10 Seafood Restaurants in Riga That Are Definitely Worth Visiting

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Dec 4, 2023 4:05:25 PM

Oysters, mussels, squid, and other sea delights might remind many of a warm,
leisurely evening on one of the Mediterranean coast beaches - with a glass of wine
and cheerful conversations among pleasant company. But you know, even in our
own country, a similar atmosphere can be savored, and unquestionably, it will cost
less and save your time.

Tablein offers a glimpse into 10 restaurants both in Riga and beyond, allowing you to momentarily feel like you're in the south of Italy. An exquisite bouquet of flavors coupled with an excellent atmosphere will take you on an unforgettable journey across the Mediterranean.



Antonijas Street 6A, Riga

Tails is a new seafood restaurant concept in the quiet center of Riga, where you can
feel the breeze of the Baltic Sea coast. The restaurant has two areas - the classic
dining area and the Raw Bar counter, where guests can watch the cooking process.
Studio Caché London designers were involved in creating the aesthetic interior.

The restaurant's concept is unique with its Dry-Aging technique, which involves
special treatment of fish - using all parts of its body and storing it in a special way.
Essentially, the fish is aged from several days to even weeks, making it juicier and
more flavorful.

The menu naturally features a variety of seafood. Here, one can enjoy a wide range

of fresh offerings - seafood platters, daily specials, appetizers, main courses, and

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Zivju Lete
Dzirnavu 41, Riga

For 8 years now, residents of Riga and visitors to the capital have been able to enjoy a wide range of fish and seafood at the restaurant Zivju Lete, located in the quiet center of Riga. Here, you can find a variety of seafood offerings characteristic of both Latvia and other countries. The restaurant's open kitchen creates a special atmosphere, allowing customers to be closer to the cooking process and exchange a few words with the chefs.

Local designers, inspired by France, Spain, and Belgium, contributed to the creation of the interior. The furniture in the restaurant is specially crafted by hand, and various elements related to the sea are incorporated into the interior.

A significant added value to the restaurant's menu is its emphasis on seasonality, changing based on what is available in the sea, lakes, and oceans. If local flavors are preferred, then perch, pike, or herring will be in season. If distant regions are more tempting, then a delicacy like lobster can take center stage.

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Fish House Brasserie de Luxe
Skolas Street 29, Riga

Fish House Brasserie de Luxe will take you on a journey of taste and atmosphere to
France. The restaurant's philosophy involves no compromises on quality. As soon as
you enter, you can feel it - not only with the pleasant welcome and understanding of
the customer's desires and sensitivity towards the products but also with the
selection of appropriate drinks and, of course, the presentation of lovingly cooked

The restaurant's interior won't leave you indifferent - white marble tables,

brightness, and lightness complemented by furniture and interior items in maritime

Every menu item is chosen according to the season, making the taste spectrum

even more indescribable. While Fish House Brasserie de Luxe is a seafood
restaurant, meat lovers will also find something to choose from, such as beef or
lamb. And as in a French restaurant, desserts like Crème brûlée will surely delight
taste buds. The restaurant also offers sophisticated favorite breakfast dishes from
around the world.

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Le Dome
Miesnieku Street 4, Riga

Le Dome offers an original seasonal fish and seafood menu where you can feel the
accent from French cuisine and classic Baltic region dishes. The restaurant's terrace
provides a breathtaking view of the rooftops of the old town and the Dome
Cathedral, making dining at Le Dome a true delight not only for taste buds but also
for the soul.

The refined design and interior are loved by both - business meetings and leisure
enthusiasts who get lost in unhurried conversations over a bottle of wine in the
evening. The restaurant's offer includes not only a thoughtful dinner choice but also
a breakfast menu and a special tasting menu. During the tasting, you can enjoy a 3,
6, or 9-course menu accompanied by matching wines, giving you feelings just like
on the French Riviera.



Smilšu Street 3, Riga

Barents excellently embodies the diversity of Northern nature and flavors. Every
visit to the restaurant feels like a celebration, where everything is taken care of, and
there's a desire to celebrate these occasions again and again. The interior vividly
reflects the harsh and untouched Northern charm, with maritime motifs running
through it.

The restaurant's menu features various North Sea delights, freshly sourced for the
restaurant. The menu's ingredients are carefully selected from independent local
fishermen and farmers, highlighting both the taste of self-produced goods and the
overall spectrum of the meal. The wine and cocktail selection is also specially
tailored to this region's menu. For those who wish to witness the "birth of magic" in
the kitchen, there's an opportunity to reserve a special chef's table.



The Catch
Antonijas Street 12, Riga

The quiet center's gem, The Catch, boasts its thoughtful and authentic Japanese
cuisine. The restaurant's ambiance is informal, allowing visitors not only to drop by
for some sashimi or poke but also for a glass of champagne or a cocktail.

The Catch's concept is similar to a Spanish tapas bar. In Japan, such bars are called
izakayas, essentially signifying an informal place for sitting where people often visit
after work, enjoying a drink and snacks. The Catch's interior is particularly
accentuated by the sushi bar counter made of elegant stone tiles.

As in Japanese cuisine, The Catch's menu mainly features dishes characteristic of
this culture, such as sushi and sashimi. Considering that The Catch is a licensed fish
importer, there's no doubt - guests receive only the freshest meal.

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Vecā Ostmala 53, Liepaja

Spīķeris can undoubtedly be called the most authentic seafood restaurant in
Kurzeme. It's situated in a historic red brick building that once served as both a port
warehouse and grain storage. The unique location by the canal, which flows into the
sea, allows guests to enjoy meals while watching the peaceful sailing of ships and

The restaurant's interior features historic elements of the building, such as wooden
beams and red brick arches. There's a special place in the restaurant reserved for a
beer brewery, located behind a large glass wall, allowing guests to see the brewing
equipment and process, and of course, to taste freshly brewed beer themselves.

Spīķeris is renowned for its fish n' chips. While the menu primarily focuses on fish

dishes, meat lovers and vegetarians can also find something appealing. To ensure
the full pleasure of taste buds, the bartender ensures that the chosen dish is paired
with an appropriate drink.



Seafood & Oyster Terrace
Jūras Street 23/25, Jurmala

Seafood & Oyster Terrace is located within the Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA in the
beloved Latvian resort of Jūrmala. The seafood restaurant is hidden within the
hotel's premises, offering guests a meal with a view of the sea. Seafood & Oyster
Terrace allows guests to embark on a taste journey to the French Riviera.

The interior of the restaurant predominantly features white tones, creating a
harmonious and unhurried atmosphere, complemented by the nearby sandy beach.
The restaurant is suitable not only for holidaymakers but also for lovers of romantic
moments and celebrants. Seafood & Oyster Terrace's menu includes fresh oysters,
mussels, lobsters, and other sea delicacies. The restaurant also offers authentic
sushi and sashimi. These delicacies, paired with a chilled glass of French
champagne, will make your meal unforgettable.



Siļķītes un dillītes
Centrāltirgus Street 3, Riga

Siļķītes un Dillītes is a unique place, not only because of its location in Riga's Central
Market fish pavilion but also because of its authentic Baltic Sea coastal country fish
cuisine. The place's atmosphere takes you back to the Soviet era.

Siļķītes un Dillītes' interior charms with its Soviet-era canteen look. The special
interior feature is an authentic white tile wall with a blackened sewer pipe and
various Soviet-era accents.

Since Siļķītes un Dillītes is located in the fish pavilion, 
the menu includes only the freshest catches. The assortment changes according to the seasonal nature of fishing, but the special signature dishes, baked flounder with potatoes, herring sandwiches, fish n' chips, and variously prepared herring, are always available.



Krasta Street 68A, Riga

Gastronome is a high-quality seafood restaurant, repeatedly awarded the title of the
best seafood restaurant in Riga. Gastronome's standard of quality is evidenced by
lovingly and skillfully prepared dishes, as well as outstanding beverages.

An added 
value of the restaurant is the adjacent delicatessen store, where seafood
enthusiasts can also purchase some treats to enjoy at home. The atmosphere is
quite informal, allowing guests to enjoy not only a festive meal but also casual
meetings with friends or business partners for relaxed conversations.

The menu boasts a wide range of seafood offerings, ensured by regular deliveries

from 15 countries worldwide and 3 oceans. More than 10 types of oysters and over
20 varieties of different fish and seafood are available daily. Gastronome truly is the
dream of every seafood enthusiast, right here in Riga.

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