 5% bone marrow. With its delectable combination of flavours, including a mouthwatering bun, tangy red Cheddar cheese, fresh vegetables, and delightful sauces, it delivers a truly memorable gastronomic experience. As you indulge, you'll momentarily feel like you've been transported from Vilnius to London.

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Meat Lovers Vilnius - burgeriai Vilniuje

Meat Lovers Vilnius
Liejyklos str. 8, Vilnius

Meat Lovers is the true haven for dedicated meat enthusiasts. In this restaurant, the chef's expertise seamlessly blends with the quality of products sourced from farmers and craft producers, resulting in genuine gastronomic masterpieces. Here, they reject blind trends to prioritize authentic, refined flavours instead.

Meat Lovers menu offers a generous selection of meat delicacies, including beef steaks, pork spare ribs, German grill sausages, Berlin schnitzel, as well as boneless chicken and duck breast. Among them, legendary burgers also find their cherished place.

Would you prefer the classic option with a minced beef patty, crispy bacon, and cheddar cheese? Perhaps the special steak burger? Or maybe the indulgent combo with grilled chicken, blue cheese, and capers? Regardless of your choice, mouthwatering bites will make you include this restaurant in your favourites list! Even though Meat Lovers is a dedicated space for meat enthusiasts, it also caters to non-meat eaters: the vegetarian burger option includes layers of portobello mushroom, hard cheese and onion jam.

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Saules jegaine - burgeriai Vilniuje

Saulės Jėgainė
Kauno str. 5, Vilnius

Saulės Jėgainė is a restobar nestled within the "Kablys" cultural bar, enchanting guests with its relaxed ambience: from vibrant food flavours to open-minded people, engaging conversations, and good music.

This place is famous not just for its impressive weekend brunch tradition, but also for treating visitors to distinctive flavours found on its main menu.

Among the choices, you'll find exceptional burger options as well. Are you a lover of timeless classics? Then the beef burger, adorned with ample layers of bacon, vegetables, and sauce, will undoubtedly become the sole reason you'll want to revisit. Prefer a meatless option? Place your trust in the chef's creativity and embark on a culinary adventure with the vegetarian burger, featuring green soybeans and a refreshing yogurt-mint sauce.

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California Tapas Wine - burgeriai Vilniuje

California Tapas & Wine
Subačiaus str. 2, Vilnius

California Tapas & Wine is an inviting American-style restobar nestled in the heart of Vilnius Old Town.

As the name suggests, the menu here beautifully blends flavours inspired by the sunny shores of California and indulges your taste buds with vibrant Spanish cuisine accents. Everything you desire for a little vacation without leaving Lithuania!

As the menu proudly showcases the American culinary touch, so it's no surprise that alongside the distinctive tapas and gourmet meat & seafood dishes, you'll find signature burgers.

The chef invites the ultimate meat enthusiasts to savour the California Superburger here, a layered masterpiece featuring a generous 200-gram beef patty. And for vegetarians, there's the heavenly Portobello mushroom burger adorned with soft goat cheese.

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Smoke by chef the Viking - burgeriai Vilniuje

SMOKE by Chef the viking
Sporto str. 11, Vilnius

True BBQ enthusiasts gather at SMOKE by Chef the Viking, a true BBQ home, to savour high-quality flavours from around the world. Masterpieces are meticulously crafted here by dedicated smoke and fire professionals, led by famous BBQ guru Vylius Blauzdavičius.

As expected in a meat lovers‘ haven, SMOKE by Chef the Viking offers an extensive selection of mouthwatering burgers on their menu. Would you prefer a burger with beef, pulled pork, or pork ribs? Or are you enticed by the Chef's special? Not a fan of meat? Then the perfect choice for you is a burger with portobello mushroom. Gluten intolerant? No worries, you can opt for a bun without it. Whatever your preferences may be for this dish, they will be fulfilled here.

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Carré Bar and Lounge - burgeriai Vilniuje-1

Carré Bar and Lounge
Gedimino ave. 9, Vilnius

Carré Bar & Lounge is a stylish restaurant located on Gediminas Avenue, known for its impressive outdoor terrace that attracts guests seeking to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere of the city centre. It offers an exclusive menu featuring meticulously crafted modern European flavours and iconic-sized cocktails. Clearly, Carré Bar & Lounge is the perfect place to indulge in the joys of life.

The menu here is vibrant, offering a range of choices, including a generously satisfying classic burger. Picture a buttery bun, coated in BBQ sauce, a juicy beef patty, layers of melted cheddar, fresh vegetables and homemade potato chips... Can one ask for more? If you prefer authentic flavours that can shine without the bun, here you can always go for the naked burger.

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Houdini - burgeriai Vilniuje

A. Vienuolio str. 4, Vilnius

Centrally located, Houdini is a unique restaurant specialising in grilled dishes, all prepared over open flames and infused with smoky aromas.

Among the restaurant's specialities, which include steaks, spare ribs, skewers, and mouthwatering pulled meat creations, the outstanding variety of burgers demands the attention of gourmet diners. Soft, XL-sized brioche buns and succulent grilled meat duos are sure to please; all you need to do is select your preferred ingredient combinations! The star of the show, if desired, can be a layer of classic, chef's special, Mexican or pulled beef, BBQ ranch chicken, or pulled pork. Craving even more flavour diversity? Pair your choice with bacon, chorizo, guacamole, portobello mushrooms, and blue cheese.

For non-meat eaters, Houdini restaurant offers a selection of burgers with Beyond Meat plant-based patties.

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Daily Grill - burgeriai Vilniuje

Daily Grill
Šeimyniškių str. 19, Vilnius

Daily Grill is the home of classic grill favourites and sought-after flavours from around the world. It is an elegant urban restaurant located in the "Business Stadium" quarter. The menu here focuses on daily meals prepared from seasonal ingredients, and the dishes that are served delight with their aesthetics, begging to be captured in photos.

The restaurant's menu combines tastes from Thailand, Italy, America, and other countries, featuring unique home burgers among them.

Their variety here ranges from a bold meat patty topped with aged beef and chorizo to a delicious vegetarian option prepared with portobello mushroom. Next to the freshest ingredients, you'll find layers of soft brioche buns, homemade sauces, and the chef's secret touches...  Once you taste a Daily Grill burger, you'll find it impossible to resist returning for more!

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